You may wonder, why did I create a community to liberate a system that is fundamentally flawed in terms of proprietary software?

1.3 billion devices use the apple ecosystem. Most of them use some combination of google, facebook, instagram, spotify, iCloud and so on. Even though privacy can’t be completely achieved, it can be significantly improved. We can also motivate to a more healthy mentality around digital issues.

Grass root activity is important. We need to work locally and motivate family, friends and strangers in our area to choose the ethical and be class concious. If we say they have to unchain themselves from everything they know without knowing where they are going, they will not motivate themselves to change.

We need an overview of what apps are good, what we should do to preserve as much privacy as possible and with as much freedom as possible. Unchaining the users from the Apple, Google, Facebook, Spotify and other ecosystems. Giving them more freedom over their media and their favourite content.


Yes, but Apple products shouldn’t be supported endlessly. The long-term goal would be to stop people from buying the newest model every time until (and IF) Apple changes its harmful practices

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