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Kubuntu is still like this lol

Not wrong. Over the past couple of years KDE has really improved and is just as light as XFCE if not more. As good as XFCE is I always tend to go back to KDE because not only is it light but its very optimized and i tend to get better battery life on it compared to XFCE

I see. hmm okay. So, I just went through couple of forums and found out that /e/ gets their applications in app store from apkpure and doesn’t even bother scanning for virus.

Holy shit. I have never heard of /e/ until this post and they have quite a lot of supported devices. How come I have never seen them on XDA?

I have personally never used Enlightenment DE. I did try it once though. It was something very different than your usual everyday DE like KDE, XFCE, Gnome, etc. What is the deal with Enlightenment? I rarely see it being used or someone recommending it. Heck I haven’t even come across a distro (except for that one time, I think it was Bodhi Linux?) that ships Enlightenment out of the box.

Knoppix is great! It has EVERYTHING. That thing is fully loaded!

what does “dogfooding” mean?

What do you mean by embedded?

Is alpine good for installing on a machine and using it as a daily driver?

I would say I am an slightly above average user when it comes it Linux and not a pro. My background is in finance and economics. Gentoo feels like something someone who’s had years of experience in Linux can use it.

I hate apt though lol. i don’t know why.

what is the FreeBSD package manager called? I have never used any BSD based OS.

If this comment was on Reddit, it would’ve been downvoted to oblivion lmao

I have never tried alpine linux. I have read a lot about nix on their website but I did not get the chance to try it out yet. I will try out soon though. (by soon I mean by the end of this month I have an exam in two weeks lol) Honestly, nix does look very powerful. The atomic upgrades and rollbacks, multiple versions, etc. I doubt I have any irl use for this but I am definitely looking forward in testing it out.

As much as like AUR, there are only 3-4 packages that I actually install from it. So, I just install it manually. It seems much easier to just download the snapshot from the website and run makepkg -si command instead of installing yay

What is in your opinion the best package manager?

I have been using linux for about 2 years now and I have enjoyed every second of it. What in your opinion is the best package manager the linux community has ever offered to us? dpkg, apt, yum, pacman, xbps, zypp, nix, guix, portage, 0install and other tons of them that are out there…

Arch Linux keeps on consuming space.

I have used Manjaro in the past then I distro hopped from it to many other distros including vanilla arch. I have noticed that every time I am on arch. It just keeps on consuming space. …

Ryzen cpu?

Are Ryzen cpu better compared to Intel when it comes to Linux? I am thinking of getting a new laptop and need some advice. Either I am going with Ryzen 4000 or Intel 10th gen…