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yeah jerboas are definitely the cuter animal too

More and more people posting low-effort, stupid short jokes that tend to gather lots of upvotes instead of giving an actual answer

I got really tired of this really fast. Reddit is full of overused “inside jokes” that were done to death nearly a decade ago

It’s a third party theme. Firefox uses GTK as it’s toolkit but almost all of the browser is styles through html/css, this theme replaces most of the browser with GTK styling instead.

I was really getting into the fediverse but I don’t like twitter/facebook style social media and lemmy came in at the perfect time

Darwin (unix/BSD) is open source […] and by law, they can’t close that source code

Darwin is open source to avoid having to open source other components to macOS while still adhering to various licenses for software it depends on for. If Apple could legally close source that part of the OS they would in a heartbeat, they’ve already gone out of their way to make it nearly impossible to use by (iirc) obfuscating the compiler forcing users to reverse engineer the compiling process for newer versions of darwin.

He’s like the embodiment of polcompmemes

I think it’s possible to host a lemmy instance over TOR, though I’m not sure if you could federate with clear net instances over Tor. There is also Lemmy Lite, which is a JS-less interface for lemmy instances. Their repo is a bit stale but in theory it should still work with modern versions of lemmy.

so what even is your point? At first it came off as a vegan-adjacent argument to make people think about the harm they cause in their day-to-day life but then you come out saying that “we should experience an insect torture to understand its insignificance & inevitability” and “a human life matters and an insect life doesn’t”. Are you trying to justify some sort of insect directed sadism? Or is this an argument for misanthropy?

no and also wtf are you even trying to prove in this thread

this sounds like a great idea, invite the big tech corporations who make almost all their profit off of closed source software to discuss the security of open source software with the US government

It’s in a long term transition. The end goal is communism, but as it is china is in a capitalist global economy which makes any transition to communism at best unsustainable and at worst straight up impossible. Over the last half century china has opened itself up for the most powerful countries in the world to transfer their industry to them, and in the process has created a relationship that makes attacking china much harder than previous communist states like the soviet union. Unfortunately that means that the workers’ situation was pretty rough for a long time but they have been improving that too recently, it it likely wouldn’t have been much better under a fully capitalist country either.

I think the owner has a lemmy backup and a hexbear backup so hopefully the community will be able to survive a ban

I mean when the same place sells that exact burger but without the single ingredient you don’t like it would make more sense to get that instead

I’m not really sure why you’d choose to run ubuntu if you’re going to go this far to avoid using one of it’s core products.

and if this goes the same way the last 2 or 3 internet strikes inevitably did, its going to cause even more confusion and more people are going to end up thinking strikes don’t work. This is either a foolish trend or some sort of op. Trying to release the frustration in communities like /r/antiwork in ways that don’t result in actual organization and instead focuses on small disorganized and punishable outbursts.

SteamDeck Linux Wiki project

This project aims to create an easy to understand wiki for steam deck user’s first introduction to the linux desktop…