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A good example of deceptive absolute numbers as opposed to relative ones

It would be safest to not use any network communication at all. Also make sure that your convos are not being overheard obviously.

Pro: Google knows about your interests, places you’ve been etc. and can use this information to suggest content to you accordingly

Con: Google knows about your interests, places you’ve been etc. and can use this information to make money off you by showing you relevant ads

Just to name one for each.

There are other scenarios, take printers for example. They are often sold at a loss, but the profit is only postponed by selling overpriced cartridges that you can’t get around of buying if you don’t want to waste the money you spent for the printer.

They know the price afterwards, but not necessarily in advance, so planning has to work with rough estimates

Apps are neat, but from a minimalistic view all you need is a powerful browser, a messenger of your choice and the factory apps (phone, notes, calculator, calendar, clock, contacts). The latter you can substitute with better ones like Simple Notes or Simple Clock. For more demanding stuff you’d want to use a proper computer anyway, from my experience a phone is mainly a communication & browsing device.

Yes, but Apple products shouldn’t be supported endlessly. The long-term goal would be to stop people from buying the newest model every time until (and IF) Apple changes its harmful practices

Apple can keep its closed ecosystem for all I care. People should only realize that they can break out of it to regain their freedom

While I mostly agree with you, I’m afraid the main improvement here would be not buying Apple products at all

I mean even if you could theoretically manage to prove that prioritizing the environment or employees’ well-being, you would still need to prove it, which is an inconvenience most company directors wouldn’t voluntarily burden themselves with

Tell that to the folks claiming that vaccination impairs sexual performance

Le French Wikipédia opted in becoming one of the early adopter wikis with the aim of modernizing & improving desktop experience:


Sure, as a radical, you can thrive in the fediverse, but what’s the alternative really? Censorship, catering to advertisers, closed systems… it’s your choice.

I believe that Chromebooks probably already do this?

I’m afraid you’ll need to create an account at sopuli.xyz

I feel like you shouldn’t expose individuals like that, even if they’re being ridiculous

One’s gotta learn to enjoy the constant company of oneself

Then again, what Windows action doesn’t automatically get sent to Microsoft’s telemetry?

Arachnophobics are certainly not amused about seeing more spider pics on Lemmy

I sometimes e-mail myself (to a dedicated address) with to-dos or reminders, also you can add labels and/or folders to prioritize the messages/tasks

Is it just me, or does it look intimidated?

You could make a quick phone call, I mean Signal requires a phone number, might as well make use of it!