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It would be cool if someone took care of some powerful conservatives. You know, bring them some soup.

Training models is very expensive due to the resources required and the need to hire qualified experts to work on it, which is why only large IT companies can afford regular access to this technology. If researchers can’t get access to these models then growth of research could wane, so Yandex is open sourcing their model which is now the largest ever one that is open sourced.

Cool. I have one set up but my TV isn’t “smart” like that

Would pihole actually be able to block these?

Road kill. Dead bugs curl their feet more.

Let them secede, they’ll outright ban taxes because “libertarians” and then won’t have any money to do anything.

Unfortunately, there’s also a record number of far right nutters running for Congress as well as other positions.

Depends where you live. For now I’d focus on learning the laws of the state you live in and any state that you travel to often.

It doesn’t need to be a real product because it’s already in the food to begin with.

“Why yes, I do like to eat the McDonald’s just like the other humans”

I remember someone mentioned that there was an issue with Lemmy and Safari. I believe a fix was pushed but I don’t know why that fix wouldn’t be applied to lemmy.ml. The UI version should be 0.16.5.

Then they squirm around and out of your grasp. You suddenly notice that you’re bleeding.

Unless you’re subscribed to people who never talk politics and don’t fight with others I could see Twitter being acceptable. The last time I went on Twitter I saw the pure sewage that was spewing from everyone, audibly groaned, and then closed the browser.

I don't understand how people can spend more than 10 seconds scrolling through facebook without getting angry and closing the tab
I recently joined a local neighborhood group page on fb, and after that I decided to scroll through my feed of friends' activity. It was the worst user experience I've had on social media in a while and I used to use the official reddit app for two years until recently switching to Infinity. They make promoted and "suggested" content look like the actual content by people on your friends list so I have to constantly check where the content was coming from. There's no way to turn off the suggestions either.

Collapse OS — Bootstrap post-collapse technology
This has been posted before but in case you haven't heard of it, then here it is.

Socialist organizations to check out in my local area (USA)?
What is the best way to discover socialist organizations in my local area in the US? After looking around the only active group seems to be a DSA chapter. I don't have anything against them, but I thought there would be more of other active groups as well.