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My friend and I joined Brackeys game jam and developed this small space horror game. Check it out or critique my horrible art skills if you are bored, maybe even rate it if you have an account

cross-posted from: > Making foss games for a week with Fedi people. Any skill level. > Propose themes on masto, matrix, or here. > Masto: > Matrix (say hi, find team): > Previous winner (Stellar Shooter by unbroken_unworn): > > Previous jams: > >

Fedijam 6: Cut Budget Edition \ Friday 20:00 UTC -> Sunday 24:00 \ Your game goes here: \ \ Talking goes here: \ \ Post crazy theme suggestions in comments or reply here: \ Also [the organiser is looking for assistance with some parts of the jam](

Fun channel with regular devlogs of indie game developer
The guy released already and he works on "Home Grown" - gardening game. I like his discipline, consistency and knowledge.

cross-posted from: > A lot of games use bitmap graphics. I have noticed that this results in textures becoming blurry when the mode is viewed up close. > > This makes me wonder if vector graphics, like [Scalable Vector Graphics]( could help with the issue; vector graphics are designed to render in shapes, therefore the texture wouldn't become blurry. > > Vector graphics would, of course, not do well with pictures that have a ton of detail; but it could be more useful in HUDs and icon textures.

LibreJam 202204
cross-posted from: > Next LibreJam upcoming! > > JamVersion: 202204 > Theme: TBA > Theme announced at: 2022-04-01 00:00 UTC > Submissions end at: 2022-04-14 23:59 UTC > Ratings end at: 2022-04-21 23:59 UTC > > More info at: > Mailinglist at: > IRC: ircs:// > Webchat: > > InfoPage also on gemini: gemini:// ;)

(I quickly got downvoted on the main post. lol)

cross-posted from: > Presumably the first ~~game~~ Godot toolset jam.

cross-posted from: > A Libre Multiplayer FPS Game built with Godot game engine and a fully FOSS toolchain.

Godot's ui system is really hit or miss imo. It was really frustrating to make it work how I wanted to adapt to screen size, but everything is working nice now. I have a system now that creates these item icons at runtime for each individual. This will be important in the future, but right now not so useful as each item of the same material should share a resource so as not to be wasteful. I'll have to work on that. I really like how this looks.

LibreJam 202112
cross-posted from: > Next LibreJam upcoming! > > JamVersion: 202112 > Theme: Leech > Theme announced at: 2021-12-01 00:00 UTC > Submissions end at: 2021-12-07 23:59 UTC > Ratings end at: 2021-12-14 23:59 UTC > > More info at: > Mailinglist at: > IRC: ircs:// > > InfoPage also on gemini: gemini:// ;)

cross-posted from: > Making games in a week, using federated spaces to organize. > Failing, recovering, learning to game design and to use network in games (of course, focusing on federation and fediverse). > Join for fun, exp, teammates and feedback \^-\^ > (one can join up until Dec 5 when submissions close. 1-day or 3-day submissions are ok!) > > Our Matrix room: > > Masto announcement (boosts are welcome!): > > Vote for a theme! (vote closes on jam start): >

All the New Stuff I've been adding to Moloch has finally reached that point in time where I'm pretty sure it's stable enough to be actually used in like, real runs, done by real Moloch players. This version adds sound effects, new spell modifiers, achievements, a complete overhaul of the main menu, One (1) necessary optimization to the minimap, and a bunch of other fixes and smaller features.

Game Development
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