I tinker at making video games and read a lot of philosophy books.

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Certainly. Just don’t forget that any trial which omits the testimony of the suspect is a trial with a foregone conclusion.

Happy reading.


You could simply get it from the horse’s mouth, china released a white paper on the situation there a while ago.

Lineage is the only rom I use, I don’t know that there is any particular reason for this. The first place I’d look for a phone is to OnePlus, I’ve tried a few different brands over the years, and OnePlus has been the best overall experience I’ve had so far.

As someone who just switched from a Lineage OS Galaxy S5, I couldn’t possibly recommend it myself. It hasn’t aged well, including, importantly, in terms of battery life. I just switched to Oneplus 5t, which does much better in terms of battery life and supports a whole range of cellular bands that the S5 simply doesn’t have, resulting in better signals. They’re available on eBay now for little more than $100.

I just recently migrated from Kubuntu to Nix OS. While I still don’t have a full understanding of what I’m doing, I’m having a positive experience overall and have no regrets.

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Would you deny white genocide? You should. The reasoned denial of a supposed genocide is not equivalent to the ideological denial (or fabrication) of the same. Holocaust denial is not the same as scepticism of the genocide which is supposed to be taking place in Xinjiang. To equate any genocide with the Holocaust is an ideological tool used to avoid analysis of the subject.

Automation through scripting? I can see how that could be useful, maybe I should give it another try, or see if Skrooge has that and I’m just overlooking it.

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I can’t comment on #2, but in so far as #1 goes I would say that if your looking for something ‘modern’, Xfce would be a waste of time. I love Xfce, I was a long time user, it does some things I like really well, for instance Thunar can be programmed with terminal commands for it’s right click menu from within it’s preferences, which is something I miss to this day. However ‘modern’ is not a word I would use to describe it… Xfce is effectively just the best of the desktop experience from a decade or two ago (which is not bad were that what you wanted).

I wanted something modern too, which eventually landed me on KDE. In terms of modern features for me nothing else approaches KDE Connect (even though I can’t reliably transfer files with it without them becoming corrupt), though you can use that in other DEs I’m told. KDE’s complexity is from is customizability (which is a bit too much). I would argue that if you can get it set up the way you want it, most of that complexity can be safely ignored.

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Hello from KDE land. I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to using these things, but I see people mentioning GNU Cash, so I’ll just throw in that Skrooge is the only one of these kinds of programs I’ve ever been able to figure out how to even use. Though that might just be some peculiarity regarding me personally.

Affordable fiberoptic internet in a rural town.

Is there even a way to get ff to recognize a searx instance as a search engine for the search bar? I couldn’t figure it out, so I just set one as a home page.