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I knew there where hardware backdoors in “intel’s” processors. Now I see the situation is much worse : even Linus doesn’t really knows what those processors are doing (for some types of interruptions). I guess nobody in the public should rely on those processors anymore.
Maybe “arm’s” are better ?

@a_HatoasklemmyViews on Chinas allies

“* China’s *”

FBI or police of your country may require the material if illegal, but then, public access should be blocked … i guess. Did you know Switzerland made apology of genocide illegal ?

As far as I know, new Android ( A9 or A10 ? ) prevents call recording other than from the microphone, unless the app is from the phone’s manufacturer. Because of this quality is shit. Hooray Anuloid !

I will look at this guide, yet …

At the time I had put away my cheap Chinese phone, I searched the topic thoroughly. There had been some security researchers trying to identify this particular phone’s issues. Any attempt to remove/patch the original settings_app_malware would result in bricking/breaking the phone.

Since that profane comment I made above, I learn that “Closure” thing is a type of language that would give me nightmares. So I will stick with “imperative” languages for a while. if you are profane like me in this domain, don’t count on me for better clues.

I was confused with your comment so I read (from Wikipedia) : Functional programming

if I get 2% of that complex nightmare is that : it is easier to go from “FP” to imperative because FP requires much brain.

That 7/100 bloat ratio is quite telling !
Yet since I don’t like YouTube nor Java, i searched :
“Clojure vs Python” ( at ddGo ) …
First impression : this “Closure” programming language seems better than Python in some respects. Python is still better for beginners.

Deep nice comment 😌
Yes : i bought the cheapest available phones. The cheap Chineses had integrated malware which installed more malware(s) after 12 months.
Samsung’s bad “detection of ear proximity” would be no problem if there was 1 software switch to disable it.
“Trade is war” yet i dream of the (almost) perfect Linux smartphone 😆

My drug is coffee 😋 !
One more rant : pkZip by pkWare was fantastic new product back in the late 1980s until Microsoft tried to scrap the concept of universal free simple compression and encryption tool. This same dishonest model repeated many times since in techno//electronics.

Samsung A10, Android 10.
i don’t know which type of sensor, it’s about 10 mm at the right of the camera.

Android perverted Linux by removing user’s choices and access. Linux will remain a rat race & a social disease until it is properly funded. Somedays i like to be edgy and make easy rants & see where it leads …

Rant : Stupid smartphone use of proximity sensor during phone call

After stupid update of “phone application”, had to tape over the proximity sensor ! … otherwise there’s no way to reliably shut the screen during a phone call. Whenever the screen is on, my face touching the screen triggers any stupid functions 🙄 Had to try and test a few location because it w…

This might be the main threat in USA, so i hope the same.

I agree & go further : it is too easy to get guns in most “states”. There are more checks and balances in other countries … and much less mass shootings there.

I dream to see one - - of theses mostly “United” States - - offer a bounty of $10,000 for anyone who would report an illegal carryer of gun … if such illegality exists there ! May this dream also highligh flaws in this ridiculous abortion law ?

Not “votal.net” : it went up in smoke on 2021 August 29 without any warnings, & it never came back, see :

Yes, i would say someone young & naive, yet very intelligent and motivated, who wouldn’t know of theses absurds subreddits would write this :
⁰ ⁰ ⁰ ⁰
" … I received 6 upvotes on the r/MensRights community. I wonder if they read the title and upvoted without reading the article or if they actually agreed with the opinions … "
" … disappointed with my experience there. I was apparently misguided in my belief that men could be feminists … "
Humm ! they are not men in general they are a very specific group of mad men

Linear fit will not be accurate … maybe logarithmic fit would be better ? Also : there will be a crisis someday at Reddit and there is no mathematical fit for that !

That was just a typo,
I downvote it myself,
I cannot delete it completely it will just show :
“deleted by creator”
Don’t bother to downvote it because it doesn’t make sense !

Social mindfulness


Equal yet different 😋

Administration of testosterone caused (🙎) … to unconsciously appropriate a larger space as their own. ( Refs. in comments )…