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It’s good.

Some may complain about it lacking Local/Federated timelines, however.

It’d probably would be easier to sneak in a couple of little hammer & sickles wherever there’s red. You could probably get r/196 to do it as long as you don’t tell them you’re tankies.

Personally, I’d also be in favor of linking https://join-lemmy.org/


It’s been years, and it’s still as slow and unreliable as a when I first heard of it.

Because I cannot find a single use case where it’s actually practical.

Improving privacy for everyone must remain the north star for review of proposals, such as Google’s FLoC and Microsoft’s PARAKEET, and parallel proposals from the ad tech industry. At Mozilla, we will be looking at proposals through this lens, which is always a key factor for any decision about what we implement in Firefox. Parties that aren’t interested in protecting user privacy or in advancing a practical vision for a more private web will slow down the innovation that is possible to achieve and necessary for consumers.

The vague way this is worded makes me uncomfortable, considering Google likes to boast how FLoC is a “privacy improvement” 😬


It’s a little bit more complicated than that. The “everyone I don’t like is a lib” thing is mostly a meme. The reason why leftists hate liberals is that they generally support maintaining capitalism/imperialism, as well as their supposed tendency to both advertantly and indavertantly prop up fascists durring times of great political change (“scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds”).

I’m not an authoirty on this, so I beg you to take everything I say with a heaping helping of salt. Here is a playlist of five ten-minute video essays about this.

You’re right. They accuse them of many other nefarious things:

dismissing critical thinking, and trying to shill centralised biased fact checkers

This has only one goal – to degrade quality of posters and posting on Lemmy, and make everyone a brainless shitposter like the ones you find on r/worldnews or r/woahdude on Reddit. This in turn will make Lemmy look like a junkyard to anyone that comes here and sees the mess, and make them “go back to Reddit”. [Emphasis mine]


Everyone except me is a lib. I am the one true leftist.

social democrat

so a lib?

I just think that he should be just a little bit less homestuck.

(I’m not sorry.)

Writing a wall of text is one thing. Writing a wall of text trying to get another user banned for… checks notes …being a lib is just… why? It’s not like liberalism is against the rules here. It’s not like their advocating for fascism or engaging in hatespeech.

I'm very happy that this instance now exists.
I'd love to see more instances dedicated to specific topics.

Gemini over IPFS? GeminIPFS?
My interest in Gemini peaked after downloading and using Lagrange. => [Lagrange](https://gmi.skyjake.fi/lagrange/) I realized that there's something highly appealing to me about a friendly alternative to HTML that lets me build beautiful WriteFreely-esque blogs without the needing to mess around with CSS or anything like that. => [WriteFreely](https://writefreely.org/) But, I'm turned off by the need to host my own server. What appeals to me about IPFS is the ability for users to create a webpage just by importing an HTML file. => [IPFS](https://ipfs.io/) I'd like to see a way for these technologies to converge, but the fact that a core design principle for Gemini is that it's easy to write browsers for it, I somehow doubt this will happen. => [Gemini FAQ](https://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/faq.gmi) I suppose, however, that all that is really needed for what I'm imagining is browser support for beautifully rendering gemtext à la Lagrange.

At least according to lemmygrad admins

At least according to lemmygrad admins