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PLA to hold live-fire exercises in E. China Sea

When you really think about it, the UK has some BALLS to wail on about Hong Kong autonomy
You know, after illegally occupying it for 100 years, holding exactly zero elections during that occupation, discriminating against the native Chinese population there and favouring British migrants, all after getting literally all of #China addicted on opium and then strong arming them to sign Hong Kong away. Yes, you respect Hong Kong's autonomy SOOOOO much, UK. ----- Also, you want to talk autonomy? The majority of HK citizens support the PRC. Look at their election results, not parliament representation because First Past the Post is trash, but the raw numbers on who voted for what party there. Also also, the majority of Hong Kong citizens DESPISED the protests. It massively exacerbated the COVID-19 outbreaks there (remember, this was in 2020, height of the pandemic) because protesters were literally breaking into hospitals and their quarantine areas. The metro and road systems were almost entirely blocked by protesters so you couldn't go anywhere, windows were smashed, graffiti, various other vandalism, fires, schools and universities occupied forcing classes to stop, and any PRC supporters were violently assaulted. Like, people in the US screech about the BLM protests (which, at least they were protesting an actual issue), or much more related to what happened in HK, the January 6 Nazi Extravaganza. Or in Canada, the Trucker's convoy. Well, all of those were like lover's quarrels compared to the HK protests, which also happened in a tiny city territory where you couldn't escape, and which was also many times denser than anywhere in the US. But as long as it's not in *your* home, then freedom (American style "freedom") over literally all else, right? But you didn't see those people being interviewed by Western media.

Looking for Chinese books about the Chinese revolution
I'm trying to learn Chinese and would like some books in Chinese to read. Preferably, books used to teach young students, since I'm still not very proficient. They don't need to go in depth, superficial books are fine, as I have no familiarity with the subject! 谢谢!

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It was related to Kiryu Coco and China; but I forgot what it was. (I think the link explains it; but my brain feels like mush so I can't understand it that well currently.) It feels too complicated to know and too difficult for me to properly research it. (Sounds like *everything* political lmao; and yet I still continue to read about politics. fml...) --- (I'm asking on Lemmygrad because I lost trust in western media after finding out about the sinophobia.)

2019年香港抗议活动支持者: 我希望香港能有和乌克兰一样的好结局。

### 下一个是台湾吗? 俄罗斯对乌克兰的入侵使得中国入侵台湾的可怕情景越来越现实。 作者:Michael Schuman

[文字text] 代泽东分析美国竞争法(HR4521)也被称为 «英美不能竞争法» GenZedong Analysis of America Competes Act (HR4521) aka Anglo-America Can’t Compete Act
Author: Reddit user Based_grandma69 ---- Comrades, I have spent much time reviewing this ridiculous piece of proposed American legislation. In that time, I have lost many brain cells, and it has passed the House of Representatives. I should take a moment to note that it passed along party lines with “yea” votes from all your favourite “progressive” democrats. AOC, Tlaib, Omar, all voted for this. So much for harm reduction. Even at their most “left” the American politician is a completely unhinged monster on foreign policy. This bill, HR4521, is also known as the “America COMPETES Act.” One would think of that as an economic bill that might bolster American infrastructure or development. Alas, it is not. It seems clear that the US still sees global policy as a zero-sum game as their policy is entirely devoted to destabilising others to suit their interests. This has broad ranging implications for the PRC. In the bill, the United States authorises $500M to distribute media with a negative message about China.(1) Through this same provision, they will train journalists and fund media outlets around the world with an emphasis on producing a negative view of PRC. A special emphasis is put on certain regions with specific funding set aside to produce American broadcast networks in Africa(2) which will produce negative propaganda to create unfavourable views of the BRI involvement of the area. Speaking of BRI, the bill has set aside US funds for foreign infrastructure projects to compete with the BRI(3). Importantly, no funds or assistance are to be sent to any countries with a “non-market economy(4)” or spent by any “state-owned enterprises.” The United States has specifically stated they will not provide any infrastructure or assistance to countries who refuse to be exploited by western capital or are aligned with China forcing countries to choose. The Yankees would rather see people in fledgling socialist nations starve and die than allow anyone the right to determine how their people should live. Interestingly, the US also finds that the PRC gives “favourable treatment to state enterprises which foreign institutions endure strict restrictions(5).” Good to see SWCC living up to its name! The sections on Taiwan and Hong Kong are really something. The US pledges to raise international recognition of Taiwan(6). The US says it is committed to aligning with Taiwan against any “coercive behaviour.” The bill also’ goes on the instruct the US to punish any country that doesn’t recognise Taiwan and strengthen “civilian defence professionals” on the island. There is specific language to increase Taiwan’s ability to separate from the PRC. When we get to Hong Kong, the situation may be even worse. The US approves $10M for the “promotion of democracy” in Hong Kong(7). They demand the release of people held for undermining national security (almost as if they wish to undermine it themselves) and approve funds for the development of technology which will circumvent the PRC’s internet security systems(8). There is also instruction to send American students and “democracy supporters” to both Taiwan and Hong Kong. The United States, in direct interference with China’s domestic policy, seeks to develop and distribute an American controlled technology (software or hardware is not specified) for circumventing the Chinese government’s internet security(8). They directly state that this technology is to be used to disseminate American propaganda directly to the Chinese people. The PRC should carefully watch for this aggression, as it is a direct violation of the PRC’s self-determination and national security and view this for the aggression that it is. Funding is set aside also for the furthering and expansion of the “Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative(9)” which is a propaganda program set to manipulate youth in developing countries into betraying the interests of their own nations for the benefit of the imperialists. They also seek to expand international, American led, training of law enforcement and military for the Pacific Islands(10). The United States is pledging to train more anti-communist law enforcement to spread over the southeast Asia and pacific region. The State Department is also instructed to increase personnel and resources throughout the region(11). Lest the United States leave any part of the world un-fucked, there’s a good bit about Latin America (for old times’ sake I’m sure). The instruction is to increase “economic competitiveness” “good governance” and “rule of law” in Latin America and the Caribbean(12). Increase effort is to be spent to enforce American style liberal economics and democracy throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. A direct commitment is made to prevent development of any sort of socialist system or any nationalisation there. At the same time, the bill condemns anti-Asian hate crimes(13). It seeks to set aside resources to determine the cause of the rising anti-Asian hate in the west. Absolute irony at its finest. The bill specifically protect the Dalai Lama(14). America sure loves its foreign slave owners! The last part I will touch upon concerns the Uyghurs. The bill instructs the US ambassador to the UN to do long and disruptive speeches at the UN to pressure other countries into supporting the Yankee line on this(15). The bill specifically provides further support for Radio Free Asia (official sponsor of r/GenZedong) and calls to inform another sham investigation. With it’s magnum opus, this glorified piece of bathroom tissue calls for the removal of PRC from the UN Human Rights Council! Comrades, we must be strong. We must view this for what it is. An out and out attack on the world’s ability to choose socialism. A full on assault of imperialism. This uncontroversial American bill doesn’t get any media coverage, likely because things like this pass all the time. The original text is 2390 pages. What working class person has time to read that? It took me several weeks just to get through what I needed to write this. I will do my best to keep an eye on new legislation, but the writing is on the wall. The US has not learned from its past mistakes, and it never will. Not until it has been fully snuffed out will the world live in anything other than chaos. Be clear eyed about this! They will not succeed! Communism will win! Sources: Full text of HR4521: Role call (votes) which passed it: Official Summary: References: 1. HR4521 Sec. 30219 2. Sec. 30271-5 3. Sec. 30113 4. Sec. 10113 5. Sec. 30113 6. Sec. 30210 7. Sec. 30301-4 8. Sec. 30310 9. Sec. 30206 10. Sec. 30299D 11. Sec. 30213 12. Sec. 30245 13. Sec. 30313 14. Sec. 30309 15. Sec. 30305-7 ---- 深度语«Deepl»翻译 同志们,我花了很多时间来审查这个荒谬的美国立法提案。在这段时间里,我失去了许多脑细胞,而它已经在众议院获得通过。我应该花点时间指出,它是按照党派路线通过的,所有你们喜欢的 "进步 "民主党人都投了 "赞成 "票。AOC、Tlaib、Omar,都投了赞成票。减少危害的工作就这么多。即使在他们最 "左 "的时候,美国政治家在外交政策上也是一个完全不正常的怪物。 这项法案,HR4521,也被称为 "美国竞争法案"。人们会认为这是一个可能促进美国基础设施或发展的经济法案。不幸的是,它不是。很明显,美国仍然将全球政策视为零和游戏,因为他们的政策完全致力于破坏其他国家的稳定以满足其利益。 这对中国有广泛的影响。在该法案中,美国授权5亿美元用于传播有关中国的负面信息的媒体。(1)通过这一条款,他们将培训记者并资助世界各地的媒体机构,重点是制造对中国的负面看法。特别强调的是某些地区,为在非洲制作美国广播网络预留了专门的资金(2),这些网络将进行负面宣传,以创造对BRI参与该地区的不利看法。 谈到BRI,该法案为外国基础设施项目预留了美国资金,以便与BRI(3)竞争。重要的是,任何资金或援助都不会被送到任何 "非市场经济(4) "的国家,或被任何 "国有企业 "使用。美国已经明确表示,他们不会向那些拒绝被西方资本剥削或与中国结盟的国家提供任何基础设施或援助,迫使各国做出选择。美国佬宁愿看到新生的社会主义国家的人民挨饿和死亡,也不允许任何人有权决定他们的人民应该如何生活。有趣的是,美国还发现中国给予 "国有企业优惠待遇,而外国机构则受到严格限制(5)"。很高兴看到社会福利院名副其实!"。 关于台湾和香港的部分确实很重要。美国承诺提高对台湾的国际认可度(6)。美国说它承诺与台湾保持一致,反对任何 "胁迫行为"。该法案还 "指示美国惩罚任何不承认台湾的国家,并加强岛上的 "文职国防专业人士"。有具体的语言来增加台湾脱离中华人民共和国的能力。到了香港,情况可能更糟糕。美国批准了1000万美元用于在香港 "促进民主"(7)。他们要求释放因破坏国家安全而被关押的人(几乎就像他们自己希望破坏国家安全一样),并批准资金用于开发能够规避中国互联网安全系统的技术(8)。还有人指示将美国学生和 "民主支持者 "派往台湾和香港。 美国直接干涉中国的国内政策,试图开发和分发一种美国控制的技术(软件或硬件没有具体说明),用于规避中国政府的互联网安全(8)。他们直接指出,这项技术将被用来直接向中国人民传播美国的宣传品。中国应该仔细观察这种侵略行为,因为它直接侵犯了中国的自决权和国家安全,并将其视为一种侵略行为。 资金还被用于推进和扩大 "东南亚青年领袖倡议"(9),这是一个宣传计划,旨在操纵发展中国家的青年为帝国主义的利益而背叛自己国家的利益。他们还试图扩大由美国主导的对太平洋岛屿的执法和军事的国际培训(10)。美国承诺培训更多的反共执法者,使其遍布东南亚和太平洋地区。国务院还被指示在整个地区增加人员和资源(11)。 为了避免美国让世界上的任何地方不受影响,有一段关于拉丁美洲的内容(我相信是为了旧时代的缘故)。指示是要提高拉丁美洲和加勒比地区的 "经济竞争力"、"善治 "和 "法治"(12)。将加大努力,在整个拉丁美洲和加勒比地区实施美国式的自由经济和民主。直接承诺要防止任何社会主义制度的发展或任何国有化。 同时,该法案谴责反亚裔仇恨犯罪(13)。它试图拨出资源来确定西方反亚裔仇恨上升的原因。这绝对是最好的讽刺。该法案特别保护达赖喇嘛(14)。美国确实很喜欢它的外国奴隶主! 我要说的最后一部分是关于维吾尔人的。该法案指示美国驻联合国大使在联合国做冗长的破坏性演讲,以迫使其他国家支持美国佬在这方面的路线(15)。该法案特别为自由亚洲电台(r/GenZedong的官方赞助商)提供了进一步的支持,并呼吁通报另一个虚假的调查。通过它的大作,这块被美化的浴室纸巾呼吁将中华人民共和国从联合国人权理事会中除名! 同志们,我们必须坚强。我们必须看清它的本质。这是对世界选择社会主义能力的彻底攻击。一个对帝国主义的全面攻击。这个没有争议的美国法案没有得到任何媒体报道,可能是因为像这样的事情一直在通过。原始文本有2390页。哪个工人阶级有时间去读这个?我花了几个星期才读完写这篇文章所需的内容。我将尽我所能关注新的立法,但文字是在墙上。美国还没有从其过去的错误中吸取教训,而且永远不会。除非它被完全扼杀,否则世界将生活在混乱之外。对这一点要有清醒的认识。他们不会成功的! 共产主义会赢的!

Picture that started the scandal: ![]( And yes, they got angry over the flag on the suit.

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