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It was different than I remember.

idk lol

Basically, someone said something stupid, and I posted pig poop balls.

This was 20 days ago. I don’t actually care anymore

I got banned because they said “no anarchos allowed”

Well, technically, anything that tries to convince anyone of anything is propaganda.


FOSS projects are often short on resources. Forking potentially means spreading those resources thing across multiple projects that share the same purpose.

Thank you, THANK YOU.

I don’t actually like leftist infighting, and I hate it whenever I see an anarchist call someone a “red fash” (nevermind how that trivializes the meaning of fascism).

It’s not like tankies are bigoted, and it’s not like they hold abhorrent views.

So why do they feel the need to be dicks all the time?

I wasn’t even trying to criticize Marxism or anything. All I was trying to say was that it misrepresented anarchism.

I know about these because of this post on chapo.chat.

To tell you the truth, I’m not actually much of an expert on anarchism, even if I know more than your average lib.

This was the comment I was trying to respond to before I got banned. How am I supposed to respond to this?

You have an encyclopedia entree about anarchism, that contains no information about why anarchists hold their beliefs, and only information about why it’s bad (according to MLs). I try to point out that this encyclopedia entree is a poor representation of anarchism. OP defends it, arguing that it’s written from an ML perspective because Cuba is an ML country.

So what? It’s still a poorly-written article. It fails to present specifically why someone would choose to be an anarchist rather than an ML. It fails describe the influence that Anarchism had on prominent Marxist leaders, like Mao Zedong. It failed to mention the contributions that anarchists made to bringing down the Batista regime in Cuba. Hell, it doesn’t even mention Kroptotkin.

There is much that could be written about anarchism from a Marxist perspective, but the author of this article choses instead to espouse the same misconceptions about it that most Americans already believe.

I could have written all this in that comment thread, but it would have hardly mattered. Because after all, “if anarchists want to represent their ideology using their terms, they are able to create their own encyclopedia.” There was probably nothing I could have said to convince them that this isn’t an infallible description of anarchism.

Just !fullcommunism@lemmygrad.ml, after I lost my patience and posted Pig Poop Balls.

At least according to lemmygrad admins…

You’re exhausting me, dude.

To tell you the truth, the only reason why I thought I should comment is that I can’t stand leftist infighting, and this whole post just came across as “DAE ANARKIDDIES OWNED” to me.

When I have a link to a post on one instance, but I won’t to comment on it from another instance, but I want to interact with it from another instance, how am I supposed to easily find it on the other instance?

I assumed that if I typed https://lemmygrad.ml/post/9334 into the search box on lemmy.ml, the first thing I’d see is https://lemmygrad.ml/post/9334.