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I know what the difference between Arch and Parabola is, but I’m not sure the differences are large enough to warrant an entire separate community away from an Arch specific one. What could a Parabola community possibly talk about that couldn’t be posted in an Arch community with a Parabola tag or something?

Does anybody know how Chile compares to the US or Europe regarding the quality of life for its citizens? Would it be worth it to move there?

Compared to reddit, there’s no ads and bullshit psyop propaganda everywhere

Sucks ass. All of the responsibility while also being too busy or tired to enjoy the benefits.

The post might have been better if it included screenshots

I wouldn’t mention it unless she had problems with either Windows or MacOS and expressed a desire to switch to something else.

Will governments even attempt to reduce the destructive potential of deepfakes? I’m doubtful considering political corruption.

They’ll only start caring when they deepfake a high-ranking politician deep throating a massive horse cock and it begins to affect their electability. Even then they will be too old and technology illiterate to make any meaningful action on it.

Idk man this post seems like FUD to me man. I’m disappointed, and you can do better.

How does AV1 compare to something like h.265 and is it likely that the piracy scene will switch to something like AV1 in the future?

Sure thing, here you go: https://superuser.com/questions/1005235/wi-fi-opt-out-microsoft-google

EDIT: So looked around some more and everyone points to that link as the main source for this information. That link lists a page on microsoft.com that no longer works. The internet archive has a snapshot from 2017 which states the following:

How we help keep your data safe

Protecting your home or business network

If you manage an open Wi-Fi network at home or at a small business but don’t want Windows to automatically connect people to it, you can opt your network out by including _optout somewhere in the Wi-Fi network name (also called the SSID). For example, “mynetwork_optout” or “my_optout_network”. When you do this, Windows won’t automatically connect people to your open network. For more detailed info, see the section To prevent other Windows 10 customers from automatically connecting to an open Wi-Fi network you manage.

So it sounds like that only applies to open wifi access points and Windows machines automatically connecting to them. Perhaps _optout doesn’t actually matter if you’re using wifi encryption (which you should be). Interesting… I’d like to know where I got the idea that it included bing maps cars…

Thanks for bringing to my attention that I might have accidentally spread misinformation.

Infected NPM package

We need reproducible builds

Reproducible builds would have also stopped the Solar Winds hack too.

Sounds kinda like TempleOS to me

most people are stupid, so most people will lose 2fa, so most people on your instance will be locked out.

idk sounds like a good way to filter out stupid people lmao

Ok, I’m not sure I fully understand your comment but I will try my best to help.

A good backup system follows the concept of 3-2-1.

3 copies of your data (one of which includes the copy on your computer), on two separate storage mediums ( multiple hard drives from different manufacturers or an SSD or on archival blu-ray discs for example), and one of these copies being off-site (like in a safe at a family members house or online) to avoid destruction by things like a building fire.

If you are wanting storage that you own and can access from anywhere, perhaps one option might be something like a low-power single board computer like a Raspberry-pi 4, Odroid or something connected to a USB hard drive. Every month or so, take the files and transfer copies to another drive that you store in a different location. If you’re wanting something like an active file sync between your storage and another computer, using syncthing might be a solution.

Hope this helped!

It would be nice if Lemmy had an onion address for TOR users

extra points for the ability to use Lemmy without javascript. …

I live in a rural area 30+ miles (50+ KM) away from anything else without access public transportation. What are my options to get basic necessities like food without using a car?

Cargo e-bikes generally have a battery capacity limit of around 25 miles (which batteries aren’t meant to be fully drained every time they’re used anyway). …