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  • Penguin Island, by Anatole France : A parody of the history of western civilization.
  • Ten Days That Shook The World, by John Reed : First hand account of the Bolshevik Revolution.
  • Dracula, by Bram Stoker
  • Lauren Ipsum, by Carlos Bueno : Children’s book about logic and computers.

Helpu, COVID donis al mi Esperanton.

I’ve been having trouble, i welcome this.

Interesting, i had thought that globalization and internationalism (as with marxism) were distinct. How should i properly identify this liberal kind of globalization which seeks to create a system of international dependance and control for maintaining an global imperial hierarchy? What could you recommend for reading on globalization and internationalism in relation to this liberal form? So that i might have a better understanding.

I had some trouble adopting Searx, but once I found out about Searxng I was able to handle that. A little bit of presentation made the difference.

Yes. Is that arched building in the top photo an actually existing building?

Hadn’t heard of them before, looks good, gonna check it out. Thanks!

There does need to be some level of interpretation, though.

I don’t necessarily disagree with you, however…

For instance, white supremacists love to cite black crime statistics.

Because the interpretation they give those statistics justifies their ideology. (As you know)

What is important is to make clear the interrelation of facts, and not to merely present obtuse statistics. One might call this interpretation, and i won’t argue semantics. Once the interrelation of things is known on a factual basis, the range of seemingly valid interpretations narrows considerably, increasing the likelihood that an individual can make meaningful judgements on a given topic. This degree of information ofc takes time, but given how much time I’ve seen ideologues babble nonsense and call it news, i’d actually be inclined to say time isn’t the issue.

“Truth” is an idea, something subject to interpretation by way of ideology, which seems to me one of the big problems in journalism today (and in the world at large). Facts are more objective, and i think that any good consumer of the news will not rely exclusively on the interpretations of facts (and sometimes not even facts) by others for forming their own awareness.

Even the private sector has to meet planning targets set by the Congress.

Could you elaborate on this please? I thought i heard a while ago that they had declared completing the transition from a command economy to a socialist free-market.

Recently my dentist advised i get some special high floride toothpaste ($25 for 2 tubes from the dental office), which i am supposed to use once a day and leave on my teeth (spitting out the excess) instead of rinsing. I’m told the floride will be absorbed into the outer layer of my teeth, making it more resistant to bacteria. Maybe you could look into something like that.

I saw someone say something similar elsewhere in the fediverse the other day, i will give you the same response: The West is not the World.

Your corner of the world might be getting worse (or more openly bad), but I don’t think the world as a whole is becoming more fascist; just the west and it’s satellites.

they feel that the happiness and freedom of one person isn’t very important.

Yes exactly.

I’m already noticing chinese open software cropping up in my searches, software which only crudely supports english if at all.

What i want to see is this start to effect the demographic and the ideology of the foss movement.

Assuming you live in the US, have you observed the gun laws lately?

In my (likely limited) experience, most conspiracy theories are either harmless to the status* quo, or actively reenforce it. *typo

A friend of mine was very concerned about this claim, so i dug around a while ago. The best i could do was an auto translated memo from the government to the broadcast administration, seemed to suggest that they didn’t want unrealistic portrayals of homosexuality. Thats all the more i know.

It took me way too long to get this.