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Rotten Tomatoes is a commercial product and is owned by the major US media conglomerates. We’re looking for an open source alternative.

We should be wary of feature creep. Lemmy is a link aggregator, that’s it. I don’t see why lemmy should also have a chat feature. If you want to have a discussion outside of lemmy in a traditional chatroom, then just use Matrix/Discord/XMPP/etc.

I wrote the subtitles myself. This PeerTube instance was the only one I found that allowed user registration.

觉醒年代 Age of Awakening (2021) is a Chinese drama that recounts the stories of the first Chinese Communist revolutionaries from 1915 to 1921. It has a rating of 9.3 (out of 10) on Douban but is almost unheard of in the West. It’s shame that with such a high production quality, CCTV will probably not p…

My incredibly volatile and risky investment is a complete failure. I blame China.

Some associations and cooperatives offer email accounts as a free trial. If you live in France, you can get almost all your Internet services provided by associations/cooperatives: https://chatons.org/. This has the benefit of you being a “member” and not “customer”/“client” of the organisation, but this means you have to pay a yearly subscription

You’re more suited to r/worldnews at Reddit™

Either GAFA agrees to store user-data in the countries in where they’re gathered or they’re banned from operating those countries, regardless of the fact that a blanket ban is an attack on “freedom of expression”

One of my CS professors is a open-source advocate, he has a GNU Project sticker on his laptop, so I think he understands the situation

My university is going to set up a Mattermost service because every major and student club is using Discord, even some classes are using it, which is a shame. What also really bothers me is that since the crisis began a year ago, we’re still using Blackboard Collaborate which is proprietary, I don’t see why we don’t use BigBlueButton

I like a European union, but I don’t like the European Union.

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Just get a textbook (with a CD) if you want to learn a language

I’ll only ever consider the devices that track your heartbeat and are not connected to a network. Other than that, a mechanical watch or an electronic watch is all I’ll ever need, and I always have my smartphone.

Then it’s IPFS, which is distributed, not federated. You can upload a file to service that can pin the files for free (like globalupload.io up to a certain file size) or pin the files yourself. Then other users running IPFS on their machines can pin those files. The network runs a bit like BitTorrent.

They should just bring back the “flying pigeon” bicycle culture if the cars are that small.

An easily repairable second-hand laptop that is well maintained (not charged constantly) is, in my opinion, the most eco-friendly solution.

This is basically my laptop, which is a second hand HP Elitebook 840 G6.

For Imgur, there’s Pixelfed (for a traditional image-hosting website) or IPFS (where you can host/pin any file).

Qwant redirects to Qwant Lite

For some reason, Qwant redirects to Qwant Lite and whenever try to search something, it always comes up as “no results”. Does this happen to anyone else as well?..

Reading paywalled articles using free software

If I want to read https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/05/19/post-american-world-is-now-full-display/, I have to use archive.vn which allows me to go past the paywall (https://archive.vn/yTP0x). However, archive.vn is still proprietary so I installed ArchiveBox which is free software but doe…

Be sure to download this video in case it gets taken down or manipulated…

Alternative to Stack Exchange

I want to know if there are other specialised Q&A sites (and not general-purpose like Quora). I feel Stack Exchange has a monopoly in this domain. Since it’s both hosted in the US and its business model is not very clear (look at the trackers they have on their site), I want to avoid using it to ask…

Browsing Facebook without Facebook account

I need to look through a Facebook group but I don’t want to use a Facebook account. I want to know if there’s an open-source service like Bibliogram (Instagram) but for Facebook…

/c/thirdculturekids, for those who grew up traveling a lot

!thirdculturekids@dev.lemmy.ml is a community for those who were raised in a culture other than their parents’ or the culture of the country named on their passport for a significant part of their early development years. …