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I’m assuming you mean to exclude even free proprietary. The reason I ask is there are, for example, many Comp Sci books published with open licenses on things such as GitHub.

You might be able to find some places to host by looking at https://creativecommons.org/, I haven’t dug through the site completely. There is a “share your work” section.

Thanks for your concern. It’s not my Github, sorry if I gave the impression it was.

I don’t know anything for certain. I do know this particular repository has been around for quite a while with no changes, so there would appear to be at least a somewhat hands off approach by the-powers-that-be @ Github. If I had to guess, Github would respond to an official takedown request (being US based and all) but doesn’t actively seek to remove projects without impetus.

I have no stake in this fight, one way or another. Having said that, I’m glad you fixed the original article’s title from “Statuatory Rape” to “minors”. Depending on the age of consent one can be true without the other being true, but that article’s title is far more slanderous.

Or wxpython. Or pySimpleGui if you want list items translated into guis. Many options out there.

I’m very much in the opposite camp, I doubt anyone I know is on Mastodon - there’s a handful of acquaintances I could picture conceivably being on there, but that’s about it. It’s more I’m just trying to explore options. I understand that “selling” is perhaps the wrong word. :)

I guess from my personal perspective, I’m interested in learning more about this landscape. If Lemmy does take off it feels to me that knowing more about the “fediverse” would be useful. In practice I am likely going to stick with my current methods, as I already have some customization I have written for my needs.

I haven’t updated in a while, but I do have a blog. I’m most familiar with python in terms of modern languages, so I use Pelican to compile my site. https://blog.getpelican.com/

I’m new to the whole federated thing - I’ve briefly poked around mastadon in the past, but that’s it. It looks like both write.as and Plume are more in tune with the federation concept.

So, having said that: sell me on one of these platforms. What does moving to a federated blog have over what I am currently doing? (My blog is very niche focused on a topic, not general consumption.)

I just joined, but this seems to have happened quite often in my TZ. No biggie. :) I am aware the site is still in beta, mostly just curious.

Not related to this bug, but a technical question/problem: does the site go down every day? It seems to stop refreshing starting in the evening PDT (West Coast USA). I assume that is a normal maintenance thing, but I couldn’t find a reference anywhere.


Green is my favorite, but I like blue and purple as well.

Python for me, but just a hobby programmer. I’ve been using Python for a long time and am comfortable with it.

I do look at other new langs from time to time, there’s a lot out there that looks interesting. Haven’t had the time to try to learn them though, life gets in the way. :-/