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There are also Telegram groups where people can offer food to give away & there are also regional groups you can join

If you put it this way, it wasn’t the best comparison. At first glance, it seemed like an obvious analogy since it sounded like a euphemism.

What I disapproved of was the headline, that gives the impression that laziness can always be explained with a conscious decision of not wanting to do something (i.e. internal resistance). At this point I hadn’t read the article yet, you guessed right.

I didn’t mean to be offensive, only trying to point out that the headline can be misleading as to what I just said.

Mycroft.ai collaborates with Mozilla Voice, which supports some of the more obscure languages, too:



I would have named this pic “heterochrome eyes”

Persian cats always look so grumpy

@murkytocatsPink nose!

There’s quite some pink elsewhere too… and the blue + white don’t stand out any less

LineageOS also supports some more obscure phones if you don’t like Google pixel phones or if you’re on a tight budget

Singing also qualifies as an instrument, but not needed for punk either

Alternatively, you could generalize it by saying “Lemmy is similar to (discussion-based) social media sites”

Yes, there are ways to get food for free – if you can spare some time at least. Just recently I joined a foodsharing network, but more time is needed to pick up the food. However, it does save a lot of money if you do it strategically.

If they would throw it away, then it’s immoral to charge money for it, especially for people who can’t afford the food at a normal price

The whole idea of the NFT business is flaunting that you have enough money to buy nonsense, so why would you even bother if someone gets for free what you’ve paid for voluntarily without really needing it anyways

Thanks for digging out this article from 1999! It’s such a good read and gives valuable insight into the beginnings of Bezos & Amazon

I guess at some point it just become an automatism, so it’s more like rich people don’t confront themselves with these questions at all

This could have been prevented if the person had gotten a test immediately after showing the symptoms, especially working in the food industry.

Also, this is why eating out always poses a risk b/c you never know how clean the food is handled.

One should treat any service worker with respect and acknowledge their labor despite getting a low wage

Is this a bug or somehow intended?

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