Don’t cover your camera, Apple has warned MacBook users — it could break your display.

Nice try feds.

NYPost I know, but looks like this is real



Even assuming this is actually true, then WTF Apple? How shitty are your laptops that they can be damaged by a piece of tape?


A piece of tape is probably fine. In their support doc they say it’s safe to use a cover less than 0.1mm thick. I feel like they’re more worried about something like this:


off topic:
small things like that can almost always be found cheaper somewhere else. (mostly ebay afaik)
that’s why i created c/ebaycheap
not a perfect solution… but paying relatively more money to businesses for items is almost never beneficial.

I feel like a gorilla glass screen and an aluminum chassis should be able to handle that though


Don’t put up curtains, if you don’t see anyone then no one is looking inside your house, trust your windows.


A piece of small tinfoil cutout with invisible tape works for me. No glue residue, costs practically less than a cent in a year. And it is about as thick as your hair strand.

I have it both on notched phone and laptop. Go suck it feds.

I also made a rear camera cover for my phone attached to phone armour case a year ago.

If anyone is interested I can share photos of my DIY covers. Easy to make.

EDIT: Nevermind, here goes the image.

Yes please I’ve been looking out for a way to make a removable rear camera cover. Something mite durable than just tape


I put the image in my above comment. This is my self devised DIY solution using some black chart paper, some cellophane tape, some 3M invisible tape and some aluminum tinfoil. Also a paper cutter for that LED flash hole.

I have this setup for a year now.

Thanks. I just have what everyone else has. Black electrical tape. But the glue gets on the lens so i have to clean it frequently. And it’s thick tape so not perfect.


I think I read this likely 2 years ago. Not the article but the recommendation from Apple.

Stay away from Apple.


I just rmmod the webcam kernel module.


I’m gonna guess this is because someone put a thick cover on their camera then put their laptop into a tight case or otherwise squeezed it, bending the bezel and cracking the display.



If said by corporations or influential people, there are people who believe.

Once someone said that Steve Jobs could sell something worthless and a premium on it.

Probable Steve Jobs would have done better and really help privacy instead of using it for marketing like Apple nowadays.

Just a thought. If I am wrong, please reply.

Could he sell sand to the Arabs?

Could he sell snow to the Eskimos?

Could he sell a new phone to someone who already has a phone?

Well, he managed to develop a replacement for Sony’s Stowaway/WALKMAN.


Well he managed to do one of these things.

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