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@tracyspcy i myself am partial to blueberries, but i’d say people in general like tomatoes the most. they’re everywhere and they’re useful in a lot of recipes

@MerchantsOfMisery there’s the obvious one. Peertube, the Fediverse’s answer to Youtube


What would be a good system? A system that can realistically be implemented as of today.

no system can be realistically implemented, thanks to the power of the copyright lobby, but if they weren’t so powerful, i’d like to see automatic copyright replaced with automatic CC BY-SA. it ensures that artists have to be credited for their work, while allowing a lot more freedom of culture. if copyright had to still exist, i’d like to see it be something that an artist/publisher would have to apply for. it would only be valid for one year, and you can apply for copyright restrictions a maximum of 20 times


Are you ready as a professional musician to accept people monetising your work without your knowledge, consent and without you getting anything?

it’s going to happen anyway. the internet has made information slippery and difficult to control, and people are going to do that whether you like it or not. and that’s kind of the beauty of the internet, the ease of remixing things nowadays has brought about a cultural renaissance. copyright is failing anyway, might as well speed it along and keep up with the times as a creator


Copyright started when French composers noticed people were using their music and they didn’t get anything from it.

i don’t know where you got that information from. according to University of Georgia School of Law professor L. Ray Patterson’s “Copyright and ‘the Exclusive Right’ of Authors” (link), the first copyright law was the Charter of the Stationers’ Company, created in 1556. it granted the Stationers’ Company the power to seize and burn presses and books, thus implementing a powerful tool for the government to censor subversive literature. the first copyright law was not about credit or getting paid, it was an authoritarian crackdown on literature

@tristan ah, the founder of the friendliest and most constructive social media site is taking on a complex and multifaceted problem that even the best engineers are having trouble solving! this is totally going to go over well

@erpicht i thought i made it clear that theft doesn’t exist in art?

@erpicht i wasn’t looking at the legal component of sampling. copyright law is immoral and we’d all be better off without it

@tomasz it’s inaccurate to say that copying a digital file is theft. they’re not physical objects, which are finite and difficult to copy accurately. digital files are infinitely replicable, and someone copying your file doesn’t mean that you can’t use it. copying is positive-sum, unlike theft.

a better question to ask is “is sampling music wrong?”

it’s troubling to me to see building off of another’s work framed as a moral issue. all culture, all creativity is based on copying elements of each other’s work. creators call it being inspired by someone.

i see no negative effects of sampling music, as long as it’s credited adequately. it brings attention to the song you sampled, and everyone wins. as long as you give credit where credit is due, it is morally unproblematic to sample music

@AgreeableLandscape @JoeBidet there is no way to take anything down without forking the blockchain. i think that every blockchain is illegal in some way

@poVoq subscribes to every single community on there

@dessalines the premise of Forest is your study sessions will become trees in a forest. if you’re diligent, the tree will be big and healthy. but if you get distracted, the tree will die

@dessalines the difference would be that it keeps a history of your study sessions and it might have some sort of study together feature too

@obbeel (also, it has Nvidia drivers preinstalled!)

@obbeel my daily driver is Pop OS and i’ve had no complaints whatsoever with it. it has a custom GNOME setup which adds some extensions for usability, adding desktop icons and a dock among some miscellaneous usability tweaks, but its best feature is Pop Shell, an extension that adds i3-like tiling. it’s entirely controllable with the keyboard or the mouse, and it has the ability to create tabbed windows too, which is really nice. it’s developed by System76, an indie computer company that genuinely puts a lot of care into their products, whether it’s hardware or software

@libre_warrior what would you define as a proper funding model?

@ericbuijs oh ew he’s deadnaming Danielle

@Yujiri that’s true. i’m wary of Matrix and its rapid growth because i’m afraid it’ll end up bloated and impractical much like the Web itself

@Yujiri not quite. it uses Matrix’s identity and signaling systems, and when P2P Matrix gets finalized it’ll be a peer-to-peer video calling application as well. it could easily integrate with Jitsi though, a bridge wouldn’t be terribly difficult to implement