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I know it has been posted a couple of times already...
...but I just wanted to tell you that... ...I'm vegan... btw

I think we might be a good fit ;)

I think I went vegan because I was empathetic not the other way around.

It did make me stand up more for my opinions, though. I used to be an “to each their own” kinda person (except towards racists and stuff) but now I openly discuss opinions and behavior of friends and family that I don’t agree with and that is a good thing.

Also, going vegan made me more of an environmentalist. I became zerowaste as I realized how intertwined it is with veganism. That in turn made me cook all my food myself which made me really independent from capitalistic corporations. So I’d say veganism also made me more anti-capitalistic in my actions.

Realizing how easily my daily actions and consumerist decisions could protect animals’ rights also showed me how much power I had protecting human rights. I chose to only buy used clothing, buy fairtrade foods whenever I can and generally try to only buy unused products if they were ethically produced.

Tdlr: I stand up more for my opinions now, am more environmentalist and less capitalist / more anti-consumption