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That’s interesting, never thought about Wikipedia being a privacy problem.

Requesting /c/chile

I’d like to request chile as the only moderator has been inactive for 2 months…

When has a change.org ever worked?

Like they said, it probably has other licenses that doesn’t allow them to open source.

I don’t know these guys, first time watching but to me it just sounds like he is just comparing China vs US. Not praiaing one over the other.

Of course I can understand where they are coming from, most people would love to live in a nice place, with well maintained houses that aren’t just a cube with a roof, in a place where streets aren’t filled with trash and lot of green areas BUT I guess it’s the way they say it, they sort of lack empathy.

To main, or not to main

That is not the question…


Did you open port 25565? If using Ubuntu based distro, you can use UFW to manage ports or if its rhel based then firewalld.

What does it mean that one user “Pwned” another user?

As far as I understand whether renting or buying a house is better depends a lot on what you expect to happen in the long term. (In terms of money)

But if we put that aside I’d say owning a home is better if you can afford one.

htop was forked from the originals author repo. Here is his explanation why he didn’t continue with the development https://github.com/hishamhm/htop/issues/992#issuecomment-683286672

Noooo you can’t just use GUI, its slow, need a mouse and use it with scripts

Haha gui goes clik, clik

Some? Neither Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or tik-tok have it.

If I agree with a comment I can upvote it, why can’t I downvote something I don’t agree with. I don’t always feel like commenting and debating with someone.

Especially because it’s from 15 years ago ( v1.1 2005)

I was going to joke about that one day someone will create a browser using electron. Well, apparently hey beat me to it https://github.com/dothq/browser


I noticed that un Settings -> Security -> Device Admin Apps Google Play Services was enabled, by disableing it I was able to atleast Disable the app.

vulnerable to hacks that can turn them into spying tools

Aah yes, gotta love muricans crying because tiktok is chinese “spyware” and should be banned, while qualcomm just makes a “oopsie woopsie” for 3 letter agencies with billion of devices around the world.

Fuck, I can’t even disable googol play services, it’s constantly running in the background

it just doesn’t work, anyone else?

This can mean so many things… Do they load, they get stuck? Its choppy? Errors?

I personally prefer it goes to the “comment” (post) section rather than the external link.

  • Easier to click and tap to access the comment section vs clicking/tapping the small comment icon.
  • Functional consistency. When you click a text post it will send you to the “comment” (post) section, the same way for links.

P.S. Reddit mobile webpage currently sends you to the “comment” (post) section and not to the external link.


I can remember my username :p

Being antifa is as bad as being a facist.

Why is this even in announcements, I thought this community was for official announcements of Lemmy or something.


More like Alpine Linux