By that I mean if you’ve changed in any way, whether that be you’re more sensitive to the plights of others, or you’ve learned to cook more since becoming vegan, etc. I imagine veganism sort of has a cascading effect on people and want to hear about the effects it’s had on some of y’all.


Made me cook more, since almost all easy to grab meals seem to be just vegetarian at best. And it made me care more about health, whole foods, taking vitamins and quitting alcohol. Also it made me care less about some human issues.


made me smarter

I think I went vegan because I was empathetic not the other way around.

It did make me stand up more for my opinions, though. I used to be an “to each their own” kinda person (except towards racists and stuff) but now I openly discuss opinions and behavior of friends and family that I don’t agree with and that is a good thing.

Also, going vegan made me more of an environmentalist. I became zerowaste as I realized how intertwined it is with veganism. That in turn made me cook all my food myself which made me really independent from capitalistic corporations. So I’d say veganism also made me more anti-capitalistic in my actions.

Realizing how easily my daily actions and consumerist decisions could protect animals’ rights also showed me how much power I had protecting human rights. I chose to only buy used clothing, buy fairtrade foods whenever I can and generally try to only buy unused products if they were ethically produced.

Tdlr: I stand up more for my opinions now, am more environmentalist and less capitalist / more anti-consumption


Would say it made me more empathetic. Having been through a militant atheist phase and mellowing out , I decided to be a laid back vegan. It has made me appreciate nature and life in general much more. I feel more connected to the living consciousness if there is such a thing.


made me morally superior to other people

also now i have B12 deficiency as well as vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z deficiency

also there’s literally zero iron and protein in my blood now


A bit, was like coming out of the closet in the POV given to opinions to other related topics and, at least, I could learn how to make basic cookies.

I also check directly at all ingredients in every product before buying, being or not in a specist slavery related industry.

In other cases, I am a bit more lazy (or I was always). I would like that the side of food was so easy like buying some kind of bag full of dog food:

  • made with no non-human involved
  • dedicated to humans
  • with a card with quantity recommended by size and activity for a day

Imagine that last thing at least or that I go to the supermarket and just buy the food in bulk.

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