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Yeah, this isn’t that hard. Or maybe it is for someone like Biden who accepts “donations” from corporations.

There is a chain of indoor ranges called Range USA that I usually go to. It’s very corporate so nobody gets too political there. I haven’t been to any other indoor ranges in a while. There are also very nice outdoor ranges that are ran by the state dept. of natural resources which I enjoy going to when they’re open spring - fall. I haven’t seen anything toxic there and everyone is very safe.

For those of you not in the loop: there's a Cleveland personal injury lawyer who's billboards usually say "Misny makes them pay".

Can we have government-subsidized healthcare? No that’s socialism How about $500 billion to defense contractors? Sure lol

I can’t believe most americans think this is acceptable

ActivityPub question
Someone on Mastodon was saying that if you boost someone's post and are federated with a server that the OP has defederated, that people on the defederated instance can now see the post since someone in their federation boosted it. This doesn't sound right, at least because of the way Lemmy works. I though that the post would be hidden from anyone on the defederated instance because it originated from an instance that blocked it. Anybody know how this would work?

New rule about gun safety
The five rules of firearms safety: 1) Treat all firearms as if they are loaded 2) Never point a gun at anything you don't want to kill or destroy 3) Be aware of your target and what is around and behind it 4) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire 5) Elon Musk is a fragile white man who spent 44 billion dollars because he didn't like rude tweets

Saw it on Mastodon, thought I'd share it here.

Question for mods/admins of any instance
Do brand new users that sign up to your instance start using it right away after approval? I've approved a pretty decent amount of new accounts over the months and a lot of them have never posted or commented. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

That’s odd. Are you on mobile? Also, it would fit best in !lemmy_support@lemmy.ml

Midwest.social is experiencing some issues
Please bear with us as I troubleshoot this server. Lots of duplicate processes running for reasons I don't yet understand.

It’s amazing how easily even large media companies get information incorrect.

Yeah, I get it. I feel like it’s a kind of important point in history for us fedizens though because a direct byproduct of him screwing twitter up is introducing all the non-fedizens to migrate to a FOSS alternative. And now that I’m following people on mastodon I gotta say it’s super entertaining.

I created a mastodon instance for lefty gun owners
cross-posted from: https://midwest.social/post/331602 > The instance is at undernopretext.social. I had been sitting on that domain for a while and since Mastodon is blowing up I decided to set up an instance using it. You can follow me at @seahorse@undernopretext.social.

I created a mastodon instance for lefty gun owners
The instance is at undernopretext.social. I had been sitting on that domain for a while and since Mastodon is blowing up I decided to set up an instance using it. You can follow me at @seahorse@undernopretext.social.

Can anybody point me in the right direction on why postgres would take this much CPU sometimes?
I noticed my Lemmy server's CPU sometimes spikes for unknown reasons. Here are some screenshots of the usage. It seems to be a postgres SELECT process and some parallel worker processes causing this. ![](https://midwest.social/pictrs/image/bb192745-b6ba-4ad4-8bf5-fecc798163f7.png) ![](https://midwest.social/pictrs/image/8fd03bf4-3602-429d-8f18-41060b24e4b2.png)

He’s gonna start combining ideas: “Let’s take all the verified people, and dig a big tunnel, and put them in the tunnel, and…”

Yeah, I saw that right as I was about to search for something lol. Damn. I guess it was possible for trolls to find victims.

You should also be aware of heapoverflow.ml for programming questions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look terribly active at the moment.

For hosting it? I’m sure Linode would be sufficient.

I don’t think anyone would have a problem with it as long as you post in a related community.

I think I found out what was happening. I was trying to fetch posts that had federated from a different Lemmy instance to my lemmy instance and then I was searching using that post URL instead of the original URL. It was this one https://midwest.social/post/326295.

I guess the post has to have originated from the instance that I’m searching with or it won’t return anything.