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Oh, I hadn’t noticed. I have fixed it. Thanks.

I always recommend switching to Linux in these cases, where you get full control over whatever the hell you want to upate, and whenever the hell you want to update it (and less incentive to disable updates in general).

I am aware of this. That’s why I use GNU/Linux on a daily basis :) I only use Windows through a virtual machine and that’s where I have removed all the telemetry and bloatware that comes with it. And yes, Linux updates always bring me good feelings (unlike Windows, where I always have the feeling that something is going to break).

Yeah but you also are not getting security updates. Which is the problem with disabling Windows updates because it serves both necessary security updates and “feature” updates nobody wants, through the same channel, and there’s no way to disable just the latter. And Windows seems to have way more security issues than any other mainstream OS.

Anyway, the only things I disable are automatic updates and background tasks (I allow updates, but I choose when to update).

And have you tried NeoChat? I’ve heard that it also works well (although I haven’t tried it because I use GNOME and I like Fractal).

Thank goodness that since I’m using I have stopped getting interruptions from Microsoft :)

Edit: The URL.

On PC: Fractal, because is fast and simple. On Smartphones: Element (F-Droid version), because it works better on my smartphone than other clients like FluffyChat.

publicado de forma cruzada desde: > [Activitypub]( is decentralized social networking protocol recommended by the W3C. It provides a client to server API for creating, updating and deleting content, as well as a federated server to server API for delivering notifications and content. As part of the work on [Lemmy](, we have implemented some high-level abstractions for handling the server-to-server protocol in Rust. These abstractions are now available as a standalone library. > > The main features are: > > - Data structures for federation are defined by the user, not the library. This gives you maximal flexibility, and lets you accept only messages which your code can handle. Others are rejected automatically during deserialization. > - ObjectId type, wraps the id url and allows for type safe fetching of objects, both from database and HTTP > - Queue for activity sending, handles HTTP signatures, retry with exponential backoff, all in background workers > - Inbox for receiving activities, verifies HTTP signatures, performs other basic checks and helps with routing > - Generic error type (unfortunately this was necessary) > - various helpers for verification, (de)serialization, context etc > > Documentation is currently lacking. If you want to get started with the library, best look at the example. > > The code has already been used in production as part of Lemmy for a long time, without any notable problems. However, ergonomics are lacking and need to be improved. There are also many additional features which would be worth implementing. See the project readme for details. Contributions and suggestions are very much welcome! > > You can find the project here: > > []( > > [](

Mozilla Firefox 102 was released today with a new **privacy feature that strips parameters from URLs that are used to track you around the web.** Numerous companies, including Facebook, Marketo, Olytics, and HubSpot, utilize custom URL query parameters to track clicks on links. With the release of Firefox 102, Mozilla has added the new **'Query Parameter Stripping'** feature that automatically strips various query parameters used for tracking from URLs when you open them, whether that be by clicking on a link or simply pasting the URL into the address bar.

**New** * Tired of too many windows crowding your screen? You can now disable automatic opening of the download panel every time a new download starts. [Read more]( * Firefox now mitigates query parameter tracking when navigating sites in ETP strict mode. * Subtitles and captions for Picture-in-Picture (PiP) are now available at HBO Max, Funimation, Dailymotion, Tubi, Disney+ Hotstar, and SonyLIV. This allows you to view video in a small window pinned to a corner of the screen while navigating between apps or browsing content on the main screen. **Fixed** * When using a screen reader on Windows, pressing enter to activate an element no longer fails or clicks the wrong element and/or another application window. For those blind or with very limited vision, this technology reads out loud what is on the screen, and users can adapt them to their needs (now, on our platform, without errors). * Various [security]( fixes. **Changed** * Improved security by moving audio decoding into a [separate process with stricter sandboxing](, thus improving process isolation. **Enterprise** * Various bug fixes and new policies have been implemented in the latest version of Firefox. You can find more information in the [Firefox for Enterprise 102 Release Notes]( * Firefox 102 is the new Extended Support Release (ESR). Firefox 91 ESR goes out of support on September 20, 2022. (See the [102 ESR release notes]( for more information) **Developer** [Developer Information]( You can now filter style sheets in the Style Editor tab of our developer tools **Web Platform** * TransformStream and ReadableStream.pipeThrough have landed, allowing you to pipe from a ReadableStream to a WritableStream, executing a transformation on each chunk. * ReadableStream, TransformStream, and WritableStream are all transferable now. * Firefox now supports Content-Security-Policy (CSP) integration with WebAssembly. A document with a CSP that restricts scripts will no longer execute WebAssembly unless the policy uses 'unsafe-eval' or the new 'wasm-unsafe-eval' keyword.

Rust es rápido y eficiente con la memoria (viene sin runtime, ni colector de basura). También tiene un sistema de tipos y un modelo de propiedad (ownership) que garantizan seguridad de memoria y seguridad de hilos, que le permiten al desarrollador eliminar muchas clases de bugs en tiempo de compilación. Además la comunidad es maravillosa, la documentación es excelente y el rendimiento es a veces superior con Rust que con C++. Aparte de eso, Rust es un lenguaje de programación más «verde» que C++.

@BurungHantu1605 has turned into a dumping ground full of software of dubious quality, undercover promotions, and has been pushing blockchain/web3 platforms since it took control., on the other hand, contains better recommendations, is more up to date with the latest news in the free software sector, and the moderators don’t try to sell you proprietary or crypto-related software and affiliated links.

I agree. It may not be the most stable and fastest browser on the market, but having tested Chromium in many of its variants, I can say with complete certainty that Firefox is far superior to Chromium.

P.S. Happy cake day!

**Version 100.0, first offered to Release channel users on May 3, 2022** Thank you to everyone who got us here: To every employee past and present who played a role in delivering Firefox—thank you for your grit and hard work. To every contributor who championed open source, thank you for turning a browser into a movement! Finally, thanks to every user of Firefox—thank you most of all. We didn’t get here—17 years and 100 versions later—without your support. Your choice to use Firefox contributes directly to a better web, keeping it open and accessible to all. It is with a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation that we will continue fighting for this global public resource, putting people over profits. **New** * We now support captions/subtitles display on YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix videos you watch in Picture-in-Picture. Just turn on the subtitles on the in-page video player, and they will appear in PiP. * [Picture-in-Picture]( now also supports video captions on websites that use WebVTT (Web Video Text Track) format, like, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and many more. * On the first run after install, Firefox detects when its language does not match the operating system language and offers the user a choice between the two languages. * [Firefox spell checking]( now checks spelling in multiple languages. To enable additional languages, select them in the text field’s context menu. * HDR video is now supported in Firefox on Mac—starting with YouTube! Firefox users on macOS 11+ (with HDR-compatible screens) can enjoy higher-fidelity video content. No need to manually flip any preferences to turn HDR video support on—just make sure battery preferences are NOT set to “optimize video streaming while on battery”. * Hardware accelerated AV1 video decoding is enabled on Windows with supported GPUs (Intel Gen 11+, AMD RDNA 2 Excluding Navi 24, GeForce 30). Installing the [AV1 Video Extension]( from the Microsoft Store may also be required. * Video overlay is enabled on Windows for Intel GPUs, reducing power usage during video playback. * Improved fairness between painting and handling other events. This noticeably improves the [performance of the volume slider on Twitch]( * Scrollbars on Linux and Windows 11 won't take space by default. On Linux, users can change this in Settings. On Windows, Firefox follows the system setting (System Settings > Accessibility > Visual Effects > Always show scrollbars). * Firefox now supports [credit card autofill]( and capture in the United Kingdom. * Firefox now ignores less restricted referrer policies—including unsafe-url, no-referrer-when-downgrade, and origin-when-cross-origin—for cross-site subresource/iframe requests to prevent privacy leaks from the referrer. **Fixed** * Users can now choose preferred color schemes for websites. Theme authors can now make better decisions about which color scheme Firefox uses for menus. Web content appearance can now be changed in Settings. * Beginning in this release, the Firefox installer for Windows is signed with a SHA-256 digest, rather than SHA-1. Update KB4474419 is required for successful installation on a computer running Microsoft Windows 7. For more details about this update, visit the [Microsoft Technical Support website]( * In macOS 11+ we now only rasterize the fonts once per window. This means that opening a new tab is fast, and switching tabs in the same window is also fast. (There's still work to do to share fonts across windows, or to reduce the time it takes to initialize these fonts.) * The performance of deeply-nested display: grid elements is greatly improved. * Support for profiling multiple java threads has been added. * Soft-reloading a web page will no longer cause revalidation for all resources. * Non-vsync tasks are given more time to run, which improves behavior on Google docs and Twitch. * Geckoview APIs have been added to control the start/stop time of capturing a profile. * Various [security]( fixes. **Changed** * Firefox has a new focus indicator for links which replaces the old dotted outline with a solid blue outline. This change unifies the focus indicators across form fields and links, which makes it easier to identify the focused link, especially for users with low vision. * New users can now set Firefox as the default PDF handler when setting Firefox as their default browser. * Some websites might not work correctly in Firefox version 100 due to Firefox's new three-digit number. You can read about it in our blog post [here](! See the Mozilla Support [article]( Difficulties opening or using a website in Firefox 100 for possible workarounds you can use. There, you will also find instructions for reporting a broken website so that Mozilla can help fix the problem. Mozilla Support articles for Desktop and Android: []( []( **Enterprise** Various bug fixes and new policies have been implemented in the latest version of Firefox. You can find more information in the [Firefox for Enterprise 100 Release Notes]( **Developer** [Developer Information]( **Web Platform** * Support for the WritableStream API has landed. WritableStreams provide an interface for writing streaming data to a sink object. * Additionally, ReadableStream gained support for the “pipeTo” method, which allows you to connect a ReadableStream to a WritableStream. For example, this would allow you to process data retrieved using “fetch” with the WritableStream Sink object. * Support for WASM Exceptions is now available. This allows C++ exception handling and unwinding/destructing semantics to be expressed in WASM without an additional JavaScript helper code—and at zero cost to code that does not rely on exception semantics.

A popularity contest is based on competition and can be exclusionary. In this case, it’s not about saying “which user is better than X user”, it’s only about thanking them for their contribution (at least that’s how I have interpreted it).

I personally don’t see it as a popularity contest. I see it more as an opportunity to show appreciation to other users of this community.

Hollow Knight and Portal/L4D series.

In your comments you show that you know a lot about free software, programming languages and the Fediverse in general (I have learned a lot here thanks to people like you) and you seem like a friendly person :D

Firefox 95 will have some JS performance improvement
*Off thread full parsing enables the browser to perform full bytecode parsing of specific JS scripts off the main thread instead of parsing them on the main thread during execution.* *The recent nightly experiment on Full Parsing revealed that off thread full parsing can reduce the amount of time spent executing JS by 10-15% which translates to a median improvement of about 2% in page load time across all segments.* *An interest result from the experiment also showed that in the low cpu segment, enabling full parsing can attain an improvement in page load time of up to 10% and a reduction in JS execution time by up to 20%.* *There is a trade off in memory for this improvement, however. The experiment showed a 1% regression in the median for total memory, and a 4% regression in the worst case above the 80th percentile.* *In general, we believe the risk is low and the trade off in memory is acceptable given the significant improvements in page load time and JS execution time, especially for users with only 1-2 cores.*

Content design considerations for the new Firefox
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Microsoft is Finally Ditching Electron
publicado de forma cruzada desde: > *The senior vice president of Microsoft Teams announced that Teams would be moving to their own Edge Webview2 Rendering Engine ditching Electron for seeking performance gains. It is marketed that Teams would consume 2x less memory as a result of the transition. It would be called Teams 2.0 and might ship with Windows 11 in late 2022.*

Microsoft is Finally Ditching Electron
*The senior vice president of Microsoft Teams announced that Teams would be moving to their own Edge Webview2 Rendering Engine ditching Electron for seeking performance gains. It is marketed that Teams would consume 2x less memory as a result of the transition. It would be called Teams 2.0 and might ship with Windows 11 in late 2022.*

A simple note taking application written in Rust and GTK4. Rnote aims to be a simple but functional note taking application for freehand drawing or annotating pictures or documents. It eventually should be able to import / export various media file formats. One main consideration is that it is vector based, which should make it very flexible in editing and altering the contents.

How to Write a Discord Bot in Rust
Is an article from Medium, that's why I used to share it. thanks to []( for developing this magnificent front-end! <3

(Spanish rap, but has English subtitles!)

**New** - More secure connections: Firefox can now automatically upgrade to HTTPS using HTTPS RR as Alt-Svc headers. - Full-range color levels are now supported for video playback on many systems. - Mac users can now access the macOS share options from the Firefox File menu. - Support for images containing ICC v4 profiles is enabled on macOS. **Fixed** - Firefox performance with screen readers and other accessibility tools is no longer severely degraded if Mozilla Thunderbird is installed or updated after Firefox. - macOS VoiceOver now correctly reports buttons and links marked as ‘expanded’ using the aria-expanded attribute. - An open alert in a tab no longer causes performance issues in other tabs using the same process. - [Various security fixes]( **Changed** - The bookmark toolbar menus on macOS now follow Firefox visual styles. - Certificate error pages have been redesigned for a better user experience. - Continuing work to restructure Firefox’s JavaScript memory management to be more performant and use less memory. **Enterprise** - Various bug fixes and new policies have been implemented in the latest version of Firefox. See more details in the [Firefox for Enterprise 92 Release Notes]( **Developer** [Developer Information](

Firefox has better performance and RAM usage if you disable accessibility services!
publicado de forma cruzada desde: > It's probably well known at this point, but it doesn't hurt to spread the word further. Disabling accessibility services in Firefox (both on desktop and mobile, but specially on mobile) helps **A LOT** with performance and RAM usage. > > Just set `accessibility.force_disabled` to 1 in `about:config` and enjoy the up to 20% less RAM usage and 5% less CPU usage (at least in my not so detailed testing on my laptop). > > In my case my system went from 7.9GB to 5.2GB with the same tabs and windows open and from 25% to 20% CPU usage while having one of those tabs playing a livestream. > > Quoting one [of the comments in the Reddit thread I found this out]( to why this isn't disabled by default: > > Accessibility does not start by default, but it starts lazily if another piece of software on your device starts requesting accessibility features from Firefox.\ > \ > Unfortunately a lot of third-party software likes to do this even though they have nothing to do with assistive technologies. > > You can also [vote on this bug in Bugzilla]( to help it get solved faster.

A private, cross-platform package tracking app. Track postal items directly on your device using accounts of postal services. The app respects your privacy and freedom: you don't use third-party online services. **Features:** - Free and Open Source software (FOSS) - Support for various platfroms and devices - Support accounts of different carriers - Detailed information about the postal items, carriers, tracking history - Local push notifications - Automatic tracking in the background, and also manual refreshing - Ability to add a list of track numbers - Filter and sort numbers by activity date, package status, carrier, etc - Barcode and QR code scanner for tracking numbers - Barcode generator - Archiving tracking numbers - Material Design 2.0 - Night theme - Responsive UI for different devices form factors - [Linux]: System tray support. Note: for support in GNOME, please install [gnome-shell-extension-appindicator]( or similar extension.

*This release brings Proton, the new design system for Firefox, to the stable channel!* **New** Say hello to a fresh new Firefox, designed to get you where you want to go even faster. We’ve redesigned and modernized the core experience to be cleaner, more inviting, and easier to use. Beginning in 89, you’ll notice a number of changes, including: - Simplified browser chrome and toolbar: Less frequently used items removed to focus on the most important navigation items. - Clear, streamlined menus: Re-organized and prioritized menu content according to usage. Updated labels and removed iconography. - Updated prompts: Infobars, panels, and modals have a cleaner design and clearer language. - Updated prompts screenshot - Inspired tab design: Floating tabs neatly contain information and surface cues when you need them, like visual indicators for audio controls. The rounded design of the active tab supports focus and signals the ability to easily move the tab as needed. - Fewer interruptions: Reduced number of alerts and messages, so you can browse with fewer distractions. - Cohesive, calmer visuals: Lighter iconography, a refined color palette, and more consistent styling throughout. This release also includes enhancements to our privacy offerings: - [We’ve enhanced the privacy of the Firefox Browser’s Private Browsing mode]( with Total Cookie Protection, which confines cookies to the site where they were created, preventing [companies from using cookies to track your browsing]( across sites. This feature was originally launched in Firefox’s ETP Strict mode. For macOS users, we're introducing the elastic overscroll effect known from many other applications. A gentle bouncing animation will indicate that you reached the end of the page. In addition, we added support for smart zoom. Double-tap with two fingers on your trackpad, or with a single finger on your Magic Mouse, to zoom the content below your cursor into focus. Native context menus: Context menus on macOS are now native and support Dark Mode. Fixed - Colors in Firefox on macOS will no longer be saturated on wide gamut displays, untagged images are properly treated as sRGB, and colors in images tagged as sRGB will now match CSS colors. - In full screen mode on macOS, moving your mouse to the top of the screen will no longer hide your tabs behind the system menu bar. - Also in full screen mode on macOS, it is now possible to hide the browser toolbars for a fully immersive full screen experience. This brings macOS in line with Windows and Linux. - Various stability and [security fixes]( Changed - Introducing a non-native implementation of web form controls, which delivers a new modern design and some improvements to page load performance. Watch for layout bugs in web pages that make assumptions about the dimensions or styling of form controls. - The screenshots feature is available in the right-click context menu. You can also add a screenshots shortcut to your toolbar. [Learn more]( Enterprise Various bug fixes and new policies have been implemented in the latest version of Firefox. You can see more details in the [Firefox for Enterprise 89 Release Notes]( Developer [Developer Information]( Better keyboard navigation for editable BoxModel properties in the Inspector panel Web Platform - The [Event Timing API]( is now supported. - The CSS [forced-colors media query]( is now supported.

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