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Hope someone can create a list of licenses or projects that don’t meet the definition.

Never had this problem, you sure it isn’t the website itself?

absolutely, it must’ve been money cuz IDK why they they would scrap 2, almost certainly, good games.

Was looking for something like this and found it in the community section of the Arch packages. I found the best way to use it is with the -p flag (uses pager)!..

happy-space: a whitespace-sensitive calculator

This seems like a really interesting concept for a simple cli calculator. I want to tinker around with this!..

Had my eye on this project for a long time and I am glad to say that they are still making progress. If you are wondering what is so special about it (other than great devs) here is the emulation wiki’s page on it…

I thought this looked interesting and would be nice to get people to contribute to it…

So bizarre when there are regressives in the free software movement. Guess cuz libertarians think they are welcome lol

This was awesome to hear about, is there any more zodiac letters left?

You should look at gameplay videos (from recently cuz the game changes a lot very quickly). No i am not, just a fan

Thanks! Will do!

it isn’t for plot reasons, I just want to see the development of LOZ throughout the years :)

sadly the comments are all centrists/nazis

I think you’d make an exception for Shovel Knight, that game looks amazing.

Wow, haven’t even heard of that!

Awesome! Yeah before cash-grab games, there was a lot more quality.

I played Metroid: Zero Mission, and was hooked immediately on the Metroid games. I used the mGBA emulator which is phenomenal. I also want to get into LOZ in order but the first one is SOOOO hard.

I’m confused. Is OSM not “Open” anymore? Like are they bought out?

Not codeberg, they are asshats about piracy