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True, free software FTW!

Ok, I ended up buying a Wireless access point to connect to wifi and just plug in the ethernet, so it works on any os. Thanks!

Free software wifi adapter

Hi, I am looking for a usb and/or pcie adapter that will work with gnu/linux-libre & bsds out of the box. I found this, https://www.thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/penguin-wireless-n-usb-adapter-gnu-linux-tpe-n150usb. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Thanks!..


Yes, it is not allowed, although im not sure why it says spam protection though. I am rewriting the whole the in c though because it’s all kinda jank.

Is it still not working?

I made a chatroom in gemini

I made a chatroom in gemini, if you guys want to take a look. Any feedback in appreciated!..

Imagine using a terminal that spies on you.

The terminal.

Thanks everybody for the help, I’ll continue to look into it.

How practical is hosting my own email server at home?

I was wondering how practical it would be to run my own email server at home, I’ve set up servers before and know how to forward ports and such. Would it be possible to do it on an rpi 4 and do you guys have recommendations on any free software for setting up an email server. Thanks!..

Isn’t the linux foundation like trash, all the people there use mac or windows.

Thanks, using an ergonomic layout does feel more natural after getting used to it and not typing awkwardly. But it also takes learning, coming from a regular board to this was a big difference and I could only type at about 30 wpm at the beginning, I’m up to about 60 wpm now though.

Thanks, I took a look and it seems like there are a lot!

Interesting read!

Ungoogled chromium (dont know if its on windows), or just firefox (which is way better). Also don’t use edge, it’s terrible.

Edit: It is on windows, https://ungoogled-software.github.io/ungoogled-chromium-binaries/.

I haven’t read the article, but “smart” technologies are removed.

It has no license? They say its open source and you can create your own client but, I don’t see any license, which means they have all rights reserved and the code isn’t free.

Maybe I didnt look hard enough but it should be pretty clear what license it’s under. Seems kinda sketchy.

Edit: It seems some of the projects have a license, but not the server.

New conmunity: Unix!

I made a new community for discussion of unix, unix-like, and unix-based operating systems…