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The auto-moderator and crazy amount of moderation really turns me off Reddit. All threads shouldn’t have stickied comments asking people to be nice. I also think that people should be allowed to offend others. Having difficult conversations makes people uncomfortable sometimes, and that’s okay. It just happens. I can call priests wankers for protecting pedos but if a priest shows up in the thread and is offended am I in the wrong?

I use Password Safe (pwsafe). It flags out of date passwords that should be changed according to a user defined schedule too! On Android it tries to implement non-shared clipboards to paste passwords into forms without being accessible to the system/user and gives big warnings if you try to use the original/shared clipboard.

My Recommendations:

  1. bypass paywalls. Browser extension for both Firefox and Chrome. Works really well.

The rest MAY work depending on the website…

  1. Some sites you can simply disable the javascript to read the text. (example: https://www.saltwire.com/)
  2. Add a dot to the URL after .com ( example news.com/article -> news.com./article ) to read the text.
  3. Outline.com the news URL as others have recommended but I find it now supports less and less sites.

Yes plz share those scripts! - I think lemmy users are willing to tolerate the rough edges because they see something that could be viable long term. I think we have all witnessed really silly censorship that has been going on at reddit, but also the pros when it comes to removing racist & extremist content. I think federation is the right way to go because it means you dont have to take an absolute side but the community can find its happy medium.

VLC Media Player - Fast, reliable program that works across all operating systems. Many media players can’t play certain types of files, but VLC always works. For years its always worked. They could have stopped maintaining it, or sold out and put ads in it, or changed vision and created something different out of it.

Congrats Lemmy & Welcome all new users!

I would recommend Ryzen over Intel. While they both offer improvements over their previous generations, the Ryzen cpu is cheaper for similar performance. The significant advantage Ryzen offers over Intel is multi-core processing.

I’m distrohopping on my pinephone between Phosh’s on postmarketOS, Arch and Mobian. Pinebook uses arch. When I get my PC upgraded I will do a complete transition from Manjaro to Arch.

I have a question - What is the criteria of something getting into pmaports? Alpine works well for getting apks, but shouldn’t some apks get their own distinct mobile packages? - and does that go into pmaports? I’m thinking specifically about gnome-control-center which is really for the Desktop, but could be soo much better with some desktop specific options suppressed and with mobile specific options added.

I remember reading about the site https://torrents-csv.ml months ago thinking it was really useful & fast. I never knew it was you who did it! Thanks!

PostmarketOS is the best imo. Mind you this project is basically in alpha and very rough around the edges, mainly for old phones originally built with android (due to android HAL / kernel drivers). Librem5 & Pinephone are to be the first main phones that they want to reach daily driver status and there is heavy development going into those atm.

Postmarket is based on Alpine which uses Musl c instead of Glibc, and that is the biggest difference that I am dealing with, but it means everything is extremely lightweight and fast (what works). The OS is desktop environment agnostic so you can just select your desired interface on install, if its supported. Want to use Phosh? or Plasma mobile? no problem!

Note: Installing postmarketos is really easy. Install pmbootstrap from pypi on the host system, then run pmboostrap init, pmbootstrap install, pmbootstrap flash. Configure the build you want, get the packages and set it up on your phone.

ref [Link] https://fam-ribbers.com/2019/12/28/State-of-Linux-on-mobile-and-common-misconceptions.html

ref [Link] https://postmarketos.org/blog/2020/02/17/postmarketos-in-2020-02/

I think that I would have a bot populate reddit content on my own instance in those interested subreddits/communities. I would just have to make the proper link saying /r/privacy content goes to /c/privacy. Cloned reddit content (the article & comments) on the lemmy instance would be tagged as a reddit clone, so it could be filtered out if desired. The bot would create new community posts or append comments to existing posts in the lemmy instance. The easiest thing is to let the reddit content be moderated by both reddit (first) and the cloned content ultimately by lemmy. Deleted reddit content/comments could stay visible or be hidden depending on the user or the communities preferences.

I would really like to read reddit user content on a lemmy instance. I doubt that the main instance will have that available so I would have to use another instance or create my own. Have not thought much about how it would be implemented.