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Hi! I don’t know if self-advertisement is ok in this community, please tell me if it isn’t and I’ll delete this post. This is a game I’ve been working on for the last week and I’m not fully certain it’ll go anywhere, but it has a small community already, so I figured its worth showing it here …

Learn Godot this weekend! I’ve created a 3 hour course to get you through the basics of Godot - you’ll learn how to create a top-down shooter by creating a player controller, creating a weapon manager, making a state machine for enemies, creating pickups such as health and ammo, and how to dynamical…


Think, fight, feel: how video game artificial intelligence is evolving

Electronic Arts is currently looking into developing systems that can use machine learning to replicate facial expressions, skin types and body movements from video and photos, rather than having to bring actors into a mo-cap studio. …

In other blogs, articles, and Stack Overflow questions about Three.js camera movement, it is stated that the radius variable can be a fixed number, such as 500. This works for the initial camera position, but as soon as the camera moves to a hotspot marker, the math falls apart…

Tell me what do you think about this one…


I’m experimenting with Godot shaders. This runs pretty smoothly even on my shitty computer that can’t even run Minecraft. What do you think?..


How I made my first commercial title, my brother lives in a canyon. …


32bit Spring Cleaning Jam!

Spring Cleaning is the third 32-bit jam, a game jam all about recreating the look and feel of the first 32-bit consoles, Sega Saturn, PS1, etc. Revive an old project, or start something new, all are welcome!..

The Consequence of the Missing References

It’s been quite a while now since we last used PVS-Studio, an excellent static code analysis tool, on UE4. So we fired it up - not expecting much, to be honest, as the last time we ran the tool, UE4 was looking pretty clean. With a mixture of pulling across our recommended changes and making fixes t…

Recently we found out that the new version of the fheroes2 project was released. In our company there are many fans of Heroes of Might and Magic game series. So, we couldn’t pass it up and checked the project by PVS-Studio…

LibreJam Theme Subnautical

The bimonthly game jam for libre games, LibreJam! …

Have you ever wondered which type of project demonstrates higher code quality – open-source or proprietary? Our blog posts may seem to suggest that bugs tend to concentrate in open-source projects. But that’s not quite true. Bugs can be found in any project, no matter the manner of storage. As for t…

Liveoverflow made a hacking game. In this video he shares his first steps with Unity and goes more general into learning something new and the downsides of capitalism (lol)…

Game Development
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