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Estamos sempre abertos a crítica construtiva, o objetivo daquele post era apenas dar a conhecer pontos relevantes no nosso país, algo para aspirar visitar quando conseguirmos desconfinar.

Mas dai a pergunta, o que gostariam de ver, não somos perfeitos mas podemos aprender com o feedback dado pelos utilizadores.

O que gostariam de ver publicado na nossa comunidade?

Boa noite, desde já damos as boas vindas aos novos utilizadores da comunidade. …

Really like it! Love to see this community grow and do stuff like this!

LoL 😂

Bem vindos

Olá a todos os que nos visitam, bem vindos. …


with the development of more powerful arm phones, I think it will come the day that even an old android phone will have enough processing power to run fruidly any linux distro.

Did not know that app existed. Thank you.

Amazefit T-Rex

My smart watch is exelent to track physical activity, have gps, various steps tracking modes, hiking, running, very resitent to beats, military certification. All this and still lasts 15 to 30 days without being loaded, an exelent choice for those who want something reliable and lasting. …


Website or app for memes, that respect your privacy?

Does anyone know about an app or website to get memes out of categories that we can access that respects our privacy? It used the well-known app but it carried and a lot on trackers. …

Well most of the high end phones have the same chips SD888 so maybe it’s a bit cooler on the temp side, have a faster refresh screen, and may have more ram but the gameplay itself it’s like 3 fps more on a top of the line gaming phone vs a regular all rounder top of the line phone. So does it really mather having a dedicated gaming phone were the cameras are most of the time weaker just for that raw diference?

For me no, not my kind of device.

One of my notification watches. …


Do you use Manyverse.se app

I love the idea of a social network, which lives on our devices, which does not depend on any server, which is managed by users. The idea is brilliant, but my question is use this network in your group of friends? I think it would be very advantageous in groups, universities, and clusters…

Nice stuff.

@Dessalines do you know why the lemmur app stoped working after the new update to lemmy? Incompatibility in some protacols. Thanks

Pelo que eu vi na TV até agora, ainda vai virar santo e temos de lhe fazer uma estátua no marquês.

For a few months I left the network, but as my numbers have already been said here are the same, and those who have access to that data may have my number and data as email, although this has already been changed. How many more times this network loses data without being held accountable I don’t know…

Using a V20 for work and a V50 as a personal phone this is really sad news for me. :(

Well ok let’s try Jami. Looks good :)

Alguém sabe o link da nova lei? ou ainda está para ser aprovada? Cpts.

Amen to that ;) did the same here!

A classic G-Shock without the price associated with it. …


Inexpensive, military look qwartz watch. …


The story behind this watch was a year of my wife’s savings, so at a Christmas I could have a special gift for myself. As in everything in our life was ordered and in advance long before Christmas, but never came, I saw disappointment in her face for not being able to show me or give the gift that I…


Hello everyone, today I present my first automatic watch, wanted something not very expensive, but with a lot of history, reliable of little maintenance, let’s say an Ak47 of the world of watches. …


I try to have only opensource software on my devices be mobile phones, computers, tablets, everything I can. …


I always used translation applications on my phone, when I still used google services the oblivious choice was google translate, but after learning what google does, I traded one evil for the other and turned to the Microsoft app. …