Control access point inclusion in Google's Location services - Google Maps Help
To improve Location services and estimate the location of a device, Google uses publicly broadcast Wi-Fi information from wireless access points and GPS, cell tower, and sensor data. This data is limi
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This feels like one of those chain messages that we would get on Facebook asking us to do something like posting “I don’t give permission to Facebook to use my data”. Except that this time it is actually true!

I have added “_nomap” to my SSID and now I have to read the manual for the wifi extender, which by default appends _EXT to the SSID 🙄

I would much rather see a “_yesmap” opt-in policy!

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I shouldn’t have to do this, plus google says other services may require different naming scheme.

“Each Location service provider operates independently. Other providers can see the SSID method of opting out. We encourage other providers to respect the “_nomap” tag as a way to opt out from inclusion in a Location server”

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Whats your wifi name?



To capitalists the surrounding world is just an opportunity to make a profit, regardless of the ethical implications.

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At least FBI Surveillance Van_nomap still sounds cool

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_optout is the SSID suffex to block mapping by Microsoft (which includes Bing maps cars) and can be placed anywhere in the SSID

See comments below about further information about _optout. It might be unnecessary.

_nomap is the SSID suffex to block mapping by Google (which includes streetview cars) and must be placed at the END of the SSID

To have what should be the default amount of privacy for SSID, one must have an SSID like this: SSIDNAME_optout_nomap

See comments below about further information about _optout. It might be unnecessary.

This is ridiculous and shameful upon the companies that track every little fucking thing about our lives.
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Could you provide a source for the microsoft middlefix?

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Sure thing, here you go:

EDIT: So looked around some more and everyone points to that link as the main source for this information. That link lists a page on that no longer works. The internet archive has a snapshot from 2017 which states the following:

How we help keep your data safe

Protecting your home or business network

If you manage an open Wi-Fi network at home or at a small business but don’t want Windows to automatically connect people to it, you can opt your network out by including _optout somewhere in the Wi-Fi network name (also called the SSID). For example, “mynetwork_optout” or “my_optout_network”. When you do this, Windows won’t automatically connect people to your open network. For more detailed info, see the section To prevent other Windows 10 customers from automatically connecting to an open Wi-Fi network you manage.

So it sounds like that only applies to open wifi access points and Windows machines automatically connecting to them. Perhaps _optout doesn’t actually matter if you’re using wifi encryption (which you should be). Interesting… I’d like to know where I got the idea that it included bing maps cars…

Thanks for bringing to my attention that I might have accidentally spread misinformation.

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