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I haven’t looked at the software but I instantly thought of the fifth element

Mastodon. instance when it still existed.

GrapheneOS on a pixel 4 here. Works great. Most apps from fdroid

Man, this drama keeps on going. Just when I thought it was dead. Funny thing is, I’m only on Lemmy because I found mastodon on privacytools site.

Pretty accurate

Any old gopher users care to share their earliest experiences?

I’ve been delving into Gemini protocol and gopher quite a bit lately and came across a good historical dig about gopher by ~szczezuja and wanted to find more. Love to hear what it was used for and the community it had, especially in the 90s. I feel the community is different these days. Source on g…

Another video by tomasino that covers basic setup with client cert authentication. …


Tomasino posted a couple more videos. This one helped me understand basic user inputs…

Gemini Input

This article was full of ads and barely told me anything useful.

The only thing about self hosting is recruiting people otherwise you’re posting to an empty room. Sorry I don’t have a suggestion but unless you really want to self host to learn I would find a server that suits you first then maybe peel some folks off to your own server.

In all honesty, this is what I thought of when it hit the news. Look! Inflation!

This is from 2020, I might have to look into whether they abandoned it in favor of ungoogled chromium

I pinged solderpunk a few days ago about something else on his listed masto account. No response though maybe that’s normal

Circumlunar down?

Anyone else not able to get to circumlunar?..


Well done. +1 for posting on Gemini


It took me a while but I figured out SCGI for molly-brown. This page helped quite a bit: //


Not sure if you are referencing the meme - but as much as the cryptography fans don’t wish it so, crypto will now forever reference cryptocurrency, except maybe in these small circles.

To your question, yup I paid in crypto. Using their dynamic DNS to point to my raspberry pi gemini server (molly brown).

I went with Njalla and have enjoyed them so far. I’ll keep banhof in mind

I like Njalla. Pay with crypto, and privacy respecting.


One thing that was bothering me was figuring how to use SCGI on Molly brown. Scant literature on the web but then I of course found a how to on Gemini itself.

I wonder if a maekdown translator could be adapted to scgi usage

Privacy respecting domain registrar / host?

I did a quick Lemmy search and didn’t find much. Are there any suggested domain registrars that aren’t evil? I’m mostly looking for domain name and not hosting right now but won’t exclude them. This would be my first domain so I’m new. …

Lagrange browser pre-release for Gemini protocol

Highly suggest looking at this if you are interested in using Gemini (protocol) on Android. Very polished, seemingly feature complete. With Ariane gone, might be your best bet - Deedum is good but this has it beat…

Lagrange prerelease for Android on Fdroid

Pre-release for Lagrange on fdroid. …

Deedum client certificate

I saw a guide on making a client certificate but I’m not sure how to get this to deedum. Simply copy paste the text of the generated keys? Can this be done on android?..

I’ve seen a lot of talk about privacy minded chat clients on here but a search did not bring up Tox. I have been delving into the Gemini protocol ( and a few folks there have listed Tox for contact. Anyone have thoughts on this? …

Tox Chat

Brown bag

Brown paper bag lunches used to be common but you rarely see them anymore (where I’m from) despite the phrase “brown bagging it today” (or something similar) still being used. …

Do you think companies are tracking you in the fediverse and tying it to your larger ad profile?

I’m sure it’s happening but if the fediverse gets big you can bet your car that they will deanonymize you in the fedi. …

Is there a privacy focused mastodon instance similar to what privacy tools had? I

I miss that little niche community. Also not really interested in the privacy guides matrix server - I like the microblogging format vs chat. …

The only time it's generally / socially acceptable to call your kid big, chunky, or hefty, is their baby/infant years.

Look at you packing on the pounds! You killed that bottle! …


This might be obscure, but I liked playing cribbage on my phone before I started using fdroid. Is there an ad-free version somewhere?..

"Rub off on someone" is a phrase that sounds way more exciting than it really is.

Stole from a friend of mine but they said it was okay :)…

Is Telegram FOSS legit?

I feel like someone tooling with a secure messaging app makes it less…reliable that its secure, despite yanking google play parts out of the code. Thoughts?..