For me, trying to respect boundaries tires me out more. idk why.

I struggled to respect boundaries as a child and early teenager. I think I still struggle to respect boundaries; but I am uncertain because I haven’t talked to an acquaintance in 7 months.

As a child and early teenager; I constantly hit on my female friends. (I don’t know why.)

  • I keep looking at people’s feet and it tires me. I don’t know if I developed a foot fetish; or it’s just a habitual behavior that I developed because I hate eye contact.

I know that ignoring boundaries can cause health problems long term.

My reasoning for this behavior:

  • I do get pressured by my parent to go to the store with them because, to me, they’re ~40 and may struggle to transport groceries.

  • After 8 years age, I used to be pressured to go to church; but that stopped when I became a teenager.

  • I only hungout with a friend at home once. Usually I only have acquaintances. Maybe I have less experience with friendship.

I think I feel pressured to go along with everything.

  • @TheAnonymouseJoker
    52 years ago

    You are character wise underconfident and underexposed to real world social settings. You have time, correct that once this COVID situation is over.

  • realcaseyrollins
    32 years ago

    This is fascinating. Personally I’ve actually struggled with enforcing boundaries, but those that are my own rather than those of others. I similarly was often pressured by parents and was even disallowed from having boundaries at all, but that was only one-sided, so I got used to respecting others’ boundaries and ignoring my own.

    I’ve communicated this to my roommate, and he’s gotten better at making sure that he’s not crossing my boundaries (or boundaries I want to have but suck at enforcing lol) just by asking multiple times if it’s okay to keep going with something (especially with talking to me while I’m doing something else), and at the end saying “you can say no”. I’ve found that incredibly helpful and validating, and perhaps if you do the same, it could have a similar effect.

  • @greensand
    2 years ago

    Being pressured can backfire, like in your case. It’s a 1st step to realize what the causes are for the urge of trespassing boundaries.

    The next step would be to not go along with everything, but to say no when you feel that it’s starting to overwhelm you.

  • @DPUGT2
    12 years ago

    As a child and early teenager; I constantly hit on my female friends. (I don’t know why.)

    Gee. It’s certainly a mystery. Perhaps you have some sort of brain structural deformity. I’ve never ever heard of any 14 yr olds doing something like that. You mention a disinterest in church, so you probably don’t want to blame the devil for this.