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I expect that eventually they’ll get rid of the original design since it’s a maintenance cost

Good, just wait for lemmy’s federation support and then they’ll be signing their own gravestone 😆
People have been itching to leave reddit since redesign now.

old.reddit which is still perfectly functional has better UX and is JS free.

I hate to break the circlejerk but Reddit is still better than Lemmy in many ways, often Lemmy is a disappointing step backwards. Reddit is:

  • Better UX and web-design. The content looks much nicer and more pleasant to read and follow.
  • JS free.
  • Great mobile support. I’m using Boost and it’s brilliant browsing experience.
  • Indexable, means you can use search engine to search reddit rather than rely and hope sites search is working.
  • Bigger communities, you can find subreddit for almost every niche.
  • Better media support.
  • Porn, reddit is brilliant for exploring pornographic fetishes and I hope there’s a pornographic lemmy instance in the future.
  • Weirdly enough Reddit feels more free sometimes.
  • Huge enhancement community ranging from greasemonkey scripts to whole addon suites (e.g. RES)

The only negatives are:

  • Mainstream reddit propaganda and astroturfing, however if you avoid major subreddits and stick to niche forums as it was intended with the platform you’ll be fine.
  • Draconic administration that bans a bunch of perfectly fine subreddits, though this isntance of lemmy isn’t much better.
  • Hides down-voted comments and secret modlog (though there are 3rd party open modlogs out there).
  • 6 month archive kills a lot of long-term threads.

You might want to freshen up your political compass 😅

I think they meant strong auth-left community here on this instance, like /c/socialism maybe?

I think you’re way overthinking how much effort people are willing to go through for some obscure social network with 50 people on it.

Also it’s pretty easy to read history here on lemmy. Nothing is hidden and web pages load fast.

wow, not sure why are you being down-voted. I too came here from a hacker news thread though honestly it seems every reddit clone is destined to shitty moderation. If nobody wants you on heavily centrist reddit then it’s highly likely you’re an extremist of some sort.

On the bright side, at least low score comments aren’t hidden here and modlog is a brilliant idea though not a new one.

Forking a big project is really really hard. That’s main criticism of Bitcoin btw that the protocol is almost impossible to fork and it’s a very sensitive involved medium compared to something like typescript. For example if Microsoft would introduce unwanted minor feature even with community outrage forks would be very unlikely. Now add up many minor sneaky changes and suddenly you’re at the wheel!

I think there are subtle ways you can influence the environment just by being at the helm of the devspace (e.g. see google and chromium). So far both Typescript and Yarn are doing well though!

Does typescript have any sort of foundation or is microsoft basically in full control of it?

Weirdly enough Facebook’s open source project have good reputation. There was just a guy on lemmy who works at facebook but doesn’t use facebook itself at all and is a big open source contributor! :D
Somehow facebook is scooping up great engineers and give them enough freedom to release a bunch of stuff as open source software, it feels weird to praise facebook like this.

People seem to really love Elixir, I guess it’s just not popular enough to make the top.

Regarding Scala and Haskell a lot of people actually dislike them as well so I’m sure how far up they’d make it.

That was a great lesson, thanks for sharing!
Unfortunately the web-interpreter didn’t work on my Firefox and instead of drawing shapes I just got some numbers.

I’m not as optimistic as you are. To me it seems that Google will continue to push their control especially if you take a look at Fuchsia and Flutter. They really want to be Apple.

Not sure if this is the right place to ask the question but Pleroma can also use the same relays right?

This article is pretty absurd but I’ll give them points for the url


claim fraud in html

lol, that fraudulent imperialist html!

You should probably open an issue on github https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues

Seems like a bug.

why does it bother you? it has zero affect on anything.

Saw this on hackernews, there’s some good discussions there too: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24193278

And as always the fucking spaghetti that is NPM: https://www.theregister.com/2016/03/23/npm_left_pad_chaos/

TL;DR: NPM removed a package because of false trademark claim and broke fucking everything lol