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I have looked at it again. I found the place on google maps and openstreetmap.
From what I can tell the twelve U-buildings really is a prison complex, while the H-buildings do not seem to have a wall surrounding it.
There’s another even newer prison of similar size quite close it.
You can tell by the watch towers.

What I’ve also found is this in Ürümqi. This one lacks guard towers and no longer has a road leading up to it, but an adjacent road. Plus one space seems to be now used as a parking space. Has it turned into something else already?

This is another one. This one looks really really old.

This one has a giant hole in it on the left.

I stand by my guess that they’re just relocating their older prisons.

I already frowned and squinted my eyes before I knew the details of the show or the belief system of the Falun Gong, other than them being banned in China and their headquarters being in the US.
No way would a genuine PRC culture be allowed in the Netherlands, let alone the US.

Perhaps I misremembered, but I remember seeing the video subtitled with the green shirted man telling the rioters to stop fighting, which prompted them to set him on fire.

In any case, it’s an example of “how to pro-Democracy advocates with US characteristics like to solve disputes when someone disagrees”.

“i don’t see what this vid has to do with communism.”

It’s one example of the bankruptcy of U.S. capitalist’s narratives, that being the example, leader and natural umpire of free speech, free trade and democracy.

Perhaps I misremembered, but I remember seeing the video subtitled with the green shirted man telling the rioters to stop fighting, which prompted them to set him on fire.

“Freedom of Speech” has then become “Setting people on fire when you disagree with them”.

Since I can’t find the subtitled version, perhaps this is not the strongest, but I’ll make a list of all the things that comes to my mind that should be present in a single political web comic.

Here’s my list:

“We care about the Afghan people” -> American dogs in a plane, while the Afghan people are falling of the it’s wings.

“We care about the Afghan women” -> With bombs just days later.

“China is genociding muslims in Xinjiang” -> “China needs to take in Afghan muslim refugees.”

U.S. to the Netherlands “Buy Russian gas!? Are you crazy!?” -> Netherlands to world: “We Dutch are not going to buy Russian gas. We have principles. We can proudly state that from now on we’ll buy U.S. gas from LNG boats instead.” -> LNG boats from the U.S. “We’re being fined for not being U.S. boats” -> U.S. buying Russian gas on it’s way back.

The “no dogs or Chinese allowed” sign is something from it’s colonial past.
Unless you know of a recent example, I can’t recall seeing it.

A more recent example of “Let the axe murderer go free.” as that would be a more relevant sign, as the trigger for the protests was all about the HK gov wanting to extraditing an axe murderer to Taiwan.
“Let all rioting murderers go free” would also be accurate because it’s one of the five demands.
Perhaps it should be shown with an accompanying signs saying “Five demands no less” and “Hong Kong should follow rule of law.” or then have them blended into one sign saying “Hong Kong should follow the rule of law and murderers of our choice should be set free, which is non-negotiable.”

It’s examples like these that I think are very strong examples of how of a mixed message the capitalist one is and how communism is not.

But I see you want to combat stonetoss.
I’ll look into his comic then.
I’ll see if I can find some gems for criticism on there.


Okay, first thing that comes to mind is that stonetoss has this ‘communism = poverty’ thing going on. It’s thus best to showcase that the US got rich from fossil fuels, but is now failing due to bad policy, even though it has had the most fossil fuels by far in the world. It’s gotten the US in debt.

I don’t speak Chinese.

Do you do requests?

I can think of a couple of events and topics to draw.

Starting with drawing this (NSFW) event

And paraphrasing what the man said that the rioters felt warranted to set a man on fire.

The PRC certainly would prefer Japan to block US companies boycotting them over what Uniqlo is doing now. A tie between A and B and just focusing on what result A wanted, and A wanting to win, does not mean B has defeated A.

The Chinese government has no problem with criticism. It has problems with rioters setting train stations and even people on fire who disagreed with them or beat up anyone who spoke the “wrong” language. And if you ask what do these press agencies have got to do with it? They supported the ‘free the axe murderer’ riots like Infowars supported the stop the steal riots.

You do know that what started this whole thing was the HK government’s attempt to help a family keep their daughter’s axe murderer in prison right?

How’s Assange doing by the way?

Hey there! Is there also a element messenger chatroom?

It’s okay.
And it’s mostly just me posting.
The larger community is on reddit /r/Sino, but there are even larger communities on red like /r/China that consists primarily of non-Chinese China haters.
I post a lot because of the size of /r/Sino being so large that there’s always something interesting there to copy-paste and I sometimes find interesting tidbits as well. I do this because I don’t think reddit is the right platform for pro-sovereignity discussions unless it’s the US.

Since I have come across many anti-China posts from certain sources, DW, Wion, NYT, Bloomberg, BBC, public broadcasting news from my own country, late night shows including from my own country, Falun Gong, ADVChina and SCMP commenters, it makes the situation for me very tense and I apologize if I came on too strong.

So yes, this community is not a good post for this, because I live in Europe and I can only do simple searches as well.

I’m a curious person too, so I will do my own simple searches as well and attempt to contact with youtuber immigrants in China, see if they bite.

Perhaps it’s best to share our search results.

thechinawiki.com seems dead. Russia TV has no mention of Dabancheng.

I found an article in Chinese that seems to have copy-pasted a BBC article on it from 2018 and 2015.

Dabancheng(District) is mentioned as: 达坂城(区)

And prison as: 监狱

The area has it’s own website. http://www.dabancheng.gov.cn/

They have a phone number if you feel particularly brave enough.

My advice is to try and contact Daniel Dumbrill with your question. I can’t find any points of contact besides twitter and facebook and I stopped using them for years now and I’m not going back to using them again.

No, but I think I’ll add another rule to this forum, because this is something that’s been bothering about youtube lately a lot and I’ve seen it happening before on other forums.

“If you don’t know, don’t post.”

or even better

“Posts are to serve it’s readers, not it’s posters.”

Ever since Youtube content creators have been dominated by the old mainstream channels, it’s content creators lately seem to think that youtube is there for serving themselves rather than it’s viewers.

News channels often seem to contain questions, letting their viewers do the journalistic work for them and of course, not in a genuine way.

Or their title contains ‘the “REAL” story about X’,
suggesting that there are two stories. Real and fake.
But upon watching the video, only a single story is provided.

I’m waiting for a new type of network that could provide an easy alternative to youtube that will have such rules in place, but for the mean time I’m here and I want this forum is to be informative as well.
Especially because this is a lemmygrad channel, a socialist channel where one serves according to their ability, to each according to their needs.

And to specifically address your post, you ask a very short question while also posting a satellite image.

It leaves me dangling on how you came across the image, what you do and do not know, why you’re asking the question and what your motive is.

It caused me to search for more information and not find anything of worth.

It could be a prison complex.
China has been on a buliding spree for decades now, so it’s not weird to also see it’s prisons being modernized as well.

It could also not be a prison complex.
There’s been a lot of sources from the US and allies that have been very unreliable as sources on any information concerning China the last few decades.
Regular prisons, factories, schools have all been conflated as re-education centers in the last ten or so years, so there’s no telling whether this isn’t yet another example of that.

Ürümqi is a city between 3.5 and 4 million people, just like Los Angeles.
Los Angeles County has 200,000 people in prison, with it’s largest prison containing over 10,000 people.
Considering that China has less people in prison than the US, Ürümqi should still have at least 10 thousand prisoners in total for just the city of Ürümqi.

In case you’re surprised that there are prisons existing in a communist province of over 10 million people, communism does not turn everyone in angels as a political system does not alter one’s DNA.
That’s mostly a medical and technological issue and only eventually an economical one.

Ürümqi also has had terrorists attacks in and likely from the city as well. I’ll refrain from showing images or links as they contain the images of dead bodies, but one such attack happened in May 2014 in case you want to look it up.

More than that, I can’t tell.

If you are genuinely curious about it and have gained first-hand knowledge and evidence of the site, please provide it to us, unless it IS a prison filled up with drug traffickers, murderers, child molesters and terrorists and your knowledge contains information that is helpful to them.

If you’re not and have referred to the Islam the ‘the religion of peace’ in any comment on a negative video or post, plus all similar references to any part of the Islamic religion or it’s people, please be consistent whenever you’re talking about Uyghurs, Uyghur criminals in prisons and ETIM. And don’t forget to look up ETIM’s relation to ISIS, Al-qaeda and terrorists crossing borders to countries such as Syria.

I’ll look into it. I jumped to conclusions thinking this was a carbon-copy of the Jack Ma and Fan BingBing event.

Alright. I seem to have jumped to conclusions here and have changed my main message accordingly. I simply assumed it was something less serious that she posted.

So I’m going to say that she’s likely placed under house arrest like Jack Ma and Fan BingBing.
If that’s something very different from police custody, let me know.

It’s fake because being taken into police custody does not equal a disappearance.
And suggestions of sexual abuse simply because sex has taken place is libellous.

Neither is also is grounds for an Olympics boycot.