The Truth About the Electoral College
Every four years, we talk about the possibility that our election will be decided undemocratically — that the votes of the majority of people will be disrega...

Seeing how the US presidential election is just a few days away happening right now the video here seems like a nice little overview over the issues with the American electoral college system currently in place.


According to a New York Times interview from January Joe Biden rejects any kind of reforms to the system. I wonder if that still is the case.

JW: Speaking of those other candidates, several of them have proposed major structural reforms to our government and to our democracy. These include abolishing the Electoral College, expanding the size of the Supreme Court, setting term limits for justices, abolishing the legislative filibuster. Which, if any of these, do you support? […]

JB: None.

JW: Why not?

JB: Because that structural change requires constitutional amendments. It raises problems that are more damaging than the problem that exists. We’re in a situation where the reason they gave judges lifetime tenure, you know why.

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