I barely know how to use a computer (windows). I found out about this bunch of degenerates (Mujicans) by being banned from r/mexico.

What got you into programming?

As a teen I tried to learn game programming with CoolBasic that is a 2D game engine made by Jukka Lavonen. For some time I was interested but by the time I got into the engine’s object-oriented aspects, everything past that point went over my head.

Later in university I learned the basics of Python and Java. I still considered programming hard and boring, and didn’t think of wanting to work as a software developer. Everything is hard in the beginning. Then I realized that working on my own programming projects and learning programming actively could be a good way for getting a job, so then I really got into programming. Thanks to that, I have worked as a software developer in a couple of companies.

I wanted to bot on Runescape

Now I make bank

It all started with my Texas Instruments graphing calculator that we needed to buy for school. When I realized it was exactly the same way to make your own games, I learned ActionScript 2.0 to make early Adobe Flash interactive thingies. Then I wanted to make computers do “real” things, beyond the sandbox that is a Flash program. That’s when I picked up Bash, and then Ruby, and then C… eventually you can fast forward to today, where I make a living as a build engineer working on the code for speakers and headphones!


Linux. It started with bash scripts, and then I wanted to branch out, then I started learning HTML, Javascript, CSS, and Ruby because of Jeckyl.

Went to a coding bootcamp a couple of years after college because a bachelor’s in chemistry doesn’t pay well at all.


Minecraft got me interested, a coding club at school gave me the resources to learn


HyperTalk in HyperCard on what I think was a Macintosh LC. It came with a little book of functions. I used the functions to do some scripting, but I had no idea what I was doing because I had no one to teach me. I don’t even think I knew how to do loops. I think

Later, I picked up TI calculator programming. I automated a few simple formulas that I tired of.

In high school, I learned PHP as my first real programming language. I used it to make web sites for a club where we had paying customers. Sure I didn’t know what I was doing half the time, but I managed to produce some good stuff. My crowning achievement was the registration site for a local competition. From there I got into Python (big improvement).


I wanted to start making Minecraft mods as a kid, then I bought a book on JavaScript, thinking it was the same thing as Java and got bitten by web dev

I am a nerd so it was natural for me to end up here


It started with hacking the Sony PSP, got into Homebrew and I guess being able to customize Hardware via Software was the initial spark for me to get into programming. Linux was probably also a contributor to this (my father, who is nowadays using windows again, tried it years back, but I got hooked)


I wanted to make video games. I do all sorts of things with code now… maybe someday I’ll even make a video game.


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