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you wrote :

What part of don’t send death threats to other users, no exceptions, wasn’t clear in our rules or that particular moderation decision?

please notice i am leaving :

( I wrote a few hours ago : )


Because a_Ha’s account is now hanging by a thread it’s time to stop it.

Many exchanges here where fruitful for me, so, i hope it was the same for at least a few of you.

in Hope of a better future 😌

Since we discussed in private the banning of Serge Tarkovski with a positive outcome, it might be appropriate for you to make one more comment here.

Thank you for your concern.


Because a_Ha’s account is now hanging by a thread it’s time to stop it.

Many exchanges here where fruitful for me, so, i hope it was the same for at least a few of you.

in Hope of a better future 😌

Russia’s state TV hit by stream of resignations
2022-03-16 [BBC](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-60763494) - - [source_2](https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/more-russian-tv-news-employees-173706823.html) - - Hope this will snowball ::: spoiler Head of the article "When Marina Ovsyannikova burst into Russian living rooms on Monday's nightly news, denouncing the war in Ukraine and propaganda around it, her protest highlighted a quiet but steady steam of resignations from Russia's tightly controlled state-run TV. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has thanked her, appealing to anyone working for what he calls Russia's propaganda system to resign. Any journalist working in what he calls the fourth branch of power risks sanctions and an international tribunal for "justifying war crimes", he warns." :::

2022-03-15, 12.30am GMT

(head of your post)

A Russian drone flew over Poland before entering Ukrainian air space where it was shot down, Ukraine’s military has claimed.

The Ukrainian air force command said in a statement last night that the drone flew into NATO airspace, accusing Moscow of a “provocation”.

The drone first circled over the site in Yavoriv, western Ukraine, which was hit by a salvo of cruise missiles on Sunday (2022-03-13), in an apparent attempt to assess the result, the officials said. It then delved into Poland before returning to Ukrainian air space, where it was shot down by Ukraine’s air defences.

Ukrainian military sources said it was understood to be a Russian Forpost drone, which is a licensed copy of the Israeli Searcher drone. It is not flown by any (…)

yes, & also : … Pseudoelasticity
& Shape-memory alloy
material science is still expanding 👍

Will be awesome to play this, one day, with peace of mind 😌

2022-03-14 shorter link
“Russia’s military is approaching the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv from several directions in a possible effort to encircle the city, but its forces have been stalled for several days, partly due to stiff resistance from Ukrainian troops, a senior U.S. defense official told reporters Monday.”
… this & Rasputitsa

“/?sh=60027cee6864” at link end removed … related to tracing//privacy (?)

follow-up, from the hindustantimes :
Ukraine President Zelenskyy thanks woman who interrupted Russian TV news with anti-war sign

… was freed after 14h of “interrogation”: true hero like Zelenskyy.

i don’t follow either … why should there be rule breaks or contradictions ?
Should i worry of being targeted here ?
i am not coming back to this tread.

i just made a new post on the latest developments on this …

Anti-war in Russia :
Russian police detained Marina Ovsyannikova, the editor of Channel One who showed up with anti-war banner on air. Lawyer Pavel Chikov said that a protocol was drawn up against her under the article 20.3.3 on military censorship for discrediting the russian armed forces.
(also on teddit .net)

Russia fires official who said China refused to supply aircraft parts
2022-03-15 [Reuters](https://www.reuters.com/world/russia-fires-official-who-said-china-refused-supply-aircraft-parts-2022-03-15/) - - [SouthChinaMorningPost](https://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3170587/russian-official-sacked-revealing-chinas-refusal-supply) More anti-war in Russia ... 2022-03-16 [TheGuardian](https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/mar/16/marina-ovsyannikova-russia-propaganda-putin) Marina Ovsyannikova broke the state propaganda machine - **others will follow**

La situation en Ukraine s’est grandement détériorée depuis ces quinze derniers jours ; ma position est franchement pour la défense de l’Ukraine - - es-tu encore dans le relativisme ?

A heartbreaking post made by a true war victim was the first post here until it was deleted because …well, because of his dire situation. See, he let his heart speak too much and this … against a repugnant troll.
He then said : “Please forgive my speech…” yet he was banned for a month from WorldNews.

Moderation work is certainly challenging and yet … i would have hoped for a little more compassion for his situation, yes.

Thank you for your concern.


Un post déchirant fait par une vraie victime de guerre fut ici en tête jusqu’à ce qu’il soit supprimé parce que… eh bien parce que son auteur est en situation désastreuse. Voyez, il a trop laissé parler son cœur, et ce contre un troll répugnant.
Puis il a dit : « S’il vous plaît, pardonnez mon discours… » et a été interdit pendant un mois de WorldNews.

Le travail de modération est certainement un défi et pourtant … J’aurais espéré un peu plus de compassion, oui.

Merci de votre sollicitude.

that’s very good, i was just afraid of some favoritism, no one is perfect but i guess (±) you are doing a good job.

What’s lemmy.ml stance on Ukraine ?
Users should know. Will you, or other administrators, issue a statement ?

Ukraine deserves more help : it’s a shame nuclear threat is preventing that. May you receive all the support you need.

my comment was not clear so i made an edit, sorry for the confusion.

Since this :
Admin. Dessalines on “US atrocities”
We should at least remain critical. Thanks for your work 👍.

Debunking of these falsehoods is quite important, so thanks.

(typo ?)

… appealing at first (? blush ?)

i disagree (Canada bad) yet i have to upvote since I believe this is your true genuine experience

we’ll likely see some agreement reached between Russia and Ukraine

Yes, and we all hope so.

China is great in many ways, Canada is better everywhere else.

never mind, from Associated Press :
“China says it’s ‘impartial’ on Ukraine, denies aiding Russia”
remind me in 20 days …

meanwhile in China, Covid madness

unapplicable rule

Attention Couples ! From tonight on : no hugging, no kissing, and no sleeping in the same bed !

covid madness in China


.1) link was wrong
.2) i collapse this comment since it is not quite relevant enough

to: SSnaked :
keep your “fucking” and advices.
goodbye now.

US warns China not to supply weapons to Russia for use in Ukraine

Risking nuclear war is bad news for humankind.

India//Pakistan wisdom :

… thought they could never be as stupid as USA//Russia nearing nuclear conflicts in the past. But of course, they are just human.

Hope for a “new man”, better human.

US warns China not to supply weapons to Russia for use in Ukraine
2022-03-14 [source 1](https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2022/03/14/us-warns-china-not-supply-weapons-russia-use-ukraine/) - - [source 2](https://www.bbc.com/news/live/world-europe-60717902) - - [source 3](https://news.webindia123.com/news/Articles/World/20220315/3919471.html) - - [source 4](https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/politics/us-warns-chinese-on-support-for-russia-in-ukraine-war/3598382/)

from Wikipedia :
In 2011 a group of scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology assessed thorium-based power as “a 1000+ year solution or a quality low-carbon bridge to truly sustainable energy sources solving a huge portion of mankind’s negative environmental impact.”

will these 150 be thorium based ?
( 2nd ref., yours is paywalled )

possible answer :

( source )
(…) the international Nuclear Energy Agency predicts that the thorium cycle will never be commercially viable while uranium is available in abundance—a situation which may persist “in the coming decades”.

( published 2019-04-04 )

in theory at least it's okay :

CPA produces high-intensity, super-short optical pulses that pack a tremendous amount of power (…)
This capability is what Mourou hopes give CPA a chance of neutralizing nuclear waste, (…)

Yet, it is not efficient :

Rodney C. Ewing of Stanford tells Bloomberg, “I can imagine that the physics might work, but the transmutation of high-level nuclear waste requires a number of challenging steps, such as the separation of individual radionuclides, the fabrication of targets on a large scale, and finally, their irradiation and disposal.”

.1) someone lost an old drone, or
.2) Putin pushes toward WWIII …
Hope it is .1 … NATO now saying : will retaliate against accidental fire.

2 weeks ago Ukraine was switching to “Signal”

main lemmy..ml post :

“Traffic to Signal exceeded Telegram in Ukraine for the first time”, reports (…hum…) product here

S’il était possible de passer outre le sabotage et l’incompétence, malgré le théorème d’incomplétude (Gödel), je crois qu’il serait possible de fabriquer des systèmes sans failles, et ainsi d’arrêter de blâmer les autres. Dans plusieurs cas, je crois que des failles ont été laissées justement pour faire des “backdoors”, donc je suis d’accord avec toi (vous) en ce sens.

Sur Wikipédia je voulais bien trouver un article sur les groupes russes. Je vais y retourner plus tard…

J’ai lu récemment ici sur lemmy, que Anonymous serait présentement surtout un groupe américain (en partie supporté par le gouvernement).

J’aime bien tes interventions et je vais continuer à te lire. Santé et Paix, à la prochaine 😌

Any lemmy.ml bot account you saw ?
i can't find any... yet, we may never know [V.0.11](https://lemmy.ml/post/61856) ...& [OSRSB](https://lemmy.ml/post/173946) & [GPT-3](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPT-3)
Any lemmy.ml bot account you saw ?

is lemmy.ml approving war on Ukraine ?
Should it be shut down a few months if it is ?
is lemmy.ml approving war on Ukraine ?

[source](https://euromaidanpress.com/2016/04/04/only-beneficiary-of-karabakh-fighting-is-putin-piontkovsky-says/) 2016-04-04 Putin-sshka : nothing to do with that !

Ukrainian official tells “Mothers of Russia, come to Kiev and take your sons” while releasing a list of captured Russian prisoners
[source](https://www.businessinsider.com/ukrainian-official-released-a-list-of-captured-russian-prisoners-2022-3) 2022-03-03

6500 people arested during anti-war protests in Russia
Don't forget that there are heroes on both sides! [2022-03-02 from france24](https://www.france24.com/en/europe/20220302-russian-anti-war-movement-takes-shape-on-the-streets-%E2%80%93-and-on-screens)

Garbage you want to block
::: spoiler spoofing accounts @lemmy4@lemmy.ca lemmy.ml/u/lemmy3@lemmy.ca :::

Accounts producing garbage you want to block
from : [collapse.cat](collapse.cat), lemmy.ca ::: spoiler Accounts to block : ( for porn, nazi & slurs ) @fckyoufgs@collapse.cat @gybear@collapse.cat update, also : @fckufgs@lemmy.ca @gybear@lemmy.ca :::

Dilbert Comic Strip : 2005-02-13
i like this one especially since workers are taking a longtime deserved revenge [original](https://dilbert.com/strip/2005-02-13) [archive link 1](https://web.archive.org/web/20220312205305/https://dilbert.com/strip/2005-02-13) Edit : ( 2022-03-12) ::: spoiler ... lemmy.ml 's user interface had me produced this when posting : ~~https..//web..archive..org/save/https...dilbert.com...2005-02-13~~ now i test it : it triggers web archive to recreate one new copy from the original ... completely unnecessary and resource intensive. ::: spoiler ... I don't want to test the other two links so I'm breaking them here : [archive link 2] (https...?...ghostarchive.org/search?term=https%3A%2F%2Fdilbert...com%2Fstrip%2F2005-02-13) [archive link 3] (https...?...archive.today/?run=1&url=https%3A%2F%2Fdilbert...com%2Fstrip%2F2005-02-13) :::

Tonga volcano: Plume reached 55km (Pinatubo was ~40km in 1991)
J. Amos, Sci. correspondent, [BBC](https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-60088413) ~.2022-jan-21..aprox16h00.utc~ "...data from three weather satellites ... was used..." see also : [2022-01-15 volcano](https://lemmy.ml/post/153293)

Tonga’s 2022-01-15 volcano & tsunami
~published.2022.JANUARY.18~ "An unprecedented disaster hit Tonga caused by the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai volcanic eruption on Saturday evening 15th January, 2022 followed by a tsunami warning issued which triggered a mass evacuation" "As a result of the eruption, a volcanic mushroom plume was released reaching the stratosphere and extending radially covering all Tonga Islands, generating tsunami waves rising up to 15m, hitting the west coasts of Tongatapu Islands, 'Eua, and Ha'apai Islands."

Sars-CoV-2 in brains
Sars-CoV-2 RNA was detected in the brains of all six autopsy patients who died more than a month after developing symptoms **+ many similar studies** Even mild SARS-CoV-2 respiratory-only infection can cause long-term neurologic damage ~https://www.news-medical.net/news/20220116/Even-mild-SARS-CoV-2-respiratory-only-infection-can-cause-long-term-neurologic-damage.aspx~

James Webb’s telescope : what do you expect ?
History repeats itself right ? Before Hubble's telescope, scientists were saying : "it will show the hedge of the universe, where there is no Galaxies yet formed". Remind me in 6 months.

Best email client for me and you ?
Context : have used Thunderbird for years : when it crashes it makes a mess. Have lost many emails this way, so i want a client for which each email is saved as a single file. My search points to "[Zimba](https://linux.uk/linux-and-zimbra/)"

"Toy cosmos"s for anyone ?
Pedagogy, or even physics, may benefit from "toy cosmos"s. Mine start with a three sphere (s3). Then i try some (naive) Physics : **hyp.1** : if it shrinks, i see the photon i put inside gaining enormous amounts of energy. (blue shifted at each round trips) Decrease of spacetime with creation of (boson) energy becomes part of the playground. **hyp.2** : since "Schwarzschild radius" (for on b.h. of M~0~) inside our (big unfriendly) universe has been found to be : r~(s)0~ = 2GM~0~ / c² So, in flat space, say i put 1000 (mini) black holes, each one of mass : M~1~ = M~0~ / 1000 Their total (Schwarzschild) volume (for 1000 x M~1~ black holes) is about : ( 1000 x 3/4pi x r~1~³ ) Then, they all fit comfy inside (v~0~) : ( 1 x 3/4pi x r~0~³ ) which is the (Schwarzschild) volume of their collective masse. (volume ratio is 1000³) So, what i say is that one can bend spacetime using many well spaced black holes that collectively have one larger (rs~0~) Schwarzschild radius. And now, flat space is bent to s3 with room to play inside. Cosmic radius to cosmic energy relations can be tried here. Would black holes, in this, lose their energy to other objects ? (should this be posted in AskLemmy ?)

Link please ? USA:Election officials replaced by Trump’s pupets: discussed on NPR (2 or 3 days ago ?)
i lost the link to this NPR discussion about : [TRUMP’S NEXT COUP HAS ALREADY BEGUN](https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2022/01/january-6-insurrection-trump-coup-2024-election/620843/) published in the Atlantic !

Rant : Stupid smartphone use of proximity sensor during phone call
After stupid update of "phone application", had to tape over the proximity sensor ! ... otherwise there's no way to reliably shut the screen during a phone call. Whenever the screen is on, my face touching the screen triggers any stupid functions 🙄 Had to try and test a few location because it was not located at the selfie camera. Once again it shows we are not the customers ; we are the product 😑

Social mindfulness
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/wNp8iPxr3m.webp) Social mindfulness was positively related to the established measure of prosociality called **SVO** (social value orientation is a person’s preference about how to allocate resources between the self and another person) at the national and individual levels. ( Ref. in comments )

Equal yet different 😋
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/1mCIvRY7bi.webp) Administration of testosterone caused (🙎) ... to unconsciously appropriate a larger space as their own. ( Refs. in comments )