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Welcome, I hope you like ot in here and that you become a part of the community. You should post this community on /c/announcements, it is where people generally post the communities they have created. Also if you are interested in a community with a dead mod it is very much appreciated to help with moderation, so you can ask to have as many communities as you want if they are available on /c/communityrequests.


The auto-moderator and crazy amount of moderation really turns me off Reddit. All threads shouldn’t have stickied comments asking people to be nice. I also think that people should be allowed to offend others. Having difficult conversations makes people uncomfortable sometimes, and that’s okay. It just happens. I can call priests wankers for protecting pedos but if a priest shows up in the thread and is offended am I in the wrong?


you can block automoderator, though your posts will be removed sometimes and you won’t get to hear what arbitrary reason they have for it.

you’re absolutely right, however, reddit is getting ridiculous with the censorship. And the CCP apologism.

Honestly, I’m just getting bored of Reddit. It seems like there is some crazy spillover from Facebook as of late.

Society is messed up.

Why I Left Reddit
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