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I'm very happy that this instance now exists.

I’d love to see more instances dedicated to specific topics…

Gemini over IPFS? GeminIPFS?

My interest in Gemini peaked after downloading and using Lagrange. …

Do you still have to delete all the files in the folder to delete the folder in Edge or on the OneDrive App? If so, then it’s not asshole design. It’s the same reason why rm won’t delete any non-empty directories by default.

But like you said, these people built these machines out of passion, not because they wanted to get rich off of the patents!

Horizontal organization is not when you have no organization.

The core concept that the government knows what is best for you and is the only power that can make you happy.

Socialism is a wide concept, but it is not when you have a welfare state (like Norway), nor is it “when the government does stuff.”

Uh, nothing? They’re not relevant to this discussion.

Yeah, I’ve previously defended Signal’s where it was criticized by privacy activists, but this ain’t it.

It’s a few days too late for April Fools 🤮

Well, I’m more arguing that no useful conclusions can be drawn from their “Economic Freedom Index.”

Please don’t cite any metrics from The Heritage Foundation and pretend that they mean anything.

Everyone in the United States should have learned in middle school that the United States is considered a mixed economy, and that no country on earth has a pure market economy.

Also, “capitalism” and “market economies” are two different concepts.

it has the first and second amendment that puts way more power in the peoples hands than any other government

Were you not paying attention to what happened in Georgia this past month?

This is a really good question, one that I’d like to answer, but that I can’t answer confidently.

I suppose a modern example might include Rojava, but I can’t talk about any of the details. A prominent historic example would be the Paris Commune, but again, I can’t talk about any of the details.

You might want to try to ask this question over on !anarchism@lemmy.ml.

I don’t know what you’re asking here.

I thought this was going to be v1.0.0, but I forgot how version numbers work :(

The employer might be a person just like you that has gone through great hurdles to get there. The smaller the employer the more difficult it is for him to be in business and the more he will value your work. To label employers as evil and repressive is a huge mistake.

You’re right that it is not a good thing to explicitly label an individual as “good” or “evil” such as how I’ve been doing it. After all, they are just independent actors placed in their position by a larger system. Just because the system is bad does not mean that everyone favored by the system is bad.

The key in life is to pick employment that is compatible with your personality.

What I’ve been trying to say is that as an employee, one may not have the luxury of picking a job that is “compatible with your personality,” or even a job that pays well and treats you with dignity.

As long as workers must compete in a race to the bottom, they won’t have this luxury. As such, the power between employer and employee is imbalanced.

The most healthy view of the world puts responsibility on your own person not the perceived oppressive group. […] You need to think of yourself as part of the operation that keeps people living and healthy. This is actually the case also in a capitalist society. I guarantee you will be much happier and positive things will start to happen quickly.

Think whatever keeps you sane, but, this is not how the world actually is. In reality, exploitation is everywhere.

Change your sentence to “I have the power to decide if I live or Die” and see how that works out for you.

This ain’t it, chief.

Thought Experiment: Say you are a manufacturing worker for a company that makes the hydraulic jaws of life rescue device used to help people. You get paid your part to make that device. The more you contribute to making that device the more you get paid. The people that need the device buy the device and help you.

Why not just make the device and give it to them? Why does there need to be a profit motive to make the device? What if no one with that medical condition can afford the device? Do they just have to die?

A lot of important work is left uncompleted due to the lack of a profit motive, and I’d rather that not be the case.

Mutual Aid is a guiding factor behind anarchist practice, and an essential framework for understanding anarchist views on social organization more broadly. So… what is it, exactly?

Well… in its simplest form, mutual aid is the motivation at play any time two or more people work together to solve a problem for the shared benefit of everyone involved. In other words, it means co-operation for the sake of the common good.



Don’t understand this quote at all.

The quote is relevant because the phrase “there is also no reason that you cannot step up and become the yellow guy in the pic above” suggests that one should work to become the caricature of a capitalist oppressor as displayed in the comic, instead of overcoming said oppressors.

Careful use of the reward will bring you out of your perceived “oppressed” identity if you want to see the world like this.

I see a world where an employer has the power to decide if a worker lives or dies. Unless there is a labor shortage or unless there is the protection of a union, the employee lacks the power to make demands lest that they be fired (losing the ability to feed themself). In this sense, employment contracts are very much not voluntary.


At least according to lemmygrad admins…



At least according to lemmygrad admins…

Ah, the two genders