Is MINIX still used as OS?

I’ve thinking and, before Linux, MINIX was the best operating system for students, and it even helped Linus Torvalds for creating it. Is it still used for educational or commercial purposes? Could you give aniy example?..

This article is about how pipes are implemented the Unix kernel. I was a little disappointed that a recent article titled “How do Unix pipes work?” was not about the internals, and curious enough to go digging in some old sources to try to answer the question. …


UNIX source code

Is there any source code of the originl UNIX? If it is, why is anybody using it for giving life again the first Unix?..

Most UNIX, Unix-like

I want to know what you think is the most UNIX similar OS to the original UNIX, about the User Interface, the commands, the way the programs work, etc…

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