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Your boos mean nothing, I’ve seen what makes you cheer.

Yeah but why would I create a GUI if there is already one? Te whole purpose of Tauri to replace Electron in a more efficient way without the need to create a desktop app which is different from the web app. The only thing I should do would be to port Lemmy Web to Tauri or am I missing something?

Would it be too hard to make a Lemmy desktop application with Tauri?
Since both are written using Rust, I figured it would be super nice to have a desktop application using their toolkit. I was wondering if it could be considered by the developers and if anyone has any idea how hard would be to create it for someone who's not a developer. Since you are technically not coding, maybe it feasible?

Shittiest Spanish translation but the effort is there.

As far as I know, given how GPL works, they would need legal consent from every single person who contributed to the project in order to do something harmful, which is obviously pretty impossible given the number of contributions.

I think something similar is brought up in Ralph Koster’s A Theory of Fun for Game Design where he explains problem solving in real life are basically algorithms applied to the abstraction the brain creates of reality, and then the same is applied to video game mechanics.

Ding ding ding, found a glowie.

Wow, the CIA sure is pretty fast to get some shills to shit on any communist group bigger than 2000 people.

It is still a few years behind, though, they did not do very well in the clasifications for the world cup and they were competing in Asia, a continent which in general does not have very good futbol. They would be oblitersted against Argentina or Brazil, lol. Still I am sure in 5 years or so they will improve a lot.

I mean, you need money to pay for hosting and maintenance, specially if it is a big game with millions of people, I agree that games as a service are a fucking big of an issue (AccursedFarms has an hour and a half long video which even has some legal background on it) but it is different than this.

So the idea was to become virtual landowners? Fucking disgusting.

Do you have a link to it? I can’t find this anywhere.

Yes and no, according to Marxist theory, socialism or the dictstorship of the proletariat is the previous step where you build and improve your means of production, develop a counter superstructure to the previous capitalist one and fix certain issues regarding social inequalities, before reaching what is known as a classless society, or also called communism, anarchism or anarchocommunism. Anarchism does not agree on this, though, since authority for it is inherently wrong and malign, therefore it calls for a direct transition between capitalism and classless society.

Regarding social democracy, you should be opposed because it is not socialism in any way, social democracy means liberalism which means capitalism, and the bourgeoisie will never achieve anything more than the bare survival of the proletariat.

Also, you may be confusing social democracy witj democratic socialism maybe? They have similar names but different praxis.

It is impossible thst they do that because the need it that way so that they can imprison black people and make them do slave work.

The one that was recorded for the 1936 Summer Olympic Games held in Berlin.

publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemilat.ml/post/18 > un recordatorio del estado de la distribucion de tierra, solo por si a alguien se le habia olvidado

Latin American Instance
Hello people, I wanted to inform you that together with several Latin American colleagues we applied for the [project](https://join-lemmy.org/news/2022-03-17_-_Free_Lemmy_instance_hosting) that the developers of Lemmy did a few months ago about the free instance for a year and for which we were chosen. If you read the rules to participate in this project, you will see that the instance does not have to take any defined political position and has to be one of general use. We made the decision to form a space where the Latin American community can form ties and exchange ideas in a place that respects their privacy away from the US monopolies. As many of us who are part of the project know, we have anti-capitalist ideologies and support proletarian revolution around the world. In this way we also support and allow the development and fostering of Marxist communities within Lemilat, but it should be remembered that it is not a Marxist Leninist body, so we ask all those who wish to participate to maintain decorum in the face of the multiplicity of individuals who may participate here. Without further ado, welcome! https://lemilat.ml/

Instancia latinoamericana / Instância latino-americana
Español: Hola gente, quería informarles que junto con varios compañeros latinoamericanos nos postulamos para el [proyecto](https://join-lemmy.org/news/2022-03-17_-_Free_Lemmy_instance_hosting) que los desarrolladores de Lemmy hicieron hace unos meses sobre el josteo de una instancia gratuita por un año y para el cual fuimos elegidos. Si leen las bases para participar en este, podrán ver que la instancia no tiene que tomar ninguna posición política definida y tiene que tratarse de una de uso general. Tomamos la decisión de formar un espacio donde la comunidad latinoamericana pueda formar lazos e intercambiar ideas en un lugar que respete su privacidad lejos de los monopolios estadounidenses. Como bien saben muchos de los que formamos parte del proyecto tenemos ideologías anticapitalistas y apoyamos la revolución proletaria alrededor de todo el mundo. De esta manera también apoyamos y permitimos el desarrollo y fomento de comunidades marxistas dentro de Lemilat, pero cabe recordar que no es una instancia marxista leninista, por lo que pedimos a todos aquellos que deseen participar que mantenga el decoro frente a la multipluralidad de individuos que puedan llegar a participar aquí dentro. Sin mas preámbulos, ¡bienvenidos! https://lemilat.ml/ ---- Protuguês: Olá pessoal, gostaria de informar que, juntamente com vários colegas latino-americanos, nos inscrevemos no [projeto](https://join-lemmy.org/news/2022-03-17_-_Free_Lemmy_instance_hosting) que os desenvolvedores do Lemmy fizeram há alguns meses sobre a hospedagem de uma instância gratuita durante um ano e para a qual fomos escolhidos. Se você ler as regras para participar deste projeto, você verá que a instância não tem que tomar nenhuma posição política definida e que tem que ser de uso geral. Tomamos a decisão de formar um espaço onde a comunidade latino-americana possa formar laços e trocar idéias em um lugar que respeite sua privacidade, longe dos monopólios americanos. Como muitos de nós que fazemos parte do projeto sabemos, temos ideologias anti-capitalistas e apoiamos a revolução proletária em todo o mundo. Desta forma, também apoiamos e permitimos o desenvolvimento e fomento de comunidades marxistas dentro de Lemilat, mas deve-se lembrar que não se trata de um corpo leninista marxista, por isso pedimos a todos aqueles que desejam participar que mantenham o decoro diante da multiplicidade de indivíduos que podem participar aqui. Sem mais delongas, bem-vindo! https://lemilat.ml/

I don't feel TOS is the representation of a communist society
What are your thoughts on this? I've read Roddenberry was a Maoist and that all in all it does look what society could achieve with socialism and so on, but there are mentions within the series of money still existing and so on, of black markets and so on. I know I could simply ignore the small details and it does perfectly describe in a superficial way how it would be, but in a way it doesn't look like. Does this change in the following series or there are some glimpses of capitalism here? I assume the last series is pretty shitty in that regard, but maybe TNG is not.