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this just looks like a client rather than a frontend, your browser still connects to reddit, unlike teddit which proxies everything from reddit.

disroot also offers xmpp service.

looks like it uses the API, the about page says:

Uses Twitter’s unofficial API (no rate limits or developer account required)

I’m not really sure what unofficial means here, but I’m guessing it’s referring to Twitter’s private APIs.

here’s an issue on github:

another one:

SimpleLogin vs AnonAddy

which one is better ?
which one do you use and why ? …

I used to use Mixplorer but lately I’ve been using Material Files, works pretty well, the downside I found is that it can’t extract some .rar files.

looking at old posts here, it seems people have posted magnet links.

um… it says r/privacy, it should be r/piracy.

tried it, it shows your email to whoever you send the text/document to…

Dracula theme.

Personally i’m very happy with netlib.re and thunix.net free-price (donation-based) hosting for my blog. Alternatives to thunix providing shell accounts and web/gopher hosting (along with other services) can be found on tildeverse.org, a very friendly community.

do they allow you to run server-side code ?

This one isn’t open source, but https://postimages.org/ is much easier to use than imgur, and it can even do albums.

I agree, I’ve been using postimages for sometime now.

which also uses bing, yes it has it’s own crawler but most of the results are from bing.

so ?
what’s wrong with that ?
I don’t mind as long as it respects users’ privacy.

also DuckDuckgo has the best IU imo, better than any other search engine I’ve used.

I think lemmy might be the best alternative to reddit right now, lemmy doesn’t have many niche communities though :|



The Linux Command Line by William Shotts

I’ve learned a lot from this book, it’s also free…