I doubt you will find one that tolerates copyright infringement on their site.


notabug cuz of Nazis

Is it run by nazis or nazis decided to adopt it as their git frontend of choice?

Anyway, have a lok at https://codeberg.org - haven’t read their privacy policy but I bookmarked it as something I need to checkout under “opensource projects with a good moral”, so maybe it is worth a try


yeah Codeberg is what kicked us out :/ They say “FOSS does not condone piracy” which is bullshit

That happened to me as well. I am building documentation for game piracy on linux.

With the help of my community we built a self-hosted gitea routed through tor. http://www.it7otdanqu7ktntxzm427cba6i53w6wlanlh23v5i3siqmos47pzhvyd.onion/Linux_Game_Pirates/PirateDB


Alright I’ve read “privacy” instead of “piracy”, sorry


you could sign up with vultr or smthng and just host your own


Github may not track these things closely. Evidence: https://github.com/Igglybuff/awesome-piracy


are you sure that its not tracked? think one more time for yourself, no offence.


Thanks for your concern. It’s not my Github, sorry if I gave the impression it was.

I don’t know anything for certain. I do know this particular repository has been around for quite a while with no changes, so there would appear to be at least a somewhat hands off approach by the-powers-that-be @ Github. If I had to guess, Github would respond to an official takedown request (being US based and all) but doesn’t actively seek to remove projects without impetus.

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