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Ugh, yeah. I roll my eyes reflexively when someone advocates for a “civil debate” about this sort of thing.

One could ask the same question for nearly any other genre. There’s very, very few examples I can think of in general…

  • metal -> metalhead
  • jazz -> Idk, a “cat” I guess?
  • industrial -> goth, kinda, but not really
  • ???

Or, maybe I just never think about these sorts of things because I listen to a wide variety of music, heh.

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I’d say it’s worth it! My DAW of choice is Logic Pro X on my Mac, but I’ve always been meaning to get good with Ardour. Zrythm also looks promising https://www.zrythm.org/en/index.html

Wow, it turns out I have encountered Xenia, like, exactly once before, somehow. She seems familiar, can’t remember why. But that is very very cool

The peformance improvements on Mac are appealing to me!

I swear that the Lockpicking Lawyer on YouTube has talked about rekeying Kwiksets before. At the very least, he frequently will gut a lock open and show what’s inside and how it all works. And his explanations are super clear, too. Long story short: he might not have precisely what you’re looking for, but I’ve learned so much about locks in general from him, a great resource.

This article was basically 2 articles in one. Part 1 was about film criticism on the internet, and it transitions very awkwardly into Part 2, which is about … online discourse in general, and how it relates to democratic ideals? Seemed a little forced. I guess that can’t be helped, though, because of what Dissent Magazine is all about.

Nevertheless, there was one moment which resonated with me:

Critics condescended to The King’s Speech, calling it “a crowd pleaser” despite the fact that movies that win Oscars, as this one did, are now part of the niche market, no longer expected to attract the big audiences. A few weeks after it won, it was released on DVD, reduced to background noise in the big box media stores.

I have certainly felt this way. I’m glad I’m finally able to put it into words.

Edited to add: my response to the blockquote

Alright, I guess I am just confused by the “Join a public pod” and “Add or remove your pod from this list” verbiage that’s written on https://funkwhale.audio/

Edited to add: Uh, let’s make sure we’re on the same page – I wasn’t talking about podcasts. I was talking about Funkwhale instances, which are called “pods.”

List of pods?

Is there supposed to be a list of publicly available pods on https://funkwhale.audio/ ? The list seems empty. The only list of Funkwhale pods I’ve ever seen is on the dashboard https://network.funkwhale.audio/dashboards