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On a related topic - would it be possible for upvoting/downvoting/replying to/saving a post to automatically mark it as read?

Oops, another one: The subscribe button responds too slowly upon pressing it. Most buttons change to loading circles (e.g. post) or respond immediately (e.g. voting) presumably without waiting for the backend. The subscribe button calls out to the backend (slow) but doesn’t update itself until the backend replies leading to me clicking it multiple times and getting errors.

Below the title of posts (e.g. this one), there is a series of buttons. At the right hand end of that series of buttons is a “…”. Clicking that … only expands to one more button.

When the expansion menu only contains one button, maybe replace the “…” with that button.

Edit: That’s all I can think of for now - great work y’all!

The alert UI was somewhat unintuitive to me. It wasn’t clear how to mark messages as read/why it didn’t go away after I read them. I’m not sure how to fix or even if this was just me and not a common experience.

I’m really curious if anyone has thought about trying to use noria as a db for lemmy? It’s a research project - so not really appropriate for real production use - but in theory I think it might significantly improve the performance.

Best in class open source programs that I use daily:


Ublock origin


Curl (is there even a proprietary alternative)

Ssh / mosh / bastion

gcc/clang (over Microsoft’s) / most other language toolinh and compilers (often with no proprietary competitors)

Android, marginally

Package managers (e.g. apt)

I3 (or your tiling window manager of choice, non tiling window managers typically aren’t better than proprietary ones)

I think that’s a reasonable complete list of the things I use regularly. There are lots of other open source programs of course, but there is typically an equal (or better) proprietary alternative (that might only run on a different os)

I can definitely see “AI” taking part in the optimization process in the near future, the heuristics for deciding things like “should this be inlined” are already basically opaque to users.

du -xchad1 / | grep '^[0-9.]*G' - then walk down directories (changing /) until you find the problem. Your numbers sounds like something you are doing is taking up way now space than you are expecting / is normal.

I just couldn’t resist when making an account just now :) Wanted something pseudonymous and I don’t really feel the need to keep it consistent between websites.

It took some work to make it short enough.

@YouWalkOffCliffSoDoItoLinuxRyzen cpu?

Ryzen 3700x and I’ve had 0 issues, quite happy with the performance (mostly for compiling) too but that might be because I’ve been on laptops for too long before this.