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In that case, because of China’s bug-eating fetish and Russia having to do with overkill punishments, I think I see Spain fit for moving to.

I am Latin Spanish, I will get along without having to know too much about the language.

Pretty useful, considering that Movistar is beggining to collect some of the customer’s information to give somebody a SIM card.

At least on a genuine Movistar store.

What about the fees.

Then again, people are also preferring Dash and ZCash, which do not really protect the privacy of the ones using them.

Oops. My apologies.

That was a test because in the moment I had a horrible Internet connection.

“Rudeness”. What are you expecting? You do not only jump to conclusions, you attack them because of things they did not do, “look on how many followers of yours engage in this behaviour”.

Also, closed source does not mean unauditable. Why do you think Universal Android Debloater exists? Because experienced people can monitor what the programs are doing. Have you heard of mitmproxy?

I fully trust GrapheneOS, and I find myself offended by this because thanks to people as stubborn as you, GrapheneOS is getting a bad reputation with no reason at all.

LineageOS is not fully Google-free ─ it has some Google services it needs.

Also, one moderator does not represent the entire organization. There may as well be rude staff ─ one of the reasons why CopperheadOS (GOS’s ancestor) split was because of corruption among the staff, with the company today known as Copperhead being what is left of the corrupted staff.

Not only that, Google Pixel 3 models are no longer being recommended by:

because Google Pixel 3 is near EoL, and around that time, the device will no longer will receive security updates. There is a reason why the Pixel 2 appears as “obsolete” in the downloads.

Oh ─ would you look at that. Edward Snowden also praised GrapheneOS, while also suggesting security measures based on his threat model.

If GrapheneOS is not safe because of the smartphone you need, Qubes OS will never be safe on any computer because of AMD/Intel CPUs.

There is no way you could compare GrapheneOS with Apple and Google privacy-wise. It is absolutely frustrating for me to think somebody would do such a thing.


I give my congratulations to Goolag. Even Apple and F-Droid are more careful with their apps, with the latter being the most.

I am sorry, but no cryptocurrency I know outside Nano confirms transactions this fast.

The only one I know has fast enough transactions apart from Nano is Monero, which takes 5 minutes at least, no matter the fee you pay, and it is a really decent tradeoff for privacy.

Can I log in on that?

Yet the entire fucking school I am in still uses it.

Venezuelans are stupid.

You have got some interesting replies, so instead of repeating what the others say, I will give you the advice of installing GrapheneOS and degoogle.

In before, Facebook changing user settings without permission.

Well, he managed to develop a replacement for Sony’s Stowaway/WALKMAN.

Probable Steve Jobs would have done better and really help privacy instead of using it for marketing like Apple nowadays.

Just a thought. If I am wrong, please reply.