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Thought it was great loved it. Piccolo and Pan moments are always super cute

That actually sounds like an amazing power combo that I didn’t know I needed in my life.

I use Fedora (of course) and drink tea. We need a tea meme

I like how even the train looks happy about the natural space. :)

“Anonymized” datasets aren’t anonymous

There is a subreddit you might find interesting r/prepperfileshare

Beyond that, you could always just vacuum seal multiple low power SOC computers with portable solar panels, couple of USB hard drives, Blu-ray drives with archival blu-ray discs and then just bury it in an appropriate container. Adequate depth in the dirt can make an effective faraday cage. Store an archive of wikipedia and other useful information. I probably wouldn’t bury any lithium batteries with the solar because they would likely be useless without receiving a charge underground for so long.

Work on getting prepared now so you’re used to living that type of lifestyle before the bombs drop. It makes you more likely to survive unexpected circumstances while you still have civilization around to fall back upon while you’re working out all of the unforeseen kinks. Ask me an questions you might have if you have questions.

Also the other advice in this thread is good too: prepare for the most likely disasters, and focus on strengthening your local community to local disasters.

Check out Fedora SIlverblue and see if it fits your use case with toolbox.

What is your opinion of Framework’s efforts to have their laptops be carbon neutral through carbon capture from Running Tide which uses kelp microforests to lock carbon away underwater for “hundreds or thousands of years”?

https://frame.work/products/carbon-capture https://www.runningtide.com/

I saw a video of something similar in Taiwan for electric mopeds where the people can just pick up a charged exchange battery at any time. AFAIK, the moped owners didn’t even own the batteries and just rented them from the service. This would allow people to not have to worry about long term battery recharge cycle health of batteries that they own going down over time.

I never said that it wasn’t uncommon, I said that most Americans don’t worry about it because the odds of it happening to any specific individual is very low.

Neither have I, that’s why I was asking. It would be nice for more activism to encourage building e-bike chargers.

Is there a map of where all the e-bike chargers are?

I know I’m going to get downvoted for this, but millions of americans go to school, church, concerts, etc, and have no worries whatsoever about getting shot because the statistical probability of that happening is so low that the average American is extremely more likely to die from preventable diseases caused by poor diets or even choking on food than to die in a mass shooting. Yet despite this being the case, people tend to heavily focus conversation on mass shootings rather than poor diets because of the inherent shock value mass shootings have in the public conscious than someone they personally know that dies from heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, etc.

Why isn’t there a larger focus on things that make a population sick rather than tools that allow a population to defend themselves? 🤔

Wouldn’t test scores from the school go down from the pollution exposure of the car exhaust?

No. What I mean is bribing courts to bypass the requirement to follow the license.

I’d fuckin riot

“literally nobody” lmao

What were the factors that led to you being anti-car?
I've got to admit that when I first heard of the anti-cars community, I was a little skeptical. "Whats wrong with cars?" I thought. But the more I lurked, and the more I watched youtube channels like Not just bikes, the more I understood just how shitty the world is around us. Fuck Cars.

Why aren't velomobiles more popular?
Velomobiles are basically an aerodynamic bicycle enclosed from the elements. [Wikipedia says its one of the most efficient forms of transportation.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_efficiency_in_transport#Land_transport_means) An electric petal-assist velomobile seems like a great solution so why are they so difficult and expensive to purchase? Why haven't many people heard of them?

What does a society do with people that are homeless by choice?
I've worked helping homeless people in the past on many occasions, had friends whos family members were homeless, had homeless friends, and had even been homeless myself for a small amount of time. There are a lot of people that are homeless through no fault of their own, there are people that are homeless because of drug abuse (which perpetuates the cycle). Both of these people need more access to the help that can be provided to them, but I mainly wanted to talk about a third category of homelessness: People that are homeless by choice. People that are homeless by choice have told me that they enjoy the lifestyle and enjoy the freedom that it brings despite the negatives. They actively rejected help from people and expressed their desires to me to intend living that lifestyle forever. While I think every person has the right to live their own life the way they see fit, homelessness often has negatives to the people that aren't homeless. Feces and needles in the streets, breaking and entering into homes, garages, sheds, vandalizing and burning them down in the process. Of course all homeless people aren't like that but the point still remains: a healthy society generally doesn't have homeless people. How do you achieve a balance to allow the people whom are homeless by choice to live in a way they see fit while also minimizing the perceived issues of homelessness? What are your thoughts on homeless people? I ask these questions in good faith and I hope you also do the same. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions.

Is there a piracy solution as boomer friendly as Stremio?
Now normally I would just setup radarr, sonarr and the like on a seedbox or something if I were looking for a setup for myself, but my friends and family members can't handle something like that. Stremio with torrent addons offers a user friendly netflix-like experience but its not entirely opensource and I can't self host it. Jellyfin seems to be a popular suggestion for user friendly software with a netflix-like interface but from what I can tell, there isn't automatic torrenting to match the convenience of stremio. If a family member has to open a webpage or an app to pick out content, then wait for it to download fully, then open up the jellyfin UI to watch content, that might be too complicated for some of my elderly family members to achieve. Is there an open source/self-hosting torrent/piracy solution that is comparable to stremio in regards to being boomer friendly? Thanks for your comments.

It would be nice if Lemmy had an onion address for TOR users
extra points for the ability to use Lemmy without javascript.

I live in a rural area 30+ miles (50+ KM) away from anything else without access public transportation. What are my options to get basic necessities like food without using a car?
Cargo e-bikes generally have a battery capacity limit of around 25 miles (which batteries aren't meant to be fully drained every time they're used anyway). Any suggestions that don't include the use of cars in a carpool or moving? Is "Fuck Cars" a pro-city/anti-rural philosophy?