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I have an old gmail that I can’t quite get rid of yet, one company address for one of my jobs and one disroot that I use for everything else. I just added 3 accounts in Claws Mail and it gives a pretty good UX

What a nonsensical comparison

They aren’t even made of ham ffs

This is a great effort! There’s just one thing that I think you really should correct/clarify, In the chapter on firefox:

The browser is free and open source, highly customisable, blocks cookies & trackers

Firefox doesn’t “block cookies”. The default settings block “cross-site tracking cookies” and “cross-site cookies in private windows”, while the “Strict” setting blocks “Cross-site cookies in all windows”. Cookies themselves are not a privacy concern (and blocking them would break a huge proportion of websites)

the reality is a lot of the audience this person is likely trying to reach already has discord installed

People interested in a complete outsider OS are using discord?

My guess is the people interested in this type of project are the ones using IRC and email for everything.

Uh… what?

So I understand the type signature she’s asking for is Iter<Result<T, E>> -> Result<Iter<T>, Iter<E>>

This suggestion could really use some use case examples. It sounds sufficiently obscure to me that I wouldn’t complain about having to write my own a function for this

Also, where does the name evert come from?

you can easily configure a Linux system to be like this

Best way to give away clothes in Charlotte, NC

I have a lot of clothes I wanna give away with as little hassle as possible, just want to drop them off and be done with it, I don’t care about getting any money for it, don’t own a car so it has to be very close, and I want to avoid charities with bad reputations…

Vent about anti-libertarian bullshit

I’m sick of the anti-libertarian bulllshit around these parts. I swear everyone who dislikes libertarianism has no fucking clue what libertarianism even is, they just use the word “libertarian” as a wildcard for “someone I don’t like”. …

I sympathize with his pain, but some of the solutions he mentions are very bad and unnecessary. The proper solution is to simply stop treating the issue tracker as a todo list for the maintainer; treat it as a todo list for the community. Automatically closing issues is harmful: https://drewdevault.com/2021/10/26/stalebot.html

Sorry, just rereading this thread and realized you never recommended Signal so you are right

This is the first time where I actually agree with the authoritarian

He shut down LibreSignal: https://github.com/LibreSignal/LibreSignal/issues/37#issuecomment-217211165

While the Signal software itself is free software, my understanding is he trademarked the name Signal so you can’t fork it without rebranding it (similar to what Mozilla does with Firefox and Rust), and if you rebrand he forbids you from using the OWS servers.

I’m confused about this. Are these surviving because Moxie didn’t know about them, or because he changed his stance on alt clients?

I would hope it helps keep out the authoritarians, just like how Lemmy’s slur filter helps keep out the conservatives

That article they link under “badness enumeration” is hilariously bad. I felt compelled to write a rebuttal.

I doubt there is a way to use debit or credit cards while limiting the amount of information about your life your bank can see. I am in the same camp though, using a debt card for almost everything (and even shopping online) for convenience even though I know it sacrifices privacy.

Recruiter scheduled a call and didn't show up after 30 minutes

This guy from Piper Companies wanted to interview me at 13:00 but he didn’t show up at 13:04 so I emailed him to ask if he needed to cancel and he said he was just finishing a previous call and he’d be on in “one or two minutes”. As 5, then 10, then 15 more minutes passed I began to consider emailin…

"100% satisfaction or your money back!"

A lot of food products in the US say this. I’m curious if anyone has ever tried to get a refund for a product that wasn’t defective or spoiled or anything, but merely <100% satisfying?..

How does wf-recorder work without root?

I was told that one of the core benefits of Wayland is that it prevents applications from snooping each other, such as by recording the contents of windows that don’t belong to them or logging keystrokes that don’t belong to them. But the program wf-recorder

Am making a P2P messaging protocol and hope for protocol review

It’s not finished or anything, but I want potential vulnerabilities brought to my attention as soon as possible…

Mouse not working

Update: I eventually got it to work by unloading some Logitech-specific kernel modules as suggested by someone on Gitlab. …


This one limitation of preformatted text really annoys me

Most criticism of Gemini or Gemtext I read seems to boil down to “I oppose Gemini’s entire concept, there is no revision of it that would satisfy me without fundamentally abandoning what it is”. But one qualm I had about Gemtext isn’t like this; it is easily addressable, and although obscure, really…

I’m aware that Session has been discussed twice before on this community, but the last thread was 6 months old so excuse my starting a new one. …


rustfmt is too verbose!

This has been a major frustration of mine ever since I discovered the tool, and while I’ve thus far been willing to swallow my disgust for its preferences in favor of the benefits of an autoformatter, moments like this shake my faith. This is what rustfmt wants to do: …