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I’ll only ever consider the devices that track your heartbeat and are not connected to a network. Other than that, a mechanical watch or an electronic watch is all I’ll ever need, and I always have my smartphone.

Then it’s IPFS, which is distributed, not federated. You can upload a file to service that can pin the files for free (like globalupload.io up to a certain file size) or pin the files yourself. Then other users running IPFS on their machines can pin those files. The network runs a bit like BitTorrent.

They should just bring back the “flying pigeon” bicycle culture if the cars are that small.

An easily repairable second-hand laptop that is well maintained (not charged constantly) is, in my opinion, the most eco-friendly solution.

This is basically my laptop, which is a second hand HP Elitebook 840 G6.

For Imgur, there’s Pixelfed (for a traditional image-hosting website) or IPFS (where you can host/pin any file).

Qwant redirects to Qwant Lite

For some reason, Qwant redirects to Qwant Lite and whenever try to search something, it always comes up as “no results”. Does this happen to anyone else as well?..

Bear in mind, that deleting accounts in Big Tech won’t destroy the data that you’ve already given them…

IPFS for all of them. You can use globalupload.io if you can’t pin them yourself.

This doesn’t work as well, like I said in another comment, I live in the EU so I have to forego the GDPR rights to see the article.

I didn’t work for me, I already tried lynx before and I got the same results (without --dump). I’m in the EU so that’s probably why it worked for you.

I already know outline.com, it is also proprietary, I’m looking for a replacement for that as well

Reading paywalled articles using free software

If I want to read https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/05/19/post-american-world-is-now-full-display/, I have to use archive.vn which allows me to go past the paywall (https://archive.vn/yTP0x). However, archive.vn is still proprietary so I installed ArchiveBox which is free software but doe…

There’s always yacy.net, decentralised and free software. The search results are pretty bad though but it at least exists.

Be sure to download this video in case it gets taken down or manipulated…

Use the search engine of your choice to find the video you want to watch, then use mpv or vlc to watch it by running one of these players using the video link as an argument.

Try this: $ mpv https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1np4y1r73P

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, every major power is going to copy China and there’s not much one can do about it, their policies really have been far-sighted. But you shouldn’t see data collection as a political tool, you see, the EU is behind in AI and since practically of the EU’s personal data is stored in the US (because they all use GAFA), they can’t train their models properly. China created the firewall, blocked GAFA (and of course political threats), and developed their own domestic Internet industry; now China is ahead in AI facial and speech recognition. There’s a EU Commission paper that proposes a European firewall that functions like the Chinese version because they know they will fall behind. In the US they already have the “Clean Network” and they’re going to block TikTok and WeChat.


buy local

The great thing about decentralisation is that if you don’t like this lemmy instance, you can always set up one yourself and make your own rules.

Don’t forget YaCy, a libre decentralised search engine, I think that’s the most important project of all. Just understand how much trust we put on search engines then realise how dangerous they are if proprietary

It terrifies me how much control and influence GAFA has on the entire global market. If Google really wanted to be sinister, they’d make this VPN both free and enabled by default on Android.

Alternative to Stack Exchange

I want to know if there are other specialised Q&A sites (and not general-purpose like Quora). I feel Stack Exchange has a monopoly in this domain. Since it’s both hosted in the US and its business model is not very clear (look at the trackers they have on their site), I want to avoid using it to ask…

Browsing Facebook without Facebook account

I need to look through a Facebook group but I don’t want to use a Facebook account. I want to know if there’s an open-source service like Bibliogram (Instagram) but for Facebook…

/c/thirdculturekids, for those who grew up traveling a lot

!thirdculturekids@dev.lemmy.ml is a community for those who were raised in a culture other than their parents’ or the culture of the country named on their passport for a significant part of their early development years. …