Ryzen cpu?

Are Ryzen cpu better compared to Intel when it comes to Linux? I am thinking of getting a new laptop and need some advice. Either I am going with Ryzen 4000 or Intel 10th gen.

I have the ryzen 2600 and i have had 0 issues with the CPU.


Same here.


I would recommend Ryzen over Intel. While they both offer improvements over their previous generations, the Ryzen cpu is cheaper for similar performance. The significant advantage Ryzen offers over Intel is multi-core processing.


I have a Ryzen 7 1700 on my desktop machine and have had no issues with it.


I have an ASUS Zephyrus G14 with a Ryzen 9 4900HS. Overall, not bad except that the CPU can get very hot. Like 90°C when gaming. Turning off “boost mode” really helped.


have had a dual boot win/linux system running a Ryzen 7. initially had a few weird issues with Manjaro (not sure if Ryzen specific) but got them sorted out. Ubuntu Debian and CentOS all seemed to run okay out of the box. Still trying to decide which I want to keep long term but linux with AMD/Ryzen seemed to be in a pretty good state to me.


Ryzens used to have a lot of issues especially if you had certain CPU settings on in the “BIOS”. Now though it seems everything is fixed. Don’t get an intel.


I have two ryzen cpus (2200GE and 2700) and they both run great. I have had no issues running arch on either machine. just be sure you install the amd-ucode package.


After years of back and forth, I left Intel about 3 years ago for all builds. Been running Ryzen since they came out. Yep, they’re a little warmer, but they’re fast as hell and cost/operation are significantly lower.


I have a Ryzen 3600x. Would highly recommend Ryzen, been a while since I used intel now.

Ryzen 3700x and I’ve had 0 issues, quite happy with the performance (mostly for compiling) too but that might be because I’ve been on laptops for too long before this.


I have a Ryzen 7 1700X at home and a similar one at work for our build servers. Unfortunately the 1st gen Ryzen suffered an annoying bug where gcc would segfault under heavy compilation loads (had to disable SMT in the bios as a workaround) but other than that the performance has been great.

My laptop is a mobile Ryzen5 2650 I think. Pretty pleased with it’s performance and the built in vega GPU means I can even do some games on the road.


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