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between this and atoms the future for immutability is looking great

It may well be a political statement but it’s use in the game is to create an immersive atmosphere and people have pride flags in front of their businesses in the city irl so I don’t see why it’s so weird to have it placed in a game as well. It’s not like the game stops to tell you to donate to your local LGBT friendly politician.

I really hope not because playstation games on steam are great

I’ve started to realize that Minecraft could’ve gone in many different directions if it really wanted to. I’m glad some people have recreated some of these directions. Stuff like this is absolutely believe and i could see it being added back in the day.

This is what I think is so exciting about this project, it feels like the game notch had in mind for a while before he transformed the game into what became minecraft as we know it today.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/410671 > A mod that invisions an alternate timeline where minecraft never had the gamechanging beta 1.8 update

A mod that invisions an alternate timeline where minecraft never had the gamechanging beta 1.8 update

I believe you can use New Tab Override to set custom new tabs

You can but you would have trouble gaining activity since the biggest attractor for new users is activity and it it would be difficult to get that initial momentum with such strict posting guidelines. If you had an established userbase though it’s a great idea.

The only one I see linked often is tilvids.com. There may be more popular ones though.

That’s really good advice it helps me a lot

If this was to be a feature then it should be linked to the lemmy instance itself, lemmy communities shouldn’t auto create rooms on matrix.org. Also It wouldn’t make sense to add something like this unless lemmy had deeper matrix room integration even if it was barebones.

To add on to the other replies, GNOME is the simple and polished desktop experience for linux. KDE aims for features and maximum customizability with a modern desktop paradigm, XFCE aims for lightweight and classic desktop paradigms, and GNOME aims for a simple and fresh take on desktop paradigms with a focus on creating sensible defaults in place of customization.

GNOME is generally slow to adopt new features compared to KDE but when they do it’s more thought out and integrated, if that makes sense. It also has a more decisive path forward, it’s development team has a vision and actively works toward that vision despite what others might want which might be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you expect out of your desktop experience.

It’s design is a remnant of early 2010s desktop design where touchscreens and 2in1s were the future and everyone was racing to redesign their desktop to work with both but at this point it’s the only one that succeeded and got close to that end goal

yep especially KDE connect which is just about perfect for syncing files between devices

Hopefully in the future it becomes a more useful part of the game but yeah its a bit boring in minecraft at the moment

looks cool definitely going to check it out

The youtube algorithm strongly favors returning views, if you have a channel that has 3 different types of content you run the risk of having little overlap between viewers of each type. Youtube sees this and thinks you’re content isn’t good enough for most of your viewers to reliably be interested in your channel and you get lower recommendation rates and promotion in the algorithm.

So youtubers opt to have multiple channels for different types of content to they have a better returning viewer rates.

this monster didn’t deserve to be a reddit admin, let alone to have his pronouns respected

The fact that you think something as basic as using someone’s pronouns is a privilege that can be revoked on a whim is an extremely weird thing to say

I would love to use gog more but the fact that they don’t even have an official client pushes me away specially as valve/steam are pushing forward and investing even more into linux. I agree with gog’s philosophy more but steam’s service in undeniably better for linux-based end users.