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A wild guess. They all get send to a different street and where an outpost is set up, restricting access to an area with COVID.

Nuclear energy is slow and expensive.
Slow to build.
Slow to turn on and off.
Their peak production will never exceed that of wind or solar and wind and solar power consumption combined just passed total nuclear power consumption last year.
By the end of the decade nuclear will be smaller than either than them for certain as nuclear power plants are slow to build.

Disagree. This article is about how the Yen is losing to the dollar.
That’s due to the current EU gas&oil blockade.

And if you’re wondering why that would prop up the dollar, it’s because the US has made Saudi Arabia an offer it couldn’t refuse and so the Saudis are forced to sell their oil in dollars. Other countries followed suit, except for Russia nowadays which is now demanding their oil be paid in their own “such blackmail” currency.

Stole billions from Afghanistan by abusing SWIFT, after Taliban won the war after 20 years.
Helped Trudeau suppress his people by abusing SWIFT.
Goaded Russia to invade Ukraine, then do a total 180, just like Gulf War II (1990).
Stole billions from Russia by abusing SWIFT.
Encouraged the EU to show total loyalty and sanction Russia to the max destroying their own economy.
Scapegoated Putin for largest US economic failure since 1929 that’s likely to get many times worse.

These are things that used to work last century on less powerful smaller nations.

$40 billion for Ukraine war -> $4 billion for Ukraine, majority for upgrading US military “for Ukraine”.

Give them cola. It has electrolytes.

It’s a “first experience” kind of thing.

The first film that was made in 1978.
It was the first movie that gave it’s viewers the “space adventure experience” and it didn’t feel aged until around 25 years later, just like the Beatles music that gave listeners the “rock dance experience”.

No movie at that time had the “pew pew” plasma gun sound effects or the “voom” plasma sword effects.
On top of that, it also wasn’t made by a large corporation, so it adhered to solid storytelling, rather than marketed storytelling.
The two later movies were of the same story quality.

For me, experiencing both around 1992 at age 10, Star Wars still was without equal and it wasn’t until the Independence Day movie that it’s special effects stopped being special.
The Beatles on the other hand, felt unfinished, experimental, or just on par with average pop song to me, while Queen was still the classic rock music top quality standard.

In 2001 the next trilogy of Star Wars started and I guess they were hoping to get that same experience back with lots of CGI, except that had already been done in 1994 with Jurassic Park.
On top of that, CGI has two problems compared to other special effects.

  1. The actors can’t see the CGI and so they’re told to just imagine what they see, leading to subpar performances.
  2. Unless it can fool the viewer that it’s real, it looks very ugly.
  3. CGI allows any movie scene to be possible, but this can fall into the trap of #2. All three were present in the second trilogy.

Storywise they also made a couple of errors.

Then there’s the third trilogy.
No new technology was used there as far as I’m aware.
I think the Mandalorian used new tech, some kind of CGI room, that solves issue #1.
And the storytelling was a confusing mess mixed with a feminist tract, not a space adventure.


If the Soviet Union had a different leader than Gorbachev that would have continued it, then it would have been smooth sailing after 2008. The US or the EU/UK would have collapsed back then already, like it’s doing now.

The Soviet Union had always been the weaker nation during the 20th century due to not having the best fossil fuel of the 20th century, coal.
So it needed to spend a lot of money on it’s military and media to keep things together. Gorbachev didn’t do that and as a consequence the Soviet Union fell apart.

These days the best fossil fuel is natural gas.
Guess who has the most of it?

The war between Russia and US being over Ukraine, when the reality is that the US wants to weaken and overthrow the elected Russian leader, so it can divide the country and install multiple puppet leaders in order to get its hands on Russia’s cheap gas is going to be difficult to predict as to what the official narrative will be.

The US wants to print all the dollars in the world as it pleases and it wants the world to pay for them.
It has made such a scheme with Saudi Arabia, where “Forcing to sell oil in rubles is blackmail” (news headline) but “Forcing countries to buy oil in dollars isn’t”.
Saudis aren’t crazy, so they want to be able to have an advantage of taking dollars over their own currency. If they trade more with China and thus need more yuan, then why not cut out the middle man and get rid of some of those dollars?
This can lead to a cascade of selling dollars, leaving the US much poorer in a single year.
This is Saudi Arabia announced to sell some of their oil in yuan for the first time in history.

Small exceptions.
The USSR is the big example of it having lost.

I’m talking about the future where there’s going to be revolutions again.

“What do you mean by it has lost everywhere but is now returning?”

By that I mean the USSR was the great socialist state, with the whole of eastern Europe joining. There were socialist revolutions popping up everywhere and even the United States got scared during the 1930s prompting a New Deal capitalist reform to a more social democracy in order to appease the working class.

“Are you saying it has a chance to win, permanently?”

The only reason socialism has failed in the USSR is because of the US.
During the 20th century the US had every tailwind it could wish for,
the USSR had almost every headwind.

The US biggest advantage is it’s total amount of fossil fuels. It simply has the most of it, which is why it was able to produce more oil and gas than the rest of the world combined in the first half of the century.
It also has produced the most coal in the world during the entire 20th century and still has by far more of it than any other nation.

And then on top of that, two world wars where the US was almost not attacked at all, whereas the Soviet Union was the main target in world war II, where 90% of the fighting happened.
Enormous losses.

Only now is it beginning to look difficult for the US to hold on to it’s hegemonic power.

With having such a tailwind, the US in contrary to the USSR, has lived like a king despite being reckless. For example, to produce fossil fuels, the US just took as much risk as it liked and ‘hit gold’ every single time. The USSR could not understand why it took them so little time when they were carefully expanding their production.
Since the dawn of the 21st century however, the US has tried to repeat this method with shale oil, but this time it’s backfiring. Initially everyone jumped on board again, trying to turn the US into another Saudi Arabia, because why wouldn’t it be #1? And in just twelve years they managed to indeed beat Saudi Arabia, producing the most oil in the world again…without a profit.
So instead of being as earn as much as Saudi Arabia, they got into debt.
Investors walked out after twelve year of constant production increases.
This leaves no money for the shale oil producers to take risks and so currently the shale oil are now drilling all the wells they’ve found, until they can pay down the investors and earn enough to find new wells. They’ve got about two years until they run out of old wells.

Then there’s the US biggest advantage of the 20th century, coal.
Wind and solar are beating coal and US wind and solar is less advantageous per capita than coal for countries like Tanzania, Chile, Indonesia, Tajikistan, or the North Pole for that matter.

Now having lost these advantages, the US has gone into the 21st century thinking that communism has been beat and won’t return forever, so it doesn’t need to repeat what it did in the 1930s, which saved the nation from a socialist revolution.
And so there will be a revolution in the US, socialist or the always-self-destructive fascist one and that will be the end of it’s world reign.

So without the US being the big spoiler in the room, there’s the question of why won’t there be a capitalist nation taking over the baton.
First of all China will likely be the new big winner and China is socialist.
Second of all, automation causes jobs to be lost and we are in a very late stage of automation.
It’s been happening since the industrialization, but with computers, not just machines, all jobs are at stake. Jobs in the agricultural sector, industrial sector, service sector, all of them.
Even the profession of a banker is no longer safe with the introduction of digital currencies.
And this type of automation, computerized automation, has been happening for 50+ years already.
The richest people of the world already are semi-IT nerds instead of bankers and IT is the profession of job destruction.
So the richest people in the world, the thing that makes the most money these days, is the profession of automating other people’s jobs.

This is destabilizing all capitalist nations, which means that after the US collapse, there’s not going to be a new capitalist nation.


The way I see it.

“Has communism won?”

It lost almost everywhere, the big exception being China, and now it’s coming back.

“Is it a matter of time before the collapse of the West?”

There is no such thing as “the West”, only the US empire, which has been in territorial decline ever since pro-China Hong Kong won against anti-China Hong Kong.
The time is when Ukraine loses the war, because that’s going to cause political shock waves across the world. Mostly because of the amount of investment the EU and US are pouring into this in order to weaken Russia.
But even if the Ukraine war is won, the decline of the US and EU will continue.
A turn-around would be the US or EU finding massive fossil resources in their area. That’s not going to happen.

“Or will fascism have a complete takeover?”

In the US? Maybe. But the EU will collapse before it can get off the ground. The Ukraine toll will be too large.

“What are some things that will almost certainly happen?”

Ukraine will lose the war.

The moment the war is lost, US and EU public will panic and in response, escalate the issue even further. Holding fascist riots against any nation that’s neutral towards Russia. Chinese, Indians, Muslims. They’re all targeted and it will be done in the name of peace and freedom and democracy.
What’s done against Russia right now, will be done against China, India, Saudi-Arabia and other countries.

The EU far-right will be further split into pro-Russian conservatives and pro-liberal pro-Ukrainians.
EU will be poorer than Russia and China on a per capita basis by 2030.
EU will have civil wars between liberal (+fascists), pro-Russian conservatives (-fascists), and socialists.
Hyperinflation in the US, EU and Japan.
Taiwan will be reunited with the PRC before 2030.
War between US and Saudi-Arabia before 2030.

![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/1f1c0ac1-9409-4861-b3bb-ce5ba67550cb.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/30557f0b-bd36-47f4-869a-b8a5a9f4bce2.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/8460e4ee-85a9-4593-bbc3-59cb2b85cda4.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/0679c585-7a81-4040-bdee-2a4ffa6c7b9c.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/0c105528-78ff-41f4-8898-297cb35b901d.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/f32fc6bb-43bc-4ac4-a56a-676797b4082a.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/6cc86afd-d535-4b56-92b8-58ff595699f9.jpeg)

For all those who wish to fight in Ukraine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F4qzPbcFiA

Is there any video out there that quotes Biden's "Putin" price hikes, without US conservative media commentators already getting mad over it? I just like to do it in their place.
Because the US conservative media is double delusional, as not only would they have done it themselves if they were in power, but they'd also rail against renewables as fossil prices go up and having of cheap nuclear fantasies, abandoning all sense of economic growth that used to be the staple of conservatives, growing inequality but still overall economic growth for the 10, 1 or 0.1% richest population.

Expressing support for the Russians in the 2022 Ukraine war is now deemed criminal in the Czech Republic. Rumors abound that one will receive up to 3 years in prison for agreeing with the war.
## Translation Information on possible criminal law limits to freedom of expression in relation to the situation in Ukraine 26. 2. 2022 Brno, 26 February 2022 - The Supreme State Prosecutor's Office deems it necessary to inform citizens that the current situation related to the Russian Federation's attack on Ukraine may also have implications for their freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is constitutionally enshrined in Article 17 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. Everyone has the right to express his or her views in the manner he or she deems appropriate. But even freedom of expression has its limits in a democratic state governed by the rule of law. If someone publicly (including at demonstrations, in the space of the Internet or social networks) expresses approval of (accepts or supports) the Russian Federation's attacks on Ukraine or, in this context, expresses support for or praises the leaders of the Russian Federation, he or she could, under certain conditions, also face criminal liability for the crime of endorsing a crime under Section 365 of the Criminal Code, or for the crime of denying, questioning, endorsing or justifying genocide under Section 405 of the Criminal Code. The Supreme State Prosecutor's Office appeals to all persons not to resort to public speeches in these difficult times that would exceed the established constitutional and legal restrictions. JUDr. Igor Stříž Supreme State Prosecutor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srLjabo-JAU&t=548s