Shit post and

I thought folks here might be interested at a lemmy instance basically dedicated to shit posting. Just throwing that out there …


Ive created this free speech room for both right wing and left wing to talk

We must share ideas, news stories and memes (ect.) im a free speech advocate with a solid history as a moderator of not banning anyone unless they break some common sense rules ive put in place that are there to protect you. My belief is that although we all may not agree on every issue that talking…

Post anything, all are welcome. No one can kick your post here. Do what you like. @WiggleHard bans nothing and exiles nobody (Dont doxx lemmy users, no posting of porn/nudes unless it involves political scandals, no ads for sex sites or dating sites; do that on your own time, no solicitation for pyramid scams, no posting job advertisements unless from official job sites, no posts supporting pedophilia, not all love is love) (also when I “wigglehard” post memes or news stories i try to do a quick fact check to see if what im posting is true. If you find it isn’t, call me out on it)

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