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I used to use Mixplorer but lately I’ve been using Material Files, works pretty well, the downside I found is that it can’t extract some .rar files.

looking at old posts here, it seems people have posted magnet links.

um… it says r/privacy, it should be r/piracy.

tried it, it shows your email to whoever you send the text/document to…

Dracula theme.

Personally i’m very happy with netlib.re and thunix.net free-price (donation-based) hosting for my blog. Alternatives to thunix providing shell accounts and web/gopher hosting (along with other services) can be found on tildeverse.org, a very friendly community.

do they allow you to run server-side code ?

This one isn’t open source, but https://postimages.org/ is much easier to use than imgur, and it can even do albums.

I agree, I’ve been using postimages for sometime now.

which also uses bing, yes it has it’s own crawler but most of the results are from bing.

so ?
what’s wrong with that ?
I don’t mind as long as it respects users’ privacy.

also DuckDuckgo has the best IU imo, better than any other search engine I’ve used.

I think lemmy might be the best alternative to reddit right now, lemmy doesn’t have many niche communities though :|

I prefer to follow along because waiting for the anime to finish just takes too long.

I use searx.be, I wouldn’t say it’s the best but it works most of the time.



The Linux Command Line by William Shotts

I’ve learned a lot from this book, it’s also free…

Ariane, A Gemini Protocol browser for Android

F-droid link (you’ll need to add the IzzyOnDroid repository to download)…