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GTA V roleplay is something that I never thought could be interesting, but here we are and it is :D

GTTC, my fellow role-play frog o7

There have been suggestions, for example, that the bill could lead to author JK Rowling facing a seven-year prison sentence for expressing her concerns about the impact of trans rights on women.

Nice, defeating TERF-island one bill at a time 😎️

More good news from the greatest nation on earth 🇱🇷️🦅️🇱🇷️…

The linked article even talks about it only being a “temporary waiver” “until herd immunity is reached”. This is literally putting profits before human lives, but god forbid a vaccination against a life-threatening infection gets into the hands of those poor people.

Ah, sorry, didn’t even think of that. Ye, that’d be a valid reason to shower a lot. But don’t forget the body-lotion after showering :D

In 2019, Smith said in a video he wanted to live in a “Unabomber cabin” to escape the surveillance and censorship which he believes is especially aimed at the far right. […]

In various videos and podcasts, Smith rehearses other ideas associated with the far right. He advocates breaking the US up – potentially into racial enclaves “maybe [by] dividing by states, maybe [by] dividing by ethnic groups”. The fantasy of the US splintering along ethnic lines has long been entertained by white nationalists, who have taken to calling themselves the “Balk Right”.

This is not the only place where Smith touches on ideas associated with white nationalism. In a 2018 podcast, he offers an account of human history that relies on arguments made in The 10,000 Year Explosion, described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a white nationalist book. Smith also directed readers to websites like radishmag, where readers are asked to “reconsider” slavery and lynching is painted in a positive light.

Wow, what a “wholesome” dude🤗️

awww😍️😍️😍️ I’m interested in how cute he is

However, showering does not only wash the body. A shower that’s entirely focused on cleaning the body – a so-called Navy shower or Sea shower– takes very little time, energy and water. A Navy shower consists of a 30 seconds shower to get wet, soaping the body while the water is off, and is completed by another 30 second shower to rinse the soapy water.

That’s an interesting point. I noticed that I sometimes I just stand in the shower to think instead of cleaning myself.

In earth sciences at school we did thankfully talk about the water footprint of our daily habits and products we consume, so I usually try to conserve water by turning the water off when soaping and shaving – although I’m not yet as quick as those Navy lads.

Edit: I found some resources on what we discussed in class, if anyone’s interested:

Or even not taking a shower every day. Like that just dries out the skin unnecessarily D:

It really is surprising how many times I get my own age wrong. I recently even had a dream where I did that 😰️

I actually had a similar idea a few days ago. I like, but would definitely appreciate an anarchist instance. So if you start one I’d join :)

Another great video by 3Blue1Brown! I think the perspectives about the test paradox could probably be relevant to most fields that require statistical knowledge…

Scientists may be closer to understanding how the brain can function differently in people who have bipolar disorder. In a new study, researchers say they’ve found evidence that certain brain cells trigger inflammation more easily in those who have BPD, and that these wayward cells can be linked t…


doot doot. Thank you Mr. Skeltal

nBeetoTechnology*Permananently Deleted*

It’s not a perfect system. Radio France Internationale notes that manufacturers calculate their own scores (albeit based on strict guidelines), and they can gain easy points with simple measures like giving more information about software updates.

While that is true, the scores here are a neat complement to the ones posted by iFixit alongside their teardowns. Hopefully the legislation can catch on in other countries as well.

The word originally referred to communists that supported the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in their suppression of “[…] the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and later the Prague Spring of 1968 […]”[1] . As I do not really have much information about the former, I will focus on the latter instead:

Alexander Dubček succeeded Antonín Novotný as the first secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia in October 1967. His government had planned new political reforms, a so-called “Socialism with a human face”: social/cultural/political democratization, decentralization and liberalization. After political negotiations did not resolve the disagreements other states of the Warsaw Pact had with these plans, the member states resorted to a military intervention: On 21. August 1968, soldiers from members of the Warshaw Pact invaded and occupied Czechoslovakia, without any prior request from the Czechoslovakian government (this is where the term stems from, as the Warsaw Pact rolled in with tanks). Dubček and other officials were arrested. Few days later, they signed the Moscow Protocol that repealed most of the enacted reforms.[2]

The antisocialist elements in Czechoslovakia actually covered up the demand for so-called neutrality and Czechoslovakia’s withdrawal from the socialist community with talking about the right of nations to self-determination.

However, the implementation of such “self-determination,” in other words, Czechoslovakia’s detachment from the socialist community, would have come into conflict with its own vital interests and would have been detrimental to the other socialist states.

Such “self-determination,” as a result of which NATO troops would have been able to come up to the Soviet border, while the community of European socialist countries would have been split, in effect encroaches upon the vital interests of the peoples of these countries and conflicts, as the very root of it, with the right of these people to socialist self-determination.

Discharging their internationalist duty toward the fraternal peoples of Czechoslovakia and defending their own socialist gains, the U.S.S.R. and the other socialist states had to act decisively and they did act against the antisocialist forces in Czechoslovakia.

– Leonid Brezhnev, 1968[3]

This justification for a military intervention in a ‘brother-state’, now also known as the Brezhnev Doctrine, was supported by some members of the Communist Party of Great Britain – which were then called ‘Tankies’. That’s the historical origin at least.

Today, the word is mostly used as a negative descriptor for people who support, apologize or defend militaristic or authoritarian means of enforcing a communist or socialist system.


[1] Wikipedia contributors (2021, February 23). Tankie. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

[2] Karner, Stefan (2008). Der “Prager Frühling”. Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, B 20. Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Bonn.

[3] Brezhnev Doctrine (2019, July 22). In Wikisource.

Lemmy is run by a team of people with different ideologies, including anti-capitalist, communist, anarchist, and others.


A very serene atmosphere you captured there <3

No idea how they will moderate these posts, but I see it also cutting into OnlyFans’ popularity if they allow NSFW stuff.

Wow, that’s so depressing to hear. Especially when you see all these conservative war hawks talk about reducing government deficits all the time. Hypocrites, every single one of 'em :(

You can’t just expose my browsing habits like that :O

Strange. I saw someone talking about paid tweets today, but thought it was a joke. Who would want to pay for this?!

Lately, Twitter seems to just copy of features from all kinds of other platforms and just mash them together D:

The argument continues that journals that have real costs. My response is that prices currently charged for subscriptions are not used to cover costs but simply to make big profits. An example to illustrate this is that papers published in the 2010s and earlier are paywalled. Why? There is no reas…

So, while the Gravel Institute’s videos are kinda US-centric, I think that you could apply the issues here to the housing situation in many western countries. Although about 10% of NYC students being homeless shows that the US handles it much worse than many of their international counterparts…

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Heute jährt hat sich zum 76. Mal die Befreiung des Konzentrations-/Vernichtungslagers Ausschwitz-Birkenau duch die Rote Armee. …

Seeing how the US presidential election is just a few days away happening right now the video here seems like a nice little overview over the issues with the American electoral college system currently in place…