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Yes, but you can find what you’re looking for on the website.

Propaganda isn’t just lies, like you said for all we know she might just be explaining her experience. the problem is trying to project that to an entire society for malicious slandering. in isolation we can’t find any malice in this statement, but there are plenty of other instances where we know for sure that she lies about DPRK. the most infamous being the ‘train pushing’ on JRE.

This is why we shouldn’t take anything defectors say on face value because it comes in two parts - ‘experience’ and ‘narrative’. experience itself doesn’t have to be a lie. but the narrative they package with that experience can be malicious. For example certain parts of yenomis stories about poverty are likely true. but her narrative that it’s because of the ‘evil’ DPRK government is false.

But she wasn’t talking about herself, in the post ‘they’ is referring to DPRK society. In your grandma example it will be the equivalent of your grandma saying nobody in USA knew what sex is. remember yenomi left DPRK when she was 14

Do you mind opening issues for each of these on github? Some of these already exist so search to make sure you aren’t creating dupes

Plot twist: it was tribute to Stalin

Hopefully this should be enough to prevent coordinated attacks , I will gladly assist with moderation in the IST timezone if things get worse

This is only a problem if you use the Lemmy API, You should do the import by writing to the database directly

They’re not at all lumped in chunks together.

Yes, because we sort the combined list by time also

modlog having different actions in different pages.

I think you misunderstood what I meant by separate lists. That’s how they are stored internally.

Each one of them are fetched and then COMBINED to create the view you’re seeing.

ie. P1 of Modlog = P1 of Banned Actions + P1 of Post Removal Actions + … + P1 of Admin appointment Action

I’m sorry but that doesn’t seem to be the case. All pages have all kinds of mod actions. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean by “type of mod action”.

What i meant to say is that each type of mod action has it’s on pagination and the main modlog just squishes them together based on page number. check the last items of page 1 they are all admin appointments, there are only a handful of them and they don’t happen anymore. they appear in page 1 because they belong to page 1 of it’s type

I have once made an alternative frontend for tiktok to bypass the indian tiktok ban. but I abandoned it because it was too much work to keep it working when they frequently make changes to the api and website. I don’t think anyone will be willing to maintain such a mess so there won’t be any alt-frontends

I like it. The content has no substance, but that’s a feature. go there only if you enjoy goofy dances or lipsyncing. If you expect political commentary or educational content you’ll be disappointed.

And your experience will be much better if you follow your IRL friends.

US chip maker Intel apologised to Chinese customers, partners and the public after a letter telling its suppliers not to source products or labour from the western region of Xinjiang caused a backlash

But we must find exactly where that limit is and consider not going over the top.

Just browse through those ‘right wing’ servers. I’d say we’re showing incredible restraint by still federating with one of them.

Rule 1 -> No bigotry 😕


The paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant

I honestly fail to see any trolling here.

You haven’t seen enough then

This account is also most likely just an alt of wolfballs creator, he’s just trying to stir up some drama to promote wolfballs.

Comrade, is a community of ‘Leftists’. You are putting a lot of effort into this trolling but your target audience is actually ‘Liberals’. we are not Liberals

features added since the last time i posted * Authentication * Theming and other configs * Navigate Nested comments * Polished UI

I'm developing a tui for lemmy :). It's in a very early stage of development, i'm looking forward to improve my Rust skills by working on this project (this is my first rust project)

Fediverse and parasocial relationships
Fediverse and parasocial relationships - Shouldn't the fediverse discourage patterns that create parasocial relationships? - Wouldn't it be better if the standard was a symmetrical relationship between users instead of the asymmetrical follow model? - Most big social medias thrive on parasocial-relations, is it necessary to emulate that model for success? - Shouldn't we focus on community building and mutual friendship instead of forcing everyone to be a mini-celebrity? - Aren't communities/groups better for discoverability than the public feeds of mastodon, pleroma,etc

Greta Thunberg's speech to AustrianWorldSummit
The show is over.