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A simple note taking application written in Rust and GTK4. …

For the italian translation, here it is: https://weblate.yerbamate.ml/projects/lemmy/lemmy/it/

By the way, if you plan to join Lemmy’s translation team, you have a room here to talk to the other translators! (I am a translator too).

Not bad. It’s fast and uBlock Origin hasn’t blocked anything. But, what’s Mojeek’s business model?

Thanks, I’ll take a look at it. The URL that you have shared seems to be more complete.

How to Write a Discord Bot in Rust

Is an article from Medium, that’s why I used Scribe.rip to share it. thanks to @edwardloveall@lemmy.ml for developing this magnificent front-end! <3…

Wow, I tried it with an article and it works great + it has a beautiful design. Thanks for sharing!

Venezuela is not socialist tho. Edit: If you don’t agree with my statement, check this and this.

Having said that, I am sorry you are suffering in Venezuela, I hope the situation improves there, but please keep in mind that Chavism has nothing to do with scientific socialism. Chavez himself disassociated himself from that association in his presidency and in his government private property was always allowed (it is mentioned in the constitution). Anyway, I will support your anti-imperialist struggle even if I do not agree with chavism!

By the way, is closed source as DDG :(

Although I agree with you that the author knows what he is talking about, be careful about using ad verecundiam fallacies :')

(Spanish rap, but has English subtitles!) https://bejismo.com/


Recommending Bit***** as an alternative to YouTube, recommending Telegram over other alternatives, or recommending Medium as an alternative to Blogger is terrible. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a bad list…

Where’s the link?

Yes! That would help us coordinate better as translators :)

Same here. I am also a native Spanish speaker, but I can help with translations written in English without any problem.

Sometimes the translations we make are erroneous because we are guided by the logic of our language and ignore the logic of the English language. But in those cases, it is as easy as suggesting instead of directly translating the text string. Or as you say, ask someone else to review it to make sure you don’t make mistakes.

I believe that you can block already translated strings so that they cannot be replaced by another translation (I have seen this in other projects using Weblate).

However, your idea of limiting translation suggestions could really hinder the accessibility of the project, and in my opinion, one of the strengths of Lemmy is that it is available in many languages, thanks to the fact that it has always been accessible. As soon as I saw that nobody had translated Lemmy into Basque, I decided to help the developers. And I am aware that some of the translations I did could be improved, because the context is ambiguous and sometimes there are several ways to interpret a text string. But if the translations had been “locked”, I would not have contributed to the project. And I think many users will think the same if that is done.

I don’t know what you think about what I say, but I would like to hear your opinion about it. I think the best solution is to create a group dedicated to translators in Matrix as @nutomic@lemmy.ml said and create a consensus on how text strings should be translated or oriented.

Yeah, it is legit. You can also use Neko X, which is inspired by Telegram X and forked from Telegram X.

Not yet. You should keep LocalCDN.

This release brings Proton, the new design system for Firefox, to the stable channel!

What’s your thoughts about this video posted by Gravel Institute?..

publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/68205

Paysage - Tunera Type Foundry

Paysage is a humanist-style sans-serif typeface created by Anton Moglia. It’s characterised by a distinctive “g” and a regular rhythm. Paysage has been designed to give a feeling of simplicity and tranquility to the reader. Its design is adapted to the composition of short or long texts, legends or …

SpiderMonkey Newsletter 10 (Firefox 88-89)

“SpiderMonkey is the JavaScript engine used in Mozilla Firefox. This newsletter gives an overview of the JavaScript and WebAssembly work we’ve done as part of the Firefox 88 and 89 Nightly release cycles.”…

“BrowserAudit checks that your web browser correctly implements a wide variety of security standards and features.” …

Rise Against - Ready To Fall



Changes in Proton Design System:

  • New “hamburger” menu that is purely text-based, no icons, with rejigged entries…

Integrating Rust and C++ in Firefox

Written by Manish Goregaokar, one of the lead developers of Servo team…

Karrik font - Velvetyne Foundry

Designed by Jean-Baptiste Morizot. Karrik is rooted in vernacular typography. The weight disadjustments, the lack of optical corrections, the uneven width of the letters are some of the features of early sans serif typefaces that inspired us in this boundless “reinterpretation.” …