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I prefer to follow along because waiting for the anime to finish just takes too long.

I use searx.be, I wouldn’t say it’s the best but it works most of the time.

which is Lemmy allowing to post to myself and not a community…

if you don’t mind me asking, what would be the point of this ?
and how will other users see your posts ?
I always wondered why someone would do that…
also AFAIK lemmy doesn’t have a feature to follow other users (I may be wrong about this).

I recently found out about git.rip, haven’t tried it myself but sounds like what you wanted.

does this work on mobile version of the site ?

There’s more! on the forum they post download links to Movies, TV Shows, Ebooks etc and also there’s a Links channel on the chat server where they post more links.


…there are currently 2 sites that use it as far as i know…

3, actually: https://ramble.pw/

lemmy is already pretty active imo, so no need to fake that.


all of them are free BTW if you Install from f-droid or github, the payment on Google play is for supporting the developer IIRC. though I’m not 100% sure about this.

so I was wondering what advantage does this have over other file managers like ranger ?

I’m pretty sure the results are from Google, awhile ago I made a small website and got it indexed on Google only, when I search site:<name of my website> on QMAMU it shows up.

Yes, none of the other frontends have a login feature either, that would defeat the point.

how will the crawling work though ?
I can’t find any info about that, I hope it doesn’t just take results from Google or something.