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Eleven reasons to switch from Windows to Linux

I had some loading issues while posting it, I hope the post landed in the Linux Guild. …

I fully agree with your points, one should also not forget that even Windows drivers are not perfect. They can cause problems and even sometimes security vulnerabilities.

I think most of the points on mentioned website are fixable, however I would love to see more providers open sourcing their driver code to easier inspect and fix possible driver issue.

UX and UI wise, I think basically every OS is customizable. I am not sure if that is a valid argument, even on closed source operating systems there are a bunch of tools to change that.

Reasons to consider NOT switching to Linux

My intention linking this is not to provoke someone or hurt feelings, moreover to show what we as community or maintainer need to fix. …

  • How do you know they are criminals if you not already broke the encryption to gather evidence…
  • This is not about criminals, it is about the question if Internet should be a - room - without laws and total anarchy and anonymity.
  • There is no answer to this question because no one solved this problem, solving this would maybe require introducing a total police state, since you need more police on the streets to gather hard evidence to come to a conclusion if someone is a criminal or not in the first place.
  • Abusing the encryption system is widely-known in the malware and pedo scene and those are the first together with alt-right people hiding behind this.

To somewhat give my opinion on this…

  • Breaking or backdoor-ing encryption is not the answer, you even then need surveillance and even then we have a justice system which everyone should obey.
  • The internet should not be a virtual room without laws.
  • Do I have a solution, … nope, same like most people this is something which always will one way or another break something… our privacy … Our anonymity or our encryption system, it depends on what we are willingly to trade for more security. It is giving up something to gain something in return on the other side, at least that would be the concept, which I am not a fan of.

You actually can learn from the code and build tools, strategies or protections into Linux or the Linux Kernel.

You do not need to be evil using it, if you want to check on your kids or so you can use it. If you should use it at all is a question everyone should decide for themselves.

I think it was build as a demonstration that Linux is not unbeatable, while Windows clearly has a logging issue which is known because their keyboard API and clipboard API are not designed to be secure.

This plays less to no role at all because LOS collects data, so or so


Certain information (e.g. a device unique anonymized ID, device model, etc.) is transmitted to us solely for the purpose of measuring non-personally identifiable installation metrics. Unless otherwise stated below, this information is not used for any other purpose.

1 - Information we store from the device
The unique anonymous ID of the device (this ID changes upon device factory reset)
The device model
The version(s) of our software installed on the device
The country from which the device registered
The wireless carrier(s) to which the device is actively registered”

There are also connections every OS does without any modification e.g. capital portal login which triggers several things.

That said every OS fails to provide a real opt-n and opt-out. There is no arguing about that. Using other frameworks also does not prevent data collection without the user based toggles. What they do is to remove those connections but this not solve the problem, it breaks lots of apps, so those things are workarounds but not solutions.

Do we have a FreeBSD community … Dunno. If so point me there and I remove my post and post it into the correct guild.

I mainly posted it in here because it might influence some Linux based Distros + because I am not aware of any active FreeBSD guilds here on Lemmy.

Meme answer

  • Pinocchio

Serious answer

  • Bible … I mean … The Exorcist from 1970.


  • Lawrence of Arabia

Tv Series

  • Legion

Arm and Google Titan Chips are proven to be more secure, this is correct.

Was digging a bit, seems they pulled it because it was or is not yet ready for the Pixel 6. However, the leak confirms that we see at least the Beta in Dec. 2021.

Not even in its final form!

They do not sell Jitsi as their own product, stop making things up. The entire code is different.

I suggest that you can use Tor Browser with a proxy or so-called vpn extension. It would be a workaround. But there is nothing you can do because the moment they find out you use Tor they are legally allowed to remove you because they clearly say they do not want such users.

You need to enable Rewards to use that feature, so I assume they get BAT.

This is a good thing because it helps Jitsi because Brave has to pay 8x8, the company that finances the development of Jitsi, for the service provided.

Down voted without any comment or explanation, get the hell out of my guild fanboy.

No, dunno why my comment got deleted, but there is a known issue with zfs which leads into data corruption. Wait until this is fixed, it is a pretty big issue.