Electric Vehicles including hybrids and plug-ins

It turns out that the Volkswagen ID.4 is a lot tougher than the average crossover. It didn’t win any Baja races, but it did finish one without any repairs. That’s something most vehicles couldn’t do. …

Tier One automotive supplier Mahle has developed an electric motor for EVs that uses no permanent magnets. It is not the first to do so, but it is the first to create a motor that is scalable to fit the needs of many sizes of vehicles, from subcompact cars to medium duty trucks. Mahle says the abili…

In fact, South Africa ranked fifth globally in the ratio of public electric vehicle (EV) chargers to electric vehicles in 2020. Only Korea, Chile, Mexico, Indonesia, and the Netherlands have more chargers per EV than SA, according to the IEA Global EV Outlook 2021 report released recently. …

A new report by the University of California at Berkeley makes several bold claims. First, it says all new cars and trucks sold in the US can be electric by 2035. Second, making the transition to electric vehicles will save American households $1000 a year on average between now and 2050, for total …

Power Swap is an integral part of NIO’s Battery as a Service (BaaS) solution and it allows one to charge, swap, or upgrade their batteries. It is a time-efficient solution for some users’ needs instead of charging the battery. It also allows users to upgrade the battery if they wish (for the relevan…

QuantumScape’s share sale to fund solid-state battery production roils its market value

QuantumScape has issued a share offering to pay for an expanded pilot production line for its solid-state batteries just months after it became a publicly traded company via a reverse merger. …

From less than 10% of output in 2020, electric motor production at Tremery will double to about 180,000 in 2021, and is planned to reach 900,000 a year - or more than half the plant’s peak pre-pandemic output - by 2025. …

يكي از شايعترين مشكلات پكيج هاي ديواري تجمع رسوب در قطعات و لوله هاي پكيج كه به علت سختي موجود در آب مصرفي مي باشد كه عدم رسوب زدايي پكيج مي تواند باعث ايجاد خسارات جبران ناپذيري شود و يا پرداخت هزينه هاي سنگين براي [تعمير پكيج ديواری](https://abarkavanco.com/تعمیرا�

Electric Vehicles including hybrids and plug-ins
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