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I would like one, been kinda interested for a little while.

That price makes it dead in the water. There are so many other quirky handhelds that do more for a cheaper price.

Pretty sure the reason why Linux (and other OSes) was made were made was because the source is not public.

Post often and make sure the posts are useful or interesting. Make this place desirable and people will come

Registration submitted. Love this whole concept (including the use of matrix). Thanks for all of the services.

First release candidate for Funkwhale 1.1
The ActivityPub based music server bounces back!

Wallabag - https://github.com/wallabag/wallabag
Open source, self-hostable, many clients, & nice interface

Created by outragedhuman#0564 on the Discord. https://discord.gg/XaqzJB4
Ubiq Infographic

It is less about specific in my experience and more about discovery. Since their repo has quite a bit more options and often updates faster of F-Droid official repo.

Why not link to the repos so others can use them? =]

Known Repositories - F-Droid
List of known repos that can be used with F-Droid. Might help anyone getting started who wants to see more software. [IzzyOnDroid](https://apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid/) is highly recommended to really flesh out F-Droid.

Python In 1 Minute - Several Code Snippets/Concepts Explained in 1 Minute Chunks
Not my channel nor big on video tutorials but this is very handy and well done.

Oh he is still making these?

There was a talk about it at FOSDEM 2021 if you did not already see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzUfS08lMek

Also as already mentioned just keep in eye out for the blog and read the “This Week In Matrix” posts.

MSC1772 is what you wanna follow

This is exactly what I am waiting for as my Matrix home server has been a Main form of communication for some loved ones and I. Though it is very tempting to try and migrate “early”.

What a odd combination. Though nice to know there lasts years TI Money went.

And they sell out in under a hour.