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Probably doesn't exactly fit the definition of 'whole food' exactly, but still an interesting way people are consuming plants.

Yep. FIA needs to mandate some safety standard to force teams to do whatever they need to do to stop the oscillation, even if it means losing pace.

Red Bull looking strong here. So it’ll probably be a Verstappen retirement and Ferrari win 😂

@Shishimaru, what do you use instead?

(The article notes that Firefox is going to continue to support a wide ranger of ad-blocking, while Chrome is not.)

I agree, in that whether of not it’s successful or even if it’s just another corp grabbing for money/data/whatever, it will be an iteration of the decentralised web concept taking hold in the imagination of those who can define the web into the future.

It strikes me as just a cash grab meant to boost the image of Bitcoin

It wouldn’t surprise me if you were proven right on that. Still, it’s a positive sign when a ‘mainstream voice’ can talks in terms of decentralised platforms. It’s a part of the overall evolution of the web. I guess we’ll wait and see if anything good comes of it.

These guys like Dorsey, Zuckerberg, etc. always have these neoliberal delusions

You might be right. I’m happy to give them the benefit of the doubt, at least to start with. It is possible they have learnt and changed over time. I guess we’ll see how Dorsey plays this one.

this is totally going to go over well

Yeah, could be a disaster! 😂

As much as I’d like my team to be able to spend enough to win, I have to agree with Steiner on this. Brundle’s saying, “The throttle pedal goes both ways” applies here. Teams can stop developing, they don’t have to keep going. The whole point of the budget cap is to limit spending, and it looks like it’s working!

Latifi not continuing has to also be a possibility. And I know the current F2 grid isn’t amazing, but by the end of the season there may be an F2 Champion to take into consideration.

I loved Volume 1, and I’ve watched a few episodes of Volume 2. This post has inspired me to watch the rest.

Must have been deflating for AM after bringing the upgrades. Hope they can tweak them and improve next round.

A great illustration of Mercedes’ hybrid era dominance!

In this case both provide electricity to the network, and in that sense it would be a replacement. But it’s not a one for one replacement as the batteries will need to be charged from some source, I would assume they aim to do that from the growing renewable generation.