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Só much fun, i made some nostromo legos myself. …



@Nickimagined …


So we don’t have a real alternative, after reading the article.

I use SearX, i don’t think it’s bad, but I’d love for alternatives.

Almost 7...

Tier 8 Italian power …




Impotence in sleep.

There was a period in my life that sensibly the 3AM supposedly woke up couldn’t move, it seemed that I had a ton of waight keeping me arrest até my bed, I couldn’t shout u ask for help, read about it and it’s even common issue, but every night I was afraid of sleep, and it happened for some time.

Por acaso dei uso à SMS diz logo a mesa de voto e tudo.

Por aqui já se votou e por ai?


#wowsblitz, #wows, #games …

Uma boa meta, penso que no início estávamos um pouco atrasados, mas que a “Task force” fez um bom trabalho. …

World of Warships Blitz - Welcomes all.

Welcome captains, may the brave seas not take your sleep, may the gunpowder be sufficient for your battles. …

#Alien , #Movie , #Making…


Combat Drop (Percussion Only) · James Horner · London Symphony Orchestra…



Autor: Artbykevinchua…


Who is gona get it? …


This is the future!

Loures 100mb fibra e preço de triple play está nos 39,90€ mas a Nowo aparenta ter grandes planos sou móvel neles.

Nowo: https://www.nowo.pt/pacotes/tv-net-voz/

Keep your head up, the most important is the family we have at home. I’ve felt this way, but now with my two daughters and my wife that for me is the most important. spend a happy day in the company of those who love us every day. happy birthday!

Yap. That is a good point :)

Great documentary!

PMFLtoMemesIf your girl...


No new CPU? Meh…

I just wanted a great H/W Linux phone like a S21 ULTRA for me after the privacy, the camera is the most important in my phones. Well i can dream right? 😉

PMFLtoSymbian and MeegoChoices

Have both, n8 for the camera, n9 for the OS. But watch out for the sim tray adaptors got both my n8 and n9 broken sim connection by using micro sim adaptors.

Love it to bits on the SNES!

Raindrop.io app don’t have trackers, and the free service looks ok for my needs but it’s privacy well… Thank you for your answers and advice.