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Capitalism sounds like feudalism with extra steps.

Some people just have way too much time on their hands.🤷

It probably works, it doesn’t take much to scan the internet for an uncofigured or misconfigured server.

You should move your ssh server to another port. Once you do that you won’t see your logs getting spammed by random attempts.

Why do you feel the need to be mod?🤔

You can just be a user just like everyone else.

I don’t really know what you mean?

And yes, it’s a bit cluttered.

You linked to a spanish comment instead of the announcement, lol.

Finally, I was getting tired of the popup that something went wrong and not being able to navigate.

I don’t like it. In my case chats rarely ever have mixed content (people talking about work while others are talking about a party in the same room at the same time) so topics are never used. In fact, its pretty common for people to send messages to the wrong topic without even noticing or creating the “no-topic” topic. Plus, the search functionality is not that great fuzzy search only.

But to be fair, I don’t know other open source chat geared toward teams (work) maybe matrix.

This is a great intiative!

But it begs the questions

  • What’s the plan for this to not become just some niche solution? A browser made for HTMLite will not be compatible with most websites because it won’t run javascript, making the WorldWideWeb unusable for most (average) users.

  • Why would I build an HTMLite website if I have the option to do more things with HTML and give it some functionality with js? It’s not like size or bandwidth is a problem for most website providers, otherwise they’d already be making lighter websites.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a website with a very minimalist design and no JavaScript and I’d probably build an HTMLite compatible website but by trying to solve the browser problem you run into another one which is complex websites built around javascript and the convenience for most users.

previous versions and bundles featuring these titles will be removed from console and PC digital retailers as of the week of October 11, 2021.

Players who purchased these titles previously will still be able to download and play them on their respective purchase platforms.

Hold up. Are they seriously taking down the old versions of the classics so people can only buy the new ones? Sounds a bit like Rockstar wants some of that data to track their users or somthing

So… whats the scam? You are going to work and then not get paid?

I just wanted to add that recently on firefox if you have resistfingerprinting enabled then some websites will stop working because cloudflare detects as of it was a tor browser. For example you can’t log in to GitLab

I can understand why porn but I never liked it as it implies sexual content. I guess it could be changed but shluld be something short and concise as “porn” otherwise community names could be long and not easy to remember. Something like AbandonedAwe just an idea ;p

Remember to always show your thought process and even if you can’t solve it. Most of the time when they “puzzles” they have trickery and don’t expect people to solve it, so don’t worry if you can’t.

Tails - \"Tails
Hmmm, something is wrong...

Looking for video explaining anarchism
Sorry if this is not the right community for asking this. But I remember watching a video a while back that explained a little bit about anarchism. I remember watching it in a peertube instance (might have been peertube.social). It was available in english and french, and the video had a cat that explained it and tried to explain myths about anarchism with other animal characters. I also remember it was in the homepage of a lot of peertube instances because they didn't have videos and they would federate with this popular peertube instance. (It was also uploaded to vimeo I think) EDIT: If not, could you suggest a video that isn't too long and explains it nicely?

Requesting /c/chile
I'd like to request chile as the only moderator has been inactive for 2 months.