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The fact that it consumes so few resources is great, but I think it’s a bad idea that he’s writing it using unsafe languages like C++ and C. He could have used Zig instead of C and Rust instead of C++.

Broccoli and chard.

Neovim and GNOME Builder.

Startpage, Metager and sometimes DDG.

And have you heard of Zig? You might be interested in it for your future projects :)

This is very exciting!

Glad to hear that! Good luck with the blog :)

la mayoría de lo que vi es una poronga

Entonces únete a Raddle. Ahí te sentirás como en casa. Saludos.

These are my reasons:

  • is written in Go, while Plume is written in Rust and WASM. It may seem irrelevant, but Go has worse performance than Rust (among other things, because of the use of the garbage collector in Go).
  • All Plume functions are free of charge. In the case of, the basic functions are free, but if you want to customize it to your liking, you have to pay $6 per month, which is not much, but it is something to consider.
  • has a hermetic development in my opinion, even if it is open source. Plume is open source, hosted on Gitea (a good thing for those who hate Microsoft and GitHub), and they have a room on Matrix/ to talk to the developers directly.
  • Plume has been translated into more languages than

A new book, socks and underpants.

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I prefer Plume.

Actually, Plume is working in a new release (v0.70).

Well, my username was automatically generated. When I was playing on my Xbox 360, I created an Xbox Live account to play with my friends. I didn’t know what name to make up to be recognized, so I used the name generator they had and adopted it. From then on, I started using IngrownMink4 username as a “universal” username in all my social networks.

Firefox 95 will have some JS performance improvement

Off thread full parsing enables the browser to perform full bytecode parsing of specific JS scripts off the main thread instead of parsing them on the main thread during execution.

Content design considerations for the new Firefox

What do you think about this article?..

Microsoft is Finally Ditching Electron

*The senior vice president of Microsoft Teams announced that Teams would be moving to their own Edge Webview2 Rendering Engine ditching Electron for seeking performance gains. It is marketed that Teams would consume 2x less memory as a result of the transition. It would be called Teams 2.0 and might…

A simple note taking application written in Rust and GTK4. …

How to Write a Discord Bot in Rust

Is an article from Medium, that’s why I used to share it. thanks to for developing this magnificent front-end! <3…

(Spanish rap, but has English subtitles!)

A private, cross-platform package tracking app. …

This release brings Proton, the new design system for Firefox, to the stable channel!

What’s your thoughts about this video posted by Gravel Institute?..

publicado de forma cruzada desde:

Paysage - Tunera Type Foundry

Paysage is a humanist-style sans-serif typeface created by Anton Moglia. It’s characterised by a distinctive “g” and a regular rhythm. Paysage has been designed to give a feeling of simplicity and tranquility to the reader. Its design is adapted to the composition of short or long texts, legends or …

SpiderMonkey Newsletter 10 (Firefox 88-89)

“SpiderMonkey is the JavaScript engine used in Mozilla Firefox. This newsletter gives an overview of the JavaScript and WebAssembly work we’ve done as part of the Firefox 88 and 89 Nightly release cycles.”…

“BrowserAudit checks that your web browser correctly implements a wide variety of security standards and features.” …