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I’m gonna guess this is because someone put a thick cover on their camera then put their laptop into a tight case or otherwise squeezed it, bending the bezel and cracking the display.

Matrix has groups. Previously just group chats, but some folks are building a twitter-like social network feed on the Matrix platform recently as well and I suspect there will be overlap.

What is a warm flush radiating down from the back of my neck?

Sometimes I have voluntary control over a warm flush that radiates from the back of my neck toward my cheeks, down my back and around my chest, occasionally as far as my biceps and thighs, with a slight bias to the right side of my body. What is this?..

The deceptive subject lines are a violation of the US “CAN-SPAM” Act already. I shouldn’t need to open the email and read it to find out how to “unsubscribe” (and even using that term is bullshit, since I never subscribed).

I doubt my friend knew what they were getting me into. There is so much deceptive marketing demonstrated here, from the personalized sender and subject lines to the fake FWD/Re/etc…