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Your work and dedication is appreciated :)

I agree with you. They should have put a message like: “Happy April Fool’s Day” or something like that to avoid worrying users :S

This is very useful and interesting, thank you <3

Ez horregatik, burkide! <3

Okay. In that case, I will translate the join.lemmy.ml website into Basque 👍🏼.

This is great! But I have a question @nutomic@lemmy.ml . In my case, I contribute to the Spanish and Basque translations. Even if there are paid translators contributing, can I still contribute even if I am not a paid translator? I don’t want you to pay me (because I do it for altruism and because I love Lemmy) but if my contributions are not needed, I’ll leave it as it is.

I’m in love with System76 hardware. Look at the overall design. It’s just beautiful. Enjoy!

“Electron-based GUI frontend for todo.txt”

Honestly, I don’t know, but I have noticed that Ungoogled Chromium is lighter, safer and faster than Chrome and Vivaldi. That’s why I use it as a secondary web browser. Still, I only use it for sites that work only with Chromium. Normally I use Firefox Nightly (it’s the one that works best on my PC).

Luckily there are projects like Ungoogled Chromium to avoid this kind of thing :persevering face:

Oh, you’re right! Thanks for letting me know! <3

Changes in Proton Design System:

  • New “hamburger” menu that is purely text-based, no icons, with rejigged entries…

Integrating Rust and C++ in Firefox

Written by Manish Goregaokar, one of the lead developers of Servo team…

Karrik font - Velvetyne Foundry

Designed by Jean-Baptiste Morizot. Karrik is rooted in vernacular typography. The weight disadjustments, the lack of optical corrections, the uneven width of the letters are some of the features of early sans serif typefaces that inspired us in this boundless “reinterpretation.” …

Iosevka - Typeface

Iosevka is an open-source, sans-serif + slab-serif, monospace + quasi‑proportional typeface family, designed for writing code, using in terminals, and preparing technical documents…

(I activated Warp and yeah, I noticed a massive increase of performance)…